Dwyer: They Are Coming Here to Breed

noamnesty_banner_02dwyer_thumbMany people are analyzing the real causes of the recent surge in illegal “immigration” over the Southern border. Some blame a lack of adequate border enforcement, some blame Pres. Obama executive order (the “DREAM Act”), some, including the Prez, blame the huge gap between the living standards in the U.S. and the countries that these “immigrants” came from, and some, including the Prez, blame violence that is prevalent in those countries. Although each of the above has certainly been a significant contributing factor to the current illegal “immigration” crisis, all the analysts are missing the most important reason why tens of thousands of mothers with children, many of them pregnant, decided to push their luck and blatantly claim “their” share in the American dream.

They are coming here to breed.

Mothers_crashing_border_small_textIt is enough to look at them and the numerous kids that they have already made, and at the curved bellies of those already awaiting the next ones even before the previous ones can walk, and at the company of bottles and diapers that surround them, to see that. Their faces show determination to continue with their mission to populate. Their eyes know no fear that they could have gone too far. If anything, their eyes show impatience with the border authorities who made them waiting for so long for such a simple thing as tapping the America’s wealth that they need for their present and future children. As if, by the mere fact of being actual or expecting mothers, they were automatically entitled to whatever it takes to breed as many kids as they desire, and everybody and everything else were bound to yield to their claims. So, encouraged by major media outlets in Central America and tacit approval of the Catholic church that warned them to refrain from using any practical means of birth control, they break, and blatantly so, each and every law or barrier that they view as an obstruction of their exercise of their God-given right to breed at the expense of others.

They are neither fleeing a war nor a catastrophic natural disaster, nor are they fleeing unelected tyrannical governments that threaten to harm their kids. What they are fleeing are the hellholes of their own device, the very under-productive countries that they and their countrymen managed to overpopulate with millions of the unable but needy, the violent, and the hyper-fertile. And now, angry with their own failure to build material foundations of subsistence for themselves and their many children, they are ready to do exactly the same to ours: turn it into a hellhole, that is.

Some of the young “migrants” displayed banners with catchy slogans so that we, Americans, remember to not deprive them of their right to share with us the negative consequences of their reproductive irresponsibility. “We are humans” some read, as if it were we who invaded their country and were plundering it, stealing the food and property that they needed in order to subsist themselves and their children. “No more deportations” read another, as if we had a moral duty to accept everybody who managed to come here and and claim “her” share of America and the fruits of our work. Interestingly, when they were having fun with making their kids while we were working hard and using birth control in order to not go over the replacement average of 2.1 kids per mother, they apparently didn’t think of the burden that their hyper-fertility imposes on others. They didn’t ask us if we were willing to work harder and have less kids just to make up for extra cost and living space that their rapidly growing population would command. Perhaps, we should show them our banners, like “No more illegal ‘immigration'”, or “We are humans, too, so don’t steal the fruits of our hard work”, too. Are they entitled to our consideration of their wants but we are not entitled to their consideration of ours? (The New York Times open-borderers certainly think we are not, as they perceive “social justice” a one-way street.)

Some, as the ones on the picture below, did not even look as if they were escaping poverty. Obviously well-fed, well dressed, with no visible signs of hardships that they supposedly suffered from in their native countries, some busy playing with their iPhones. If you are insisting that they are poor then your definition of “poor” must have come from a language spoken on another planet. The only logical explanation for their crashing our border is that they apparently perceive our country a better place to live than theirs. And yet the “Liberal” open-borderers from the New York Times will tell you that we have a duty of taking care of them. As if anyone who expects her living standard to go up as she illegally crosses the American border were entitled to our involuntary generosity, despite the fact that we already are 17 trillion dollars in debt, and that our domestic poor, many in far worse shape than those depicted below, are not getting this kind of preferential treatment.

The rhetoric of the open-border lobby is appalling.

Poor_migrants_small_textThey (the open borderers) claim that the children of illegal border jumpers were brought here through no fault of their own, which is supposed to entitle them to legalization, free social benefits, and, possibly, American citizenship. While the correct statement should read that they got into this best country on Earth through no virtue of their own and are about to enjoy the undeserved perks that millions waiting patiently in immigration line can only dream of.

