The Ignorance that Destroyed America

“The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money.” ~ Alexis de Tocqueville

“Knowledge may be power – – but it doesn’t mean a damn thing unless one uses it.”

baa_baa_baaIt pains me to state that what we have in these united States of America is a population dummied down to what was a “once upon a time” unbelievable degree.

Please do not get the wrong idea. Ignorance does NOT mean stupid or mentally deficient, as in retarded. It simply means uninformed or informed with false and/or misleading information. An example of the latter that makes my soul sick is government controllers and their thugs now teach that the founding fathers were terrorists instead of freedom finders.

Anyway, knowledge about the founding of America (including why) is virtually non-existent in the majority of the American people. The “why” includes, of course, the understanding of human freedom. Instead of teaching that the founders were freedom fighter heroes, re-written history and its controllers now teach the negativism of the founders as terrorists.

For the purposes of this treatise, knowledge is information that is supported 100 percent by Nature’s Law and the Declaration. The people then placed limitations on government with the supreme Law of the Land. All rules and so forth written by government must comply with these limitations. The people are the sovereign, not the government.

If information falls within the above, this treatise treats the information as fact, or truth. Thus, for my purposes, knowledge equals the truth.

Clearly, information NOT based on facts is nothing more than opinion. It is possible that an opinion is factual. However, it is also just as likely that misinformation or disinformation or even a created belief through fear of reprisal is the basis for the opinion.

What does the above mean? As we will see, corrupt officials, especially those that are supposed to know the Law and statutes, rely on misleading, false information. And, they created a huge army of misinformers that lead creating false ideas in people’s heads.

As most people know, once upon a time people believed that the Earth was flat. Everyone knew it and thought it was truth. But, it is NOT flat and that is the fact, not the belief or opinion that the Earth was flat.

The problem with opinions is everyone has one, right or wrong. Or, maybe the truth is distorted by opinion. In fact, government often distorts the truth to a complete lie that people accept as truth. Or maybe officials are just stupid. Either way, freedom and the people suffer mightily.

The best example I could think of is the so-called decisions by the Supreme (my ass) court. It shows time and time again the effects of the above. In five to four decisions, which side of the decision was correct? After all, if judges base their decisions on facts and not opinions, they should reach the same conclusion.

In regard to the people, Natural Law and constitutional limitations on government in the supreme Law of the Land and state constitutions determine correct conclusions. No stinking opinions allowed. Well, as we all know – or should know – those that believe this are deluded to the extreme.

In regard to controlling government-created entities, rules (statutes, ordinances, policy) must mean exactly what they say and say exactly what they mean. It is not open to interpretation. If a rule needs interpretation, then it is void for vagueness.

Clearly, opinions without factual basis are useless. Government entities, especially attorneys and judges, use their opinions most often to mislead and oppress rights, not to protect the rights of the people. Thus, we arrive at the reason judges deny the use of the Constitution in traffic court and other cases based on statutory or ordinance violations. (I plan a writing in regard to court, the often heard statement of “my” court by judges, and all related matters in the very near future.)

To make matters far worse, I suspect that 100 percent of politicians and other agents of government cannot answer questions about the LAW of the people. This is not the written rules of bureaucrats but the LAW established through the “unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America”, the “Constitution for the united States of America”, and each state’s Constitution. Or, even that each state is actually a nation state in union with other nation states.

In other words, we are NOT one nation (country) under God. The united States of America is many nations under Nature’s God that are united in common defense of the rights of free-living people.

For example, the actual name of Missouri’s constitution is Missouri Law, as shown by the title of my copy of the 1825 document. It also states clearly that the people are in control, not government entities (see Article I, Section 3), and damn sure not law enforcement officers (did not exist until the latter half of the 20th Century). That, of course, is another matter the people of America should deal with.

The “Constitution for the united States of America” is NOT the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES; it is the Constitution “for” the united States of America. To understand the import of this, one must realize that the District of Columbia is NOT part of the united States of America.

I know this is hard to believe. Most will say something like, “Are you fringing crazy?” But, it remains that the fact is that the District of Columbia is as foreign to these united states as any other foreign land. Thus, the “CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES” is only for the jurisdictional areas of the corporation known as the United States Government Inc., housed in the District of Columbia.

