Sey, Sey, Brutha Holder…

holder_jnrI have about had it up to my ears with the out-crying taking place by the Obama Thugs in office (Holder, etc.) for charges to be filed against Zimmerman under the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT.

Where has Holder been on filing charges against all those Pro-Football players who have committed crimes far worse than those exaggerated and trumped up charges that were filed against Zimmerman. Why the SILENCE from HOLDER on these overpaid thugs who wear shoulder pads and get away with murder? There have been 30 players who have been charged with crimes from 1st degree murder, DUI, child abuse, and other violent acts against other persons just since the Super Bowl on Feb. 3rd.

Why are any of these thugs allowed to draw pay instead of being investigated, charged, convicted, and sent to prison.

Aaron Hernandez
Ausar Walcott
Desmond Bryant
Corey McIntyre
Evan Rodriguez
Daryl Washington
Josh Bryant (I might ask why Jerry Jones protects this guy as well)

… and many more who escape my mind at this moment.

These overpaid thugs get away with their crimes because they make MONEY for the NFL and the Team owners. Great Role Models for the next generation of NEGRO THUGS coming up the ranks. And I say that because every one of those I named are NEGRO.

So, Holder and Obama – what are you doing about those criminals and the CIVIL RIGHTS of those they either killed or violated? Oh, I forgot, only white – or perceived WHITE – people can be guilty of *Civil Rights* violations.

The real RACE BAITERS reside at 1600 PENN. Ave and in the DOJ. All one has to do is examine the record of Obama and Holder in every case involving a Negro since the FRAUD illegally occupied the Oval Office.

This push by Holder et al has nothing to do with CIVIL RIGHTS – it is ALL about playing their RACE CARDS while they still can.

Jackie Juntti, July 15, 2013

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juntii_thumbJackie Juntti (Granny) is a daily reader and frequent contributor to the Federal Observer. She can be reached for comment at

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  1. Osh

    I remember making application to ATT back about ’73, right before graduating with a BSME. I submitted my pic, as was the way of doing resume’ filing at the time. I was not given the chance to interview, but was told via letter I was not going to be hired by ATT. No reason given. My father, who had worked for ATT since before the depression told me to resubmit the whole resume’ again without changing anything else but darkening up the image of my face in the pic. The term “upward mobility” had not been coined at this time in our history, but it certainly was in place none the less. I do believe the excuse given by the ATT interviewer when she saw me “in the flesh” and figured out I wasn’t black was something like “we’ve had discrimination for so many years against blacks, its only fair to tip the scales in the opposite direction for the same amount of time. ” Then she told me the interview was over because I had falsified information in submitting it. True story.


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