Beaman: Meet Bennie Thompson

House Democrats Hold News Conf. On Times Square Bombing InvestigationI have found it interesting that The Honorable Bennie Thompson, Congressman from Mississippi’s Second District, has been saying that Republicans are motivated by racism or whatever it was that he said. I have some familiarity Cong. Thompson, having lived and worked in his district for several years.

I took a position in a branch of a Mound Bayou community health center in Greenville, Mississippi. Shortly after my arrival, there was an anniversary celebration that was held at the main facility in Mound Bayou which was the very first such clinic that was opened under Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson’s War of Poverty.

All of us from the Greenville facility sat together in the main auditorium of the Mound Bayou clinic at a table in the back. The auditorium was filled.

One by one, various people spoke, officers of the clinic and other officials. Then the good Hon. Cong. Bennie Thompson gave the keynote address. Most of it was standard with the compliments you’d expect in such events but I was jolted when he said it’s important THAT WE RECEIVE OUR HEALTH CARE FROM PEOPLE WHO LOOK LIKE US.

I was appalled by its blatant racism but also by its seeming appeal to the audience to develop a racist attitude. It was a slap in the face at both me and the pharmacist at our division who was also white and I resented it then and resent it to this day.

I doubt whether there were more than six white people total in that audience but there were newspaper reps and cameras from the local NBC affiliate yet there was not a single mention of this blatantly racist statement by one of the most prominent political figures in the state. Contrast that with what happened to Trent Lott when he gave an off-the-cuff compliment to Strom Thrumond at a tribute to him. Thompson should have been hounded out of office but there wasn’t even a hint of it in the media.

Let’s put it this way, like any other human being, I have made many mistakes, including medical errors in my life, but I have NEVER given anyone less than the best of my ability at the time, irrespective of race, religion or nationality and I deeply resent the implication by a race-baiting demagogue like Bennie Thompson for implying anything otherwise & I am as incensed at it today as I was those years ago.

So Cong. Thompson, I hope you read this & realize that your racism is as bad as anyone’s & I hope you mend your ways but I doubt whether you will. You, like almost all liberals live off racism. You’re a disgrace.

May 14, 2014

~ About the Author ~
beamanDr. Roderick T. Beaman is a board certified family osteopathic physician who practices in Jacksonville, Florida. He is a published poet, has composed a blues song and is trying to have his first novel published. It deals with the dangers of big government. He offers anyone who wishes to dignify the trash he writes with a comment, to do so.

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