Remember that the Constitution for these States united does not grant any authority to the Congress of the United States to regulate within the many states. See Article I and Article IV of this document. See also Article II that is in agreement with Article I in that it does NOT grant a president law-making authority. And, then there is Article III that does not grant the judiciary law-making authority, as such would contradict Article I.

Thus, Congress is the only “law making” body of the United States Government. It therefore has near plenary power over the District, the territories, the island States of the United States, and jurisdiction over valid federal enclaves. This includes also the near plenary power over the people that are citizens of the United States (refers only to the District), or residents of this area, and 14th Amendment naturalized persons.

Note that “resident” is a term of technical import. It refers to people that have non-Citizen status that live within one of the many states. In other words, you are not a “resident” if you are a “by birthright” Citizen of the united States of America. You are a Citizen, a free human being “domiciled” in one of the many states.

An example of a Missouri resident is a 14th Amendment citizen living in Missouri. This type is one that the U.S Government granted citizenship via the naturalization process.

Additionally, a man or woman with documented permission to live and work within Missouri’s boundaries is a resident.

Both are still under the plenary power of the United States Government while Missouri Citizens are NOT.

Now here is the thing. If one lives in or visits a federal jurisdiction, one is under its statutes and other controlling edicts. In order to make the people who are “citizens of the United States (the corporation housed in the District) think they have the same protection as the Citizens of the many states, the controlling faction used the text of the “Constitution for the united States of America” and renamed it the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.

But, it is just for show, one might say, as Congress still has near plenary power over them. You see, naturalization is not a right. It is a privilege granted by government through Congress’s power to regulate the process. It “created” the citizenship. It has the authority to regulate its creations. Therefore, such 14th Amendment ‘citizens” remain under the control of Congress. And, what it creates, it may do away with.

By the way, for those that doubt the truth in this, look in the Constitution and note the many cases in which it separates “States” from United States.

To continue, the Constitution for the united States of America establishes a central government of, for, and by the people, but not to the people. It grants the central government to regulate it and its possessions (creations) and to provide the defense of our shores and rights.

As the Constitution states clearly, no official may violate it. It simply does NOT grant any government lacking a contract with the Citizen power over the Citizens of these united States.

Thus, each official regardless of the government the official is part of must take an oath to uphold “the Constitution for …”. They either obey its limitations placed on them or they commit treason. They must defend the rights of by birthright Citizens and the privileges of residents.

And, to tell another truth, it seems that few or none so-called Constitution “experts” has a clue to this fact. This is in spite of the fact that the statements above are fully supported by the before mentioned documents.

One cannot overstate the importance of the above. Nothing in the concept of the establishment of America and the people forming the land we call “America” is more important. There is no freedom when our people allowed the removal of the laws of Nature’s God and the Constitution that limits government from the equation.

“They” – controllers of the officials of the ever-expanding tyrannical governing bodies politic – know this. It is time all our people learn it – and then act on the knowledge.

For your information, the Declaration established our law based on the laws of Nature’s God. Also, note that it did NOT create one country. It created a union of states. Here is the title of document – IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776, The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America. (Note that “independence” did not appear in the title of the original copy and that “united” is NOT capitalized.)

The importance of the document is that our Law first and foremost states clearly that the people are the sovereign. Sovereign, for the 100 percent of officials and most of the public that are ignorant of the fact, means supreme. It also means that we American people are NOT subject to the rule of a bunch of bureaucrats and enforcers that make up the bodies politic we call “government.”

Thus, rules and regulations, ordinances, or the quite insane “public policy” do NOT apply to the people, but to government’s creations and itself. Bureaucrats that write them often do so without a clue to rights and the real America. Often, such things as the damnable public policy are simply “understood”, or made up to cover a situation of official wrongdoing.

Think for the sake of our posterity and all mankind. If government has the authority to regulate rights, then rights are not rights. They are nothing but privileges granted by bureaucrats and their creations.

Thus, if government manages to fool people into believing they are “persons”, “residents”, or some other privileged creation of government, then government gains control over the people. Thusly, every alleged “law-making” body gains control over all people. Any that do not comply is a “terrorist”. With this accomplished, the true America is destroyed.

Therefore, the controllers (those intent on destroying America) went to great lengths to incrementally fool our people. They, in essence, gained power without a shot to treat our people as creations of government.

