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biesada_2012While the Republican establishment is licking their wounds over Mittens Romney’s failed election, the Obama regime is moving forward full steam, and taking no prisoners.

There is no use in rehashing what went wrong in Mittens case, most of us know the election was rigged and Mitten’s was the wrong candidate.

If we keep taking the establishments advice we may never see another Republican president in our life time. Not that it matters as long as they remain in the appeasement mode, afraid to be called names, and afraid of their own shadows.

American’s need to rethink their feelings about government.

Do we stand for a party, or do we stand for an individual patriot? Do we stand for biased party partisanship, or do we stand on principle?

The Republican Party tends to hold the fainthearted philosophy of not upsetting the apple cart, or to seemingly not sound offensive to a deranged enemy.

Before Mitten’s chose Paul Ryan to be his running mate, the pointy headed pundits were all bandying about Ohio, United States Senator, Rob Portman, as being Romney’s logical choice because of his mild manners, and conservative view points.

Portman, a self described conservative, voted twice to support a constitutional amendment to prevent same sex marriage, once in 2004, then again in 2010.

He also voted to ban adoptions by sodomites in Washington D.C. in 1999.

Now it seems that Senator Portman had a change of heart, after learning that his son takes it in the keester and flipped ( no pun intended) on his philosophy, and now approves of deviate behavior. Here’s a guy who calls himself a conservative, and voted the morally correct way to protect our society, but now he endorses aberrational behavior because his son has engaged in a perverted life style.

This isn’t saying much for Senator Portman’s resolve, or integrity.

He could still love his son and stand on the principles that he believes in, while he seeks psychotherapy for his queer son.

I wonder how the voters would feel about Portman’s revelation now had Mitten’s won the election, and chose Portman as his running mate instead of Ryan?

The Democrats would hold no remorse. They wouldn’t panic or remain in suspended animation, thinking about wild scenarios of who did they hurt, who did they offend, or who didn’t they include in their big tent of self inflicted losers?

Nope, the Democrats have no conscience, they just keep moving along full bore, turning our constitutional republic into a dictatorial, Socialistic, Nanny State, corrupt to the hilt.

As I’ve stated before, while the Republican Party remains in disarray, still trying to find themselves under their failed leadership, Obama and his band of thieves are setting themselves up for the future as they will emerge to be the titular head of the DNC, operating out of Chicago, Illinois.

The Communist Party USA moved it’s head quarters out of New York City and set themselves up in Chicago where the Obama regime will be pulling DC’s strings out of Al Capone’s old stomping grounds, without any opposition from the Republican Party, or resistance from the people. They can remain in office indefinitely.

They had already made their move by purging the powerful Chicago Daley Machine by sending their front man stooge, Wee Rahm Emanuel, to set things up as Chicago Mayor.

Golden boy Rahm is a rich kid from one of Chicago’s wealthiest far north suburbs, and has about as much business being a Chicago Mayor as I do, but this is what’s known as doing business the Chicago way.

Barack Obama’s brain, Iranian born Valerie Jarrett, granddaughter of Robert Taylor, a Chicagoan who in the 1940’s was involved in Communist fronts such as the American Peace Mobilization, and the Chicago Civil Liberties Committee, is setting up a nice pension plan for this band of renegade politicians.

Jarrett, a slum landlord, who got her political start through her news paper columnist father in law, Vernon Jarrett, started working for Mayor Harold Washington as a Deputy Corporation Counsel for Finance and Development.

Small world, Vernon Jarrett’s partner at the Chicago Defender News Paper was none other than exiled Communist, Frank Marshall Davis, who would later mentor young Barack Obama in Hawaii.

After Mayor Harold Washington died in office, Jarrett muscled her way into Richie Daley’s administration, as Deputy Chief of Staff, soon hiring Michelle Robinson ( Obama ) away from a private law firm that specialized in overseeing government funded housing projects.

From 1992 to 1995, Jarrett served as Commissioner of the Department of Planning and Development where she learned where all of the bodies were buried, then went on to assume the position of CEO at the Habitat Corporation, a real estate development and management company which specialized in ripping off the United States tax payers to rehab dilapidated buildings in the Chicago area.

The Habitat Corporation sub contracted work for Cecil Butler, a real estate developer and Obama contributor who presided over a flow of more than $150. Million tax payer dollars to renovate apartment units which were poorly renovated, or not renovated at all.

Other Jarrett partners in this scheme included Anton Tony Rezko, an Obama contributor currently in the slammer for money laundering, and Barack and Michelle’s old boss, Allison S. Davis, the senior partner of the law firm that the Obama’s worked for.

Can you get the picture?

Now Ms. Jarrett has secured their retirement with future income by setting up real estate mogul, Penny Pritzker, to be appointed as United States Commerce Secretary.

Ms. Pritzker, the Hyatt Hotel heiress, is CEO of PSP Capital Partners, and the Pritzker reality Group.

Forbes 400 listed Penny Pritzker as the 263rd richest person in the United States in 2011.

Back in 2008 Ms. Pritzker and her husband hosted a $28,500 per plate fund raiser for the Obama campaign in Chicago with Warren Buffet, his wife, and Obama advisor, Valerie Jarrett.

You can’t go one block in any Chicago commercial zone without seeing a Pritzker reality sign on abandoned buildings, but greed took a bite out of the Pritzker fortune back in the 90’s, when Penny ran the Superior Bank and decided to delve into the sub prime mortgage market which collapsed their bank. The bank was seized and the Pritzkers had to pay $460 Million dollars to defray costs for the failure of the bank which her family owned 50% .

With all of Penny Pritzkers real estate holdings, backed by the full faith and credit of Jarrett, and the Obama regime, whose interest lies in rehabbing, these hucksters could set themselves up as millionaires, and billionaires, for life.

I have a little advice for those who fancy themselves Wall Street players. If I were you, I would purchase as much USG Corporation stock as I could. USG is a Chicago based building materials corporation, and Valerie Jarrett holds a seat on the board.

I wonder who will be doing their taxes while the Republican’s remain in the state of comatose?

March 17, 2013

~ About the Author ~
biesada_thumb_newFederal Observer contributing columnist Rick Biesada is the co-founder of The Chicago Minuteman Project.

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