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The BO Scandals: May 16, 2013

Acting IRS head forced out over controversy
Obama says Miller was asked to resign because the agency needs new leadership after the disclosure that it targeted conservative groups for scrutiny. (Read Full Story)

Administration releases e-mails detailing agencies’ debate on Benghazi
White House did not interfere in exchange between CIA and State Department, messages indicate. (Read Full Story)

Not to be outdone…

With Nixon, it was 18 1/2 minutes of tape. With Obama, it was 94 pages of hidden e-mails.

The Benghazi Papers
Read the e-mails released by White House. (Read Full Story)

Eric Holder’s abdication
The attorney general seems to be proud of how little he knows about the AP and IRS scandals. (Read Full Story)

Rangel: Obama answers not enough
Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) said Wednesday that he believes President Barack Obama owes the American public explanations for both the seizure of Associated Press phone records by the Department of Justice and the IRS targeting of conservative groups. (Read Full Story)

Obama’s dangerous new narrative
Obama’s critics now have a narrative — a way of connecting four discrete episodes to a larger point about this president’s leadership style and values. In other words, they didn’t merely happen on his watch but were in important ways caused by his watch. (Read Full Story)

Congressman: Holder May Have Broken Law In AP Scandal
Holder said he was not involved in the secret collection of AP phone records because he had recused himself from the investigation which led to the seizure. The Department of Justice hoped to find the source of leaked confidential information, and Holder claims he recused himself because he had access to that information and therefore was a suspect. But the D.F. didn’t know anything… (Read Full Story)

Obama Lectures Congress On ‘Partisan Agendas’ As Irs Scandal Deepens
A day after the Inspector General released an audit that found the IRS inappropriately targeted Tea Party and conservative groups, Obama on Wednesday again lectured Congress on bipartisanship, warning members of Congress that their actions in the coming days should not “smack of politics or partisan agendas.” Get that stink-finger out of my face MISTER resident! (Read Full Story)

Holder Says ‘NO’ To Special Counsel To Investigate Benghazi
Not until he gets to the bottom of the New Black Panther issue… then Fast and Furious, and the AP scandal, and the IRS debacle… (Read Full Story)

IRS Chief: Two ‘Rogue’ Employees Went ‘Off The Reservation
And the cover up for the Administration continues… The guy was out next month anyway. How much of a severance check did he walk with??? (Read Full Story)

Holder Doesn’t Know If Anyone Ever Prosecuted Under Born Alive Infant Protection Act
Dis brutha don’t nevah know nuffin’ bout nuffin! (Read Full Story)

Bipartisan Congressional Demand: Provide All Communications Between IRS and WH About Targeting Conservatives; Warns: Don’t Destroy, Modify or Remove Any Documents
Calling Rosemary Wood! Calling Rosemary Wood! (Read Full Story)

Bozell: Obama’s Legacy? Scandal
Obama laughably claimed to be above politics, above partisanship and dirty tricks — when the facts are proving he’s really the dirtiest pool player in today’s politics. It’s Chicago-style politics, day and night. (Read Full Story)


3 thoughts on “The BO Scandals: May 16, 2013

    1. Craig Tarter

      Tricky D had the class to not subjugate the country to embarrassment. The POS in there now has not even the sense to blush.


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