Kill Whitey: Black Gang Attack White Marines in CA

attacked marineHere is a classic example of a black hate crime. Notice how the police handle it. Are you safe from these thugs? No, you aren’t. Will Eric Holder be charging Melvin Peters or any of the other perps with a hate crime? No, he won’t.

All the white people, who have been facilitating the unreality of Trayvon Martin, may think they are safe but they aren’t. When you pick up a scorpion, you are going to get stung; it’s just the nature of the beast. If you expect not to get stung, you are an idiot!

These blacks have been fed the line, all their lives, that whitey owes them something; that whitey is responsible for the fact that they live the way they do; that they are poor; that whites are the oppressor; that they must rise up against whitey, if by violent means, so be it. That is liberation theology and these blacks have been inculcated in it all their lives. The death of Trayvon Martin is just an excuse to rise up against whitey.Lynn Stuter

Black Gang Attack White Marines in CA

One man was arrested, and one was seriously injured, during a brawl in Twenty Nine Palms early Sunday morning. Shortly before 2 a.m., Sheriff deputies responded to a fight in the 6000 block of Ocotillo Avenue involving 20 to 30 people. An unidentified Marine was seriously injured when he was hit with a tire iron and then possibly stabbed. He was taken to Desert Hospital in Palm Springs. During the course of the investigation, Melvin Peters, 23, of Twenty Nine Palms was arrested on multiple warrants out of Orange County and for resisting arrest and being drunk and disorderly. According to Sheriff Sergeant James Porter, the investigation is ongoing and more arrests are expected. (

On the morning of the 14th (Sunday) my step son, a Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps, was out with two other friends off base in 29 Palms CA. One was a Marine the other a Civilian. Steven and the other Marine are both white, and they’re mutual friend is black. The three men observed a large group (15-20) African American males walking down the street making a lot of noise, shouting, causing a scene. Many were carrying weapons, ie…batons, and at least one tire iron.

The mob notices the three men sitting on the porch smoking and talking and proceeded to make they’re way up the drive. At this point Steven, the other Marine and they’re civilian friend told them to leave. The mob attacked the other Marine first. Steven, seeing his friend being assaulted attempted to intervene. Stevens black friend also stepped in demanding they stop. The mob ignored Stevens black friend and attacked Steven instead. They struck him in the head with a tire iron, punched him repeatedly, kicked him repeatedly and then stabbed him in the right side of his chest. Once they had him on the ground and unconscious they continued to beat him. The other Marine was able to get away while Steven was eventually robbed while he lay helpless and unable to defend himself.

The police did arrive along with an ambulance to transport Steven to the Desert Palms hospital where he received multiple stitches, and staples to his chest and head. It should be noted that the mob that attacked Steven was composed entirely of black men, 15 to 20 of them. At no time did they attack Stevens black friend. All this took place Sunday the 14th following the George Zimmerman verdict.

I have talked to the Sheriffs Dept. and have promised on multiple occasions to have a detective call me back. It has not happened. My wife was able to speak to a detective Silva who stated he didn’t see this as a hate crime. Merely gang activity. I gave the authorities information on where my sons stolen credit cards were being used and the only response we have gotten was. “well, it probably is not the person or persons who committed the assault.” I am more then a little outraged. How is this not a hate crime? Why are they trying to sweep this under the rug? Have we fallen so far that our Service men and women must now fear for they’re own lives on native soil and not be given the treatment and respect deserved? I wont even go into details on the treatment he received from the hospital or how they treated my wife when she called to ask about the condition of her son.

The “Law Enforcement” is this instance is the San Bernardino Sheriffs Dept. ”

Written by Michael Snyder and published at National Liberty Foundation, July 18, 2013.

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  1. Craig Tarter

    I was hospitalized in Pomona Ca in 1989 for serious head trauma, in addition to extensive body injuries. If it would have occurred without my mother and sisters keeping an eye on me, I would not be posting this piece of information regarding the horrendous lack of quality health care rendered by the mostly black staff they employed. There was one exception, a black nurse by the name of Brenda…she would walk with me for hours because she must have known how badly I wanted to be able to once again walk without assistance, and being sympathetic to my plight she helped me. Several times I was put into the MRI instrument after the anesthesia had worn off and being scared pie-eyed I damned near destroyed my self trying to get out. There is a vicious vendetta against “whitey” subscribed to by such a high percentage of blacks that I find it hard to believe it escapes the notice of the general public. It’s only because of the rare jewels like Brenda that I see my ignorance in pertinence to my own subhuman urge to hate them all.


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