Invasion: May 20, 2013

(They don’t call him ‘DICK‘ for nothing) Durbin: Divide on border security, path to citizenship blocking immigration deal
A key Democrat is “positive” about the possibility of reaching a deal on immigration reform, but cautioned that a bipartisan Senate group has many “tough” issues to resolve. Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said on “Fox News Sunday” that he feels “good” a deal coming together with Republicans on the thorny issue of immigration reform, but said questions over border security issues and a pathway to citizenship were holding up the final agreement. (Read Full Story)

Rand Paul endorses immigrant path to citizenship
Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky is endorsing a pathway to citizenship for the nation’s 11 million illegal immigrants, a significant move for a favorite of tea party Republicans who are sometimes hostile to such an approach. […] Paul’s path to citizenship would come with conditions that could make it long and difficult for illegal immigrants. Chief among these, Congress would have to agree first that progress was being made on border security. (Read Full Story)

Sessions presses USDA for more info on non-citizen food stamp use
After an effort to defund the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s food stamp outreach partnership with the Mexican government went down in committee Thursday, Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions continued to press the agency for more information about non-citizen participation in the food stamp program. — In a Friday letter to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack obtained by The Daily Caller… (Read Full Story)

Rand Paul squashes AP’s ‘wrong’ report
Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., the winner of the Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll for 2016 only days ago, is denying an Associated Press report that he supports a path to citizenship for illegal aliens. — The AP’s Erica Werner reported Paul told a Hispanic business group that illegal aliens should be allowed to become U.S. taxpayers and ultimately get a shot at citizenship… (Read Full Story)

Border agents nab 15 illegals who drove across “secure border”
And I’ll just bet that Big Sis was there to welcome them to the3ir new homeland… (Read Full Story)

Border Patrol agents find Mexican with 28 pounds of meth inside SUV
U.S. Border Patrol agents staffing an East County freeway checkpoint over the weekend discovered a 28-pound stash of methamphetamine inside an SUV, the federal agency reported Monday. — The 1999 Jeep Cherokee entered the Interstate 8 inspection station in the Pine Valley area about 6:30 p.m. Saturday. During a cursory inspection of the vehicle, a service dog alerted officers to the presence of contraband. (Read Full Story)

New anti-amnesty coalition forms in San Diego
A new, large, non-partisan coalition comprised of grass roots citizens groups and secure border advocates in San Diego County is calling on Congress to solve the illegal immigration crisis that has plagued the U.S. for decades. The San Diegans for Secure Borders Coalition advocates for true immigration reform without a controversial amnesty element which has scuttled previous attempts at federal immigration legislation… (Read Full Story)

Colorado House Committee votes to repeal immigration reporting law
A House committee approved a bill Monday aimed at repealing a six-year-old state law that requires local law enforcement officers to decide if [illegal aliens] and report them to federal immigration authorities. — In voting 9-2 to pass SB1258 on to the House, the House State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee cited redundancies, unnecessary costs and erosion of public trust… (Read Full Story)

Must voters have to prove citizenship to register?
The Supreme Court will struggle this week with the validity of an Arizona law that tries to keep illegal immigrants from voting by demanding all state residents show documents proving their U.S. citizenship before registering to vote in national elections. — The high court will hear arguments Monday over the legality of Arizona’s voter-approved requirement that prospective voters document their U.S. citizenship… (Read Full Story)

Devvy: Stop amnesty for liars and thieves
Once again, the Democratic/Communist Party USA, headed up by an impostor playing president, are pushing hard to reward individuals who sneak into OUR house. As we did the last time a few years ago, we MUST stop it from happening. — Ronald Reagan, darling of the GOP, signed a so-called immigration reform bill in 1986 that is the direct cause of the massive invasion of illegal aliens for the past 27 years… (Read Full Story)

High court divided over Ariz. voter requirement
Supreme Court justices disagreed Monday over whether states can require would-be voters to prove they are U.S. citizens before using a federal registration system designed to make signing up easier. — Arizona and other states told the justices the precaution is needed to keep illegal immigrants and other non-citizens from voting. But some justices asked whether states have the right to force people to document their citizenship… (Read Full Story)

In-state tuition for international students illegally in the country?
A group of thirteen Oregon State legislators, both Representatives and Senators, have introduced legislation (House Bill 2787 and Senate Bill 10) on both sides of the state capital that would grant in-state tuition to a special interest group of international students illegally in the country. — One of the great misnomers used by proponents of in-state tuition for international students illegally in the country is to describe… (Read Full Story)

New York City limits ICE detainers
Let Bloomberg choke on a ‘Big Gulp’… (Read Full Story)

Dems preserve US-Mexico food stamp ‘partnership’
Salmonella outbreaks. E. coli outbreaks. Millions of dollars in economic losses. — These are among the scenarios the Obama administration warned about last month as it claimed the sequester would force the U.S. Department of Agriculture to furlough meat inspectors. — But while the administration prepares to take that step, it continues to pursue a “partnership” with the Mexican government to “raise awareness” about food stamps among immigrants from that country… (Read Full Story)

Reconquista “summit” at UC Riverside reveals reform obstacles
As Congress prepares to discuss immigration reform in the weeks ahead, an immigration summit at UC Riverside Saturday, March 16, was another sign of disagreements over key principles that could torpedo the effort. — Speaker after speaker criticized elements of an influential immigration-reform framework that eight Republican and Democratic senators are currently crafting into legislation that could be introduced next month… (Read Full Story)

Kouri: America’s capital aids criminal alien prostitution rings
According to an Inside-the-Beltway legal watchdog report on Tuesday, the District of Columbia and its surrounding areas are deluged with illegal aliens gangs that specialize in juvenile sex-trafficking operations. The criminal aliens are benefiting from the city’s “don’t-ask-don’t tell” immigration policies, also known as Sanctuary City policies, currently practiced by area police… (Read Full Story)

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