They (the open borderers) claim that the apprehended illegals who crashed the border on their own (so that one cannot claim that they were “brought here through no fault of their own”) are “refugees” from dysfunctional societies and are entitled to “humanitarian” help. Using that flawed “logic”, if – for instance – a nation burns its own country to the ground then the Prez shall automatically give its members the status of “refugees” in the US and all the free “humanitarian” perks that come with that status, at our expense. And, as a token of appreciation for the favors that they are receiving through no virtue of their own, they, most likely, will do to our country what they did to theirs.

They (the open borderers) call the flood of illegals who overrun the border and crippled Border Patrol operations a “tragedy”, conveniently ignoring the fact that if it is a “tragedy” then it is a self-inflicted one. They obfuscate the fact that the parents who sent their children illegally across the border committed a serious crime of child endangerment, and should be punished for that crime. Now it looks like those criminally negligent parents will be rewarded, instead, with the amnesty for the very children that they put at risk, which – most likely – will allow them in the future to claim “their” share in the pile of cash collected from us by the IRS.

This self-inflicted “tragedy” resembles the way cuckoo birds secure the continuation of their species. Common cuckoos have learned how to dupe other birds into raising their chicks. A mother cuckoo, rather than building a nest, will find one that has already eggs in it, and when its owners are away, will lay there one of her own. Cuckoo eggs hatch quickly, usually before their hosts’ eggs, and they grow fast after they hatch. When the cuckoo chick is strong enough, it will kick out one-by-one all its foster siblings (whether hatched or not) from the nest, and consume all the food that its foster parents can deliver. They will devote all their time to diligently feed the cuckoo chick that grows into a grotesque behemoth four times the size of their own. This analogy describes fairly well what the parents and their illegal “immigrant” children are doing to us.

Most of the “children” who were apprehended by the Border Patrol are teenagers and not children. And they are being rewarded for their lawbreaking right on the spot on the border, in addition to being given a chance to become American residents and to benefit, through no virtue of their own, from our national wealth. At the same time, our domestic teen-age lawbreakers do not get the “red carpet” treatment and often are sent to jail when apprehended, even for relatively minor crimes. There, they are not treated as gently, do not get sodas and Twinkies, and are not offered instructional and recreational activities, although all those domestic juveniles really wanted was to improve their existence at the expense of the law-abiding and broke whatever pesky law they thought stood between them and their better lives. Somehow, when the illegal “immigrant” minors do the same (break the law in order to improve their lives) then they become a protected class eligible for special treatment that they did not earn. This stark disparity in treatment of domestic and “immigrant” lawbreakers shows how discriminatory anti-American the current policy of immigration “enforcement” is.

Now it appears that it is our turn to get a taste of dysfunctional, corrupt, and crime-ridden societies with collapsing infrastructure, that the “immigrating” masses gave birth to in their native lands, or so the bleeding-heart “Liberals” seem to imply. As if it were some kind of sin of ours that we built a prosperous country while they were focusing on things closer to their nature, instead. The Executive Branch of our own government, supposedly obligated to protect us from alien invasions, seems to perceive us, Americans, as a guilty party here and is apparently ready to give away to the invading masses part of the country that we and our ancestors had built, and to conscript us to work harder and pay more taxes for the benefit of the illegals and their kids.

It is worth noting that our government is helping them multiply in our country at our expense. The generous “freebies” that they get come from taxing the fruits of our work. So, the more they come and breed here the more taxes we pay (According to Federation for American Immigration Reform research, Californians alone paid est. 25.3 billion dollars in taxes in 2013 to cover costs of illegal “immigration”) and the more we have to work to not worsen our lives. This, and our government pressuring us to abstain from having more than statistical 2.1 kids per woman, makes us having less kids of our own than we would otherwise enjoy to have. And all this extra burden and reproductive self-restrain serves their need to populate our country with their progeny, which has numerous detrimental effects on us, our society, and its economy. What policy do you think can be more anti-American than that?

