According to news reports, there were something like 32 survivors of the attack on Benghazi who remain unidentified and who have not been interviewed by anyone investigating the incident. Now I’m not trying to start a conspiracy theory here, and I sincerely hate anyone who thinks it accomplishes anything. I am devoted to reporting the truth, but I am also a student of human behavior and something just doesn’t smell right.

What if Benghazi was a total massacre? What if there are no survivors to interview? If there really are 32 survivors, how come at least one of them hasn’t come forward to complain about the fact they were totally abandoned by our president that fateful night? Were they paid for their silence in a big way, or do they even exist on this planet anymore? Were they forced to sign confidentiality agreements?

I’m just asking the questions the investigators must