Juntti: ‘We’ll have a gay old time…’

04-28_barstoolApril 7, 2014 ~ I was convinced there was a NASTY, MEAN, element in the Sodomites way back in the mid 50’s in Seattle. I’ve related this story in the past but will tell it again so that folks don’t gloss over this FACT.

I was working for an attorney in Seattle and had a couple folks that I ate lunch and had coffee with on a daily basis at the old Westerner restaurant on 5th & Pike. There was a bunch of young guys that would be in the downstairs coffee bar in the mornings. One of them was really handsome and I tried my best to attract his attention to no avail. (I was still ignorant of Sodomites in real life at that time). The brother of a girl I went to high school with got a job at the old Freidlanders Jewelry store on 5th & Pike and had an apt in town. He had a ‘room mate” who dated my girlfriend. Little was I aware at that time that both the brother and the roommate were also involved with the Sodomites in town.

At some point John (the roommate) decided he wanted out of the Sodomite bunch and he moved out to the suburbs where we lived. He moved in with my girlfriends folks. He still had one last paycheck coming from his job in Seattle and they wouldn’t mail it or give it to another other than John so he made what turned out to be a fatal decision to ride with us to work one morning to pick up his check. It was agreed that he would meet us at our pick up point at 5:15 and go back to the suburbs. We all car-pooled at that time. 5:15 cam and went and the guy driving said he couldn’t wait any longer so John got left in Seattle. No one heard from John for days and many of us tried to make some kind of contact to no avail. Finally one of our group did locate John and let us know where. John was in Harborview hospital under a John Doe label. Several of us went up to see if it was really John and I was not prepared for seeing my friend – his faced looked like raw hamburger and this was days after those Sodomites had almost killed him.

         Don’t forget to wash your hands…

What was their reason for beating him so horribly? John wanted OUT of their group and they weren’t about to let that happen… and let him live. We begged him to come back out to the suburbs with us after he recovered but he said it was no use. They (The Sodomites) would simply find him again and beat him again. There was no escape from the bad choice he had made to get involved in their lifestyle. That was the last I ever saw of John but the memory of him – his attempt to get OUT of that crowd and what they did to him just because he wanted to not be part of their lifestyle was forever burned into my memory. Even as I am writing this I can still picture him in that hospital bed at Harborview.

Then there were numerous articles in the Tacoma and Seattle papers in the 80’s about Sodomite’s and Lesbian’s reporting their being attacked and a couple in Tacoma who made the news of how their home was broken into and horrible things spray painted on the inside walls. This brought up great sympathy in the news media and community on WHO COULD DO SUCH A THING. Many months later it was just a tiny little news item in the Tacoma paper that come to find out the two Sodomites had done the damage to themselves in order to get the publicity – not thinking they would get caught by the police in their lies.

I don’t know if you want to call the criminal element in the Sodomites THE MAFIA but they sure do have a segment of their sick lives that act like the Mafia. I can assure you that the incident of John and then many other events over the years have proven to me that the Sodomite/Lesbian Community is deadlier than most would ever think. Most think they are TV personalities, hairdressers, nice, polite and a bit *femmie* or *Dykie* but can’t see the EVIL that hides just under their lying faces. They are EVIL – thru and thru and don’t ever disregard that fact.

God says that their lifestyle is an ABOMINATION to Him and God does not lie. Those who are in that possessed state of mind can abstain and repent and live a life according to God’s Word but as long as they continue to live the sinful life they are lost no matter how many of them falsely stand behind a pulpit or sit on pews in some church building. It is the HEART and SOUL that God looks at – not false professions of being a Christian. No one can fool God – do not ever think that you can.

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Jackie Juntti (Granny) is a daily reader and frequent contributor to Kettle Moraine Publications. She can be reached for comment at idzrus@earthlink.net.

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