“Without a shot”, of course, excepts out-of-control law enforcers. The controllers created armed and dangerous enforcers to instill fear. Their job, although most are too damn dumb to understand this, was and is to forcibly change the relation between government and the people through terrorism.

Fear of armed and dangerous brainwashed thugs wearing badges and operating under color of law induced nearly complete control over the people. They were and are instrumental in establishing and protecting the present day de facto government they are part of.

The evildoers in charge also used deceit (fraud) to create situations based on falsely applied legal terms. Government used its army of state-created attorneys and administrative executives (judges) to completely fool the people with the terms of technical import to fool the American people into “allegedly contractually” agreeing the government controls them. Enforcers then issue citations to people, the citations based on the statutes using the terms unlawfully.

I state, “allegedly contractually”, because fraud vitiates every agreement. Additionally, lack of full information and other requirements for a valid contract void the process. For example, the absence of considerations by both parties voids the agreement, as does one not knowing one is entering into a contract.

The controllers began carrying out their plan after establishing the control of our money by the foreign-owned Federal Reserve and the fraudulent application of the 16th Amendment and the IRS. The plan began gradually but sped up rapidly after WW II. In the last three to four decades of the century, the establishment of control over the people avalanched.

The result of the plan to make corporations and persons out of all of us is the incremental oppression of Constitutional protection and the Law protecting our rights. “Our”, of course, means the “by birthright” Citizens of the united States of America.

The result is that the American people began thinking and, for the most part, believes that statutes written by Congress and state governments, along with the damnable “ordinances” by local chartered so-called governments, are law on our private lives. Here, however, is the meaning of a statute (and ordinance):

STATUTE – A statute is an enactment by a legislative body bringing into existence its creatures (e.g. corporations) and setting forth the privileges, immunities, and responsibilities of each creation. A statute applies only to the “rightful subjects of legislation” (i.e. the creatures created by statutory fiat). The phrase “rightful subjects of legislation” does not mean The People, unless the statute specifically states its intent to apply to private Citizens. Dave Champion, “The Law”

By the way, Mr. Champion has excellent information on the 14th Amendment on his site above. Further clarification, including against attempted rebuttals of his original article, is at: http://www.originalintent.org/edu/14thamend.php

Also, note that no statute may contradict the Constitution. If its intent does interfere with inherent, inalienable rights, it cannot be law applied to the people.

Are you beginning to get a feeling as to why the government does NOT use terms such as “ the people” or “Citizens (the original constitutional meaning)” on many of its revenue creating application forms? How about the forms government tells Citizens they must complete and a fee paid in order to exercise a behavior that is a right?

If one studies the matter, one finds that government designed its forms to get our people to (allegedly) contractually agree to government’s control. This is where the dangerous law enforcers come it. It is their job to make sure the populace does obey and will use any means to make sure it happens. Two of their most important tools are intimidation and brutality. Their most important tools are intimidation and fear.

Thus, we see that instead of “people” or the use of any other term without technical import, legal begals use the term “person” most often. Also used are such terms as individual, taxpayer, driver, motor vehicle, and other terms with technical legal import. I think some people call them, “words of art”.

At any rate, the terms are peculiar to legal crap and do not carry the same meaning as in the everyday meanings by the public. For a simple example, a “passenger” pays for “transport” (movement of goods) by a “driver” (the one under hire for delivery of the goods, or, in this case, the passenger).

The terms are correct when the statute or whatever is properly applied. Proper application is to government and its creations. However, government applies them to our people either through ignorance or greed and lust for power. Thus, one sees such terms (examples below in italics) used on applications to engage in privileged activities (granted by government). A couple of examples are “persons applying for driver’s licenses and permission to “register” motorized conveyances as “motor vehicles”.

Then, of course, the Constitution absolutely forbids direct taxation. How does government get by this constitutional limitation? It deludes the general and private people into believing they are liable for taxation with terms, such as person, individual, and taxpayer. Then, the enforcers, the IRS and other illegally operating tax collectors of counties and cities, along with law enforcers, force payment.

Additionally, the government also gets people to register their property as taxable property rather than simply recording their ownership of said property. In the various counties I have been in in different states, people fill out self-assessment forms to list their “taxable” property. Thusly, they state without full knowledge of the facts that their property is taxable when the fact is, it is NOT.

Government also gets people through fraud and force to buy permission to own and operate businesses that free people have every right to own and operate without government permission. This excepts, of course, those that use the people’s roadways for commercial gain, such as a delivery business involved in transport of goods, including people (passengers).

What were the results of this “right-converting to privileges” process? First and foremost, it removed constitutional protection. It also placed “offenders” in administrative hearings rather than true courts based on our law. The bastards threw rights and justice in the garbage.

To add additional insight in answering the question, one needs to study the feudal system of England, the very system our forefathers fought and died to get away from.

Understand this, though. Neither government, nor the people, can convert rights to privileges. Thus, the people cannot vote rights away, nor may government legislate against the free exercise of rights. They exist, with or without government, or even with or without a formalized society. They simply are.

But, back to the question at hand. If you do study the feudal system, you will find that we American people are in a feudal system with many wannabe kings rather than just one.

We have degenerated into a land of fees and forced servitude to a bunch of traitors. The fees and forced servitude is in 100 percent violation of the whole of the spirit and Law of these united States.

De facto lawmakers and their enforcers created and maintain the de facto criminal government through force and other coercive means. Aiding this is the continued dummying down of the American youth.

Put simply, the de facto government would not exist without the complete corruption of officialdom and the fear it instills in people, along with the continued ignorance of the American people.

America became a land of bogus laws when applied unlawfully and illegally to the American people within the many states. It does not make any difference when the unlawful application is by the feds, state, or local officials. As such, the current system is far worse in many ways that the old feudal system of King George III, the king our founders escaped.

Most people do not have any idea of how extensive the above is and the overall effect of cops – no, make that all enforcement thugs – have on the destruction of America. They, for example, obey orders blindly and without conscience or with any consideration of the damage they do to America and, hence, the world.

Enforcers, although most of them believe they are heroes, are totally out of control. They now form the Ameri-Kan Gestapo. For Christ’s sake, People, they even kill innocent people with impunity, as long as they can say, “just following procedure” or some other lame excuse for killing an American innocent of any crime.

They lie – they plant evidence – they often make up violations – and others but, additionally, most do not have an inkling that it is treason they commit while making revenues for government and additional money and other perks for themselves.

Or, maybe they do know they are instrumental in the stealing of private property, including the free exercise of rights, and the fact they are actually traitors committing treason daily. And, for what purpose?

They are your neighbors and, yet, are willing to violate the Constitution and all law, including their law (the manmade statutes that are solely to control government and its creations). They behave as psychopaths, just waiting for a chance to attack and show their Gestapo-like control over other people.

You know, I may be wrong but I think one would find it extremely difficult to find an official that properly defines human freedom. In fact, I do not believe there is an official that understands the purpose of the Constitution for the united States of America or the ramifications of the Oath of Office each must affirm or subscribe to.

Nor could any of them (or most of the people that elect or support them) understand that government has four basic duties. The first is to protect our rights by obeying the limitations placed on government by “the Constitution for the united States of America”.

The limitations clearly reflect the fact that government, or any chartered organization it creates, may NOT interfere with any inherent, inalienable right. This means government has no authority to regulate rights, period.

Government may only interfere with people when one has committed or is committing a mala in se crime. A simple definition of a mala in se crime is an act that is a criminal interference with the rights of another. In other words, there must be a victim (rights violated).

Guess what. The above makes nearly every act of government against the people’s rights a crime.

The second is to defend our shores and thereby protect the people’s rights from foreign interference. Shore, by the way, must include the many states and their boundaries, as the people within define each state. The U.S. Government long ago began invading the states, essentially converting the union of states to one big state with a boundary defined by that of the continental United States.

The third is to regulate government entities, including every official’s actions and their creations. Government’s plenary control also applies to hired/appointed agents, such as cops, and such organizations as corporations that government has authority to create solely for the good of the public.

This means that regulations/rules must assure officials and other “persons” do not interfere with the rights of the people. As mentioned above, any action that does interfere with rights is therefore a crime against the people.

It is also a violation of their Oaths of Office. Allowing such interference, therefore, is treason (Title 18, Section 2381).

As if treason is not enough, officials that participate, or are accessories before or after the fact, in interfering with rights also act criminally, in crimes described by racketeering statutes under Title 18, sections 1961, et seq.

If they become knowledgeable of the act, but do not take the proper action, then misprision of felony (Title 18, Section 4) and possibly misprision of treason (Title 18, Section 2382) enter the picture.