Somehow, I am outraged but not surprised. I knew the invasion of mothers and children was coming when the powerful anti-American lobby in Washington DC and the politicians that it had in its pockets derailed construction of the border fence mandated by a by a bill passed by the U.S. Congress. It was all well planed, folks, and you could have seen it if you were paying attention to what was going on. Now, the threat of overtaking our country by the quickly multiplying natives of Mexico and Latin America, an accelerating process promoted by the anti-American lobby and euphemistically referred to as the “demographic shift”, is more serious than ever. And its consequences are dire.

Just look at what they did to their countries of origin. And it wasn’t the geographic locations of those countries that made them so undesirable places to live but the peoples that populate those countries did. As we are witnessing now, their idea of reproductive success is to give birth to many children and then engage those children in risky behavior (the border illegal crossing) for the expected benefit of their parents. If this reprehensible practice provides a significant reward, and our unwilling to enforce the border government is poised to reward it rather than punishing it, genes that prompt an individual to follow that practice will become more common. And then our country will become more and more like theirs.

Their nature and habits, to large extend predicated upon their genetic heritage, were among the root causes of dysfunctionality of countries’ of their origin. It’s not that while living abroad they decided to cultivate a low-productive, corrupt, crime-ridden, overpopulated society but once they hopped the border they are going to be as productive, as law-abiding, and honest as the majority of the Americans are, restraining from violence and overbreeding for the benefit of others. The claim that border crossing transforms individuals making of them prospective model American citizens is an unproven “Liberal” nonsense.

Honduras and El Salvador compete for the title of the murder capital of the world and Guatemala does not fall far behind. These, and Mexico, are the main feeder countries of the recent wave of illegal “immigrants”. Mind you that the exorbitant murder rates (about ten times the U.S. murder rate) in those countries are not extraneous, like hurricanes and earthquakes, but are the result of violent tendencies that characterize their populations. Unlike in Western countries, where violent crime rates have been steadily decreasing over centuries, their societies spawned a surge of violence and homicides that result from it. El Salvador is the country of origin of one of the most violent gangs in the U.S.: MS-13, whose members “immigrated” into the U.S. illegally, just like the recent waves of illegal “immigrants” from those countries. It doesn’t take an Einstein to guess what will happen to our domestic murder rate once those illegals root themselves in this country. As they have a tendency of multiplying faster than Americans, and the most violent of them seem to multiply even faster than the rest of them, they are likely to turn the U.S. into a hellhole similar to those that the are now running from.

Populations have their genetically-induced hereditary traits that make those populations compatible with some cultures but not with others. They are not interchangeable. Replace the American population with the mainland Han-Chinese and your children will see a country that resembles more the mainland China than the U.S. right here on this land of the free. Allow millions of Mexicans and Latin Americans to “immigrate” and breed here and they will turn, eventually, this best country that the Earth has ever seen onto a hellhole similar to ones that they and their cultures gave birth to.

And you don’t think there is enough evidence to prove the above?

Well, if you want to let them in here you are the on who has a burden of proof that none of the above will happen. Based on our national past experience, what I described above is exactly the trend that is being brought on our heads by the anti-American immigration policies and the “demographic shift” that they are causing. So, until you prove that those illegals will do no harm whatsoever to us and our country (I doubt you ever will), they must be repatriated back to where they illegally came from, and those of them who are less than 18 years old must be reunited with their parents in their native countries, period.

June 19, 2014

~ The Author ~
dwyer_thumbMr. Dwyer has been a continuing contributor to the Federal Observer. Mark Andrew Dwyer’s commentaries (updated frequently) can be found here. Send your comments to readerswrite@yahoo.com.

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  1. hippybiker

    Neal. he won’t answer you because he is an over bloated, worthless son of a bitch who just likes to run his pie hole. Did I make you feel bad, snaky? Well…FOAD dirt bag!

  2. A Reader

    Neal, what you wrote is so true.

    To add my 2 cents, I saw photos of some poor Filipinos. Unlike so many Latinos that are flooding the Southern border these days, these Filipinos were so skinny and in obvious need of better nutrition. They looked weak. Now, the do gooders for Mexican “migrants” conveniently ignore the fact that the charitable generosity (from the taxpayers’ pockets) that is being spent on the Latino “needy” shown on the second photograph above (who look anything BUT hungry to me) would be much better used on the actual poor from other countries who do not break our laws, do not disrespect our country, patiently wait in line, and do not seek ways to parasitize on hard working Americans.

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