The fourth overall duty includes maintenance of our public-owned property, such as roadways, parks, buildings, and the like.

Does government have any authority to sell our roadways and the like? Not no but HELL NO!

Can any speak intelligently about the above and then support the proper unrighteous behaviors that are the antithesis of the laws of God that are the basis for our law?

I think not. If they could, they would recognize the atrocities and interference with human rights carried out by American governments not only here but also around the world. You see, such actions are in exact opposition to righteous behavior defined by the Commandments, our Law and their statutes.

Thus, we see that any that are in or associated with government (attorneys, spokespeople, etc.) that attempt to speak intelligently about the matter obviously carry out their acts of support or participation willingly and knowingly. This means they are either accessories before or after the fact. As such, they are just as criminal as the organized entities they are part or that they created.

Okay, so here is where we are. First, local, state, and federal legislators write rules and apply them through fraud to the people.

Second, the writers of the rules and their enforcers of their “laws” coerce people to obey the manmade rules, and present all sorts of crap stating they have the authority to do so. Pure BS, of course, since the people are sovereign over government.

AMERICA_BK_I_final_cvr_webThen, with the aid of judges that truly do not comprehend our Law and do NOT operate to serve true justice but wield nothing but injustice meant to make both themselves, the chartered government, and the prison system (largely privatized now) tons of money. And, of course, they are primary in the stealing of private property, including your rights.

In other words, judges are nothing more enforcers of Gestapo-like “laws” on the people. They are just one of the traitorous cogs in the criminal racketeering organization we refer to as “government”, when, in fact, local (city and county) are nothing but corporations with the above duties.

The ultimate purposes are to control the people destroying their birthright freedom, and create revenues that are not needed except to finance their unlawful operations. In addition, those involved profit mightily with financial rewards and other benefits.

To put this fact in perspective, just as one does not have to obey the rules of XYZ Corporation unless contracted to them, nor do we have to obey the rules of so-called “local governments”. They – and including the state and federal governments – have no authority to regulate we people.

The founders never intended for justice to become an industry. The fact is, though, it is currently one of the leading industries, especially as the prison system (mostly privatized) is part of the system.

It is a system of “no justice” or very little. The lack of justice is fueled by 80,000 plus B.A.R. attorneys, hundreds of judges, attorneys, and court officials lacking a clue as to their factual authority, along with prison staffs, and literally thousands upon thousands of armed and dangerous coerce law enforcers.

Enforcers’ tools include lying, intimidation, physical violence, torture (such as the abusive use of tasers), maiming, and killing in their confrontations with the public. Of course, other tools negate the fact that enforcers became thugs.

It seems to me that it is easy to find psychopaths/sociopaths that are more than willing to act as cruel, traitorous masters over our people. The thug enforcers seem to revel in treating people as crazed dogs while they let others in their circles literally get away with thousands of crimes daily (code of silence).

The fact is, of course, that enforcers are the mad dogs of society and quite often the most dangerous criminals of all. Since they usually get by with their atrocities done to innocent people or people that are not tried and convicted, they act as if they have a license to brutalize their fellow man. They became the Ameri-Kan Gestapo, protected by non-caring leaders and others of the system.

One cannot stress the above too often. Note once again that “law enforcer” is misleading. Cops and the like do NOT enforce THE LAW. They instead enforce rules and regulations that by Law apply only to federal, state, and local officials when in their official capacities, and to the creations of government, such as corporations.

Anyway, people when first told about such matters usually come back with something like, “Oh, no, he (or she) is a good cop.”

To that – and to summarize the above on enforcers – I state, “Bullshit! When push comes to shove, alleged good cops protect bad cops; they write unconstitutional and illegal citations; they, in short, protect the system of injustice and treason they helped create and perpetuate.

Note again that the “system of justice” they often allude to is in fact the “system of injustice or no justice” created by them, for them, and of them.

Truly good (righteous) cops simply do not exist. Every last stinking cop (or agent or whatever they are called) violates our Law everyday. How? By enforcing upon us rules and regulations that simply do not apply. They instead enforce rules and regulations used to make government and the entities that form governments money hand over fist and to steal property from we American Citizens.

The theft of property includes, of course, the privacy of our lives and the free exercise of our inherent, inalienable rights. To reiterate, our “rights” are limited only by our NOT infringing on the rights of others. No official – I repeat – no official – has the authority to interfere with the free exercise of our rights.

It is easy to prove my point but quite sadly, most people do not want truth. They want to continue the false belief system set up inside them. They will not do or say anything against bodies politics thought of as government.

Many that do begin learning the facts simply quit, as truth begins shattering all they held dear. They simply cannot stand the cognitive dissonance set up within them by learning every – and I do mean every – belief they had about government, justice, freedom, and the goodness of America, etc. are false.

Truth devastates them. If they do keep searching, as many of us have, the truth often overwhelms and demoralizes. The thought enters their mind that officials they trust are nothing more than pawns – lackeys, if you will – to the to the super of the super wealthy.

If they continue with their studies, they find that government is nothing more than a criminal racket that commits millions of crimes against our people and the world every year.

Possibly, even worse, they may find that the officials they trusted do know the truth about their part in destroying Christian America and human freedom. This leads them to finding these officials do so knowingly and willingly for their own gain and lust for power. This may become too much for their psychic to handle.

Couple this with the fact that the very nature of the united States set up by our founders, and the principle of human freedoms based on God’s (true Christians’) Laws that established our Law, no longer make a public appearance. They seem to not exist.

The evil slime in government, including your state/local neighbors in government positions, slowly and incrementally replaced freedom with servitude to government. It might as well have been a foreign power, as they accomplished the “overthrow” through armed force and other coercive means mentioned above.

For example, how many people know that originally America was a white Christian land led solely by men? See Title 42, Section 1982 to understand the depth of this fact. Add this to the fact that for the first 100 years, the Bible was the “textbook” of the people. So, what happened? Why can’t our people display Christian symbols, or have Christmas shows in schools or put up the Nativity scene during Christmas?

Of course, most do not know, or, if they know, will not speak out. What causes such fear that prevents voicing or writing publicly a thought or a belief?

Is it that the alleged offense might lie within the many other concepts and trigger terms created through the quite anti-freedom political correctness BS?

Or is it the fact that the controlling faction behind nearly all the turmoil on earth does not want the truth known about them or any fact that interferes with their destruction of America? Is it that to aid in meeting this goal, the faction created the horrible concept of “political correctness” and then forced it upon our people in order to remove our freedom of speech?

Did you know that since the hidden governing faction worked to destroy Christianity that they distorted its underlying true principles into a quagmire of deceit? Or that those led down the garden path to Hell on Earth blindly support the hidden government’s “behind the scenes” control and its orders to leading officials?

Anyway, what is the result of blind ignorance and support? Would you believe it is America’s current immoral, non-righteous state of near barbarism when government deals with our people and the other peoples on this good Earth?

Of course, most would not believe it if I had made a statement to this effect. So, I question. But, believed or not, the fact is America deteriorated to its current immoral, non-righteous state of near barbarism, as it was forcibly and through mind control conversion techniques changed into the harbinger of evil rather than good.

One needs only to look at the thousands upon thousands of atrocities against our people by those that first and foremost allegedly defend our inherent and inalienable rights – but fail so miserably it must be by design. Extremely distressing to those that know is that most of our people fail to see the truth that has been right before their eyes the entire time.

Of course, unless one is a blind and deaf fool, one witnesses the government carrying out wrongdoings in plain sight. How much flagrant evidence does one need?

Recall and think about the vile acts of mayhem and killing against foreign lands and their people that have done no wrong, of attacks based on ever changing lies and covered up through stories that smack falsehoods from start to finish.

Think of the millions killed and maimed, the millions displaced from their homes, along with the general destruction of property. Think of the many false flag operations carried out by US Government black ops groups, along with those by alleged “allies”.

Forget about the “reasons” told by government because their BS is just that – BS. I write of Afghanistan, Iraq, Panama, to name a few, along with the interference or allowing of horrible acts of one country against another, such as Israel against Palestine (such as the Deir Yassin Massacre), attacks on Lebanon, Egypt (the Lavon Affair), America (such as the U.S.S. Liberty), and others.

By the way, the second Bush – the truly ignorant clod – installed as president told lies about Iraq that were quite similar to those his daddy told about Panama when Noreiga quit obeying the controllers demands funneled through the US Government.

Just as the US Government established Noreiga as the dictator of Panama, it established Sadam Hussein as Iraq’s dictator through similar methods.

Just as Noreiga lost favor, so did Hussein.

Just as with Noreiga, the controllers demanded Hussein’s demise as leader. The US Government then carried out their demands.

Countries and leaders may change but allegedly, the US Government’s methods of causing the changes do not.

Anyway, it seems as if 95 to 98 percent of the our people have a hard time recognizing and accepting the truth. The lack of the search for truth and acceptance of facts as a tragedy are unequaled as such relates to national and world events.

The buck stops with the people, not with lamebrain politicians and their hired Gestapo-like thugs that enforce their so-called “laws”. Each of these lawless entities could care less about the people and the land they supposedly love. Evidence it as they wreak havoc on hundreds of thousands of innocent families and property year.

The above is distressing, but here is the thoroughly depressing part. You see, the people condone evil by the acceptance of maiming and killing without valid cause, let alone property destruction. These are absolute no-nos for “good” and “true” Christian people, or any people that care about their fellow man.

It matters not that the US Government’s spokespeople and the controlled media mask the attacks with such garbage as “defending our freedoms” or “fighting over there instead of here.” This is especially true when no attack was imminent or in progress, at least by the victimized countries that were bombed back to the Stone Age.

The demonstration of our acceptance of evil continues in spite of the fact that the many lies told by government were exposed, but believed only by those that have the courage to search for and accept the facts. It also occurs in spite of the fact that many brave souls have battled against government and its lies, thefts of property, etc., many of them paying the ultimate price in loss of property and, yes, even their lives.

As the tragedy of ignorance continues, a sickening fact is that they – our dumbed down – teach their false beliefs to others. This in essence provides support each for the others’ false beliefs.

Damn, but it drives me crazy when people talk about government, political parties, taxes, Muslims, etcetera, as if they know what is going on. So disheartening is the fact that they, instead, are speaking out of the complete ignorance of the indoctrinated.

Just as an added note, the failure to learn and speak the truth also tells the evil super rich controllers their techniques are working.

At any rate, our people seem more like barbarians filled with a blood lust to destroy, maim, and kill in undeclared wars that have absolutely nothing to do with defending our shores and freedom. Our people in their ignorance would rather believe the lies rather than truth. This, America, makes our people and land as evil as any land that has existed in the history of the world.

But, of course, this is not within the acceptable parameters of the false belief system set up within our people. Few accept the fact that we are the attackers, or terrorists, while the innocents slaughtered and their billions upon billions of property lost, are our victims.

The main sleaze media, government spokespeople, and other ignorant people bury this fact within a stinking quagmire of deceit, covered with the bullshit from government mixed in with the misery and blood of millions of people.

Thus, the fact that the more people turned their backs on morality and integrity that undeniably once led to honor amongst men, the deeper the depths of despair became. We now wallow in a sewer of deceit and viciousness one might associate with madness of a pathological mass murderer.

Regardless, though, whether one believes in God and the principles of human decency and concern for others or not, the correct behaviors are often exercised by people who act on the Golden Rule even though they may be atheists or whatever. In fact, they may NOT even know the Golden Rule or the basis for it.

So goes morality and integrity, so goes the society.

Quite psychopathic behaving so-called leaders – lustful and greedy men and women that portray a complete lack of morality and integrity – result in a quicker slide into the abyss of ignorance and evil doing. You see, it is they that direct the degeneration and destruction of a “once upon a time” caring, humane society.

Yes, Folks, our people put, or allow the placement of, elected and appointed officials in the position of controlling the stream of negative, misleading, and misinformation. And, the officials do. However, instead of allowing the truth only, they only allow the false and misleading information to enter the public realm. The process threw truth in media/government in the trash decades ago.

Officials absolutely do NOT the truth revealed. It does not matter whether the official is in the federal, state or local chartered government. The truth is the last thing they want.

The truth, you see, exposes them for the traitors to America they are. It also exposes their ignorance of the pawns they are, and their part in the controlling faction’s plans.

Whether one believes it or not, the evil beings controlling the acts of US elected and appointed officials (and agents thereof) are anti-righteous, anti-human freedom, and anti-98 percent of humanity. In regard to the latter, 98 percent of the human population on Earth are nothing more than “human resources” – animals, if you will.

If one learns the facts concerning the controlling faction, these evil people expose themselves almost daily as dangerous enemies of America and all mankind. They are the vilest of criminal con people, as they carry out their blood and power/property lusting. They, the true “behind-the-scenes” controllers, epitomize evil, as they will destroy even their own to accomplish their goals.

At the beginning, I stated that knowledge may be power – but not unless it is acted upon. Well, America’s so-called “leaders”, contrary to what the people do, use the knowledge they gained. They know, for example, as long as they obey what they are told to do that they will keep their cushy jobs.

For them, it is stay in line, and reap the rewards. Get out of line and lose everything, maybe even life. The damage done to America and to the peoples of the world makes no difference to them, since the people allow them to continue wallowing in lust and greed.

You see, it is we people that taught all officials and their unconstitutionally acting appointees, that no matter the criminal or morally repugnant acts they do, they keep their jobs and freedom. WE allowed them to get by with, “I was just doing my job” or that “I can’t do my job if the truth is known and unless I am immune to prosecution.”

How many of our people know that both invariably entail acts of treason, especially because the statutes control them and their creations? How many know their acts always entail interference with the rights of our people, violating the very Law and statutes they swear upon Oath to uphold?

On officialdom, we MUST prosecute officials that commit criminal and immoral acts. We must stop judges and justices from the theft of justice by controlling our courts. We must stop them and attorneys from mutilating the Law.

Actually, we must put them in their place; we must NOT allow them to interpret our Law and abuse their positions of authority. The American people made a great mistake. Through it, officials assume power they were never given. Freedom cannot exist unless and until we confine officials to the limitations placed on them by our Laws of the Land.

Or, is it too late? Have we already allowed ourselves and our land to devolve into what could well be called the 21st Century Dark Ages?

Consider that we help out-of-control officials that help the controllers with the destruction or oppression of all that is good about people. How do we help them – and the controllers?

The answer to that is a complex one but suffice it to say that the bottom line is our ignorance, fear of the truth, fear of government, and our extreme laziness and/or lack of will to learn the truth by our people. It is just so much easier to give in, ignoring the loss of rights. Instead, we excuse away our lack of action against the onslaught of crimes against freedom by officials.

Added to the mix is that it seems our people know more about nonsense (entertainment and sports for example) in the whole scheme of things than they do about the real America. Their duty to themselves, their families, friends, our people, and our land is out of mind, as America crumbles around them.

Then, to top it off, the reasons we give for condemning other countries, such as dictator-led countries, is exactly what we allow US, state, and local officials to do.

I wrote the above in order to state the below. No matter what, the buck stops with the people, not with one or thousands of officials. We are the sovereign – we have the power.

Government does not grant the power, nor does government control the power. It always without fail boils down to the people. No peoples on Earth have to accept the uttering of those in positions of power.

Ignorance, complacency and fear allow governments to run rampant, destroying human lives and property for the gain of the few.

The few should never control the many. That is not freedom – it is servitude. A land so affected, such as America, is not a land of the free and the brave. It is a land of slaves wallowing in the depths of human misery, as the plans of the few come to fruition.

But, it is still within the power of the people, not only in America, but the world to stop the few. It takes knowledge. It takes the application of knowledge. It takes courage. It takes the willingness to give up everything to create a world for future generations. Without such, mankind will never self-actualize or develop fully the potential lying dormant in most of us.

Without any one of these, freedom and peace on Earth will never come to pass. It will remain as it is or worse, with mankind descending into the depths of hell on Earth.

And, I, for what I pray is one of many, do not want that as our legacy. We must act while we still have a choice.

February 17, 2013

Submitted to Kettle Moraine Publications by the author.

~ The Author ~
lewis_thumbEd Lewis has been widely published on the Internet for several years prior to the last two, when he took a sort of sabbatical to somewhat helplessly watch America being manipulated onto the road to ruin. He holds BS degrees in Biology and Psychology, National Honor Society in both fields, and MS coursework and research in Psychology completed.

Lewis is a 64-year old Vietnam Era veteran that believes every official should be held accountable for treason and other crimes when Law, statutes, and their Oaths of Office are violated.

He believes that every American has the duty to stand against any government or chartered quasi-government that violates the rights of the people, and that no man, or group of men, especially foreign lobbyists and dual citizen people, have the authority and/or the right to interfere in our land and tell us what we might think, say, write, and do. Fear to do so will ultimately destroy America.

Contact Mr. Lewis at with@cvalley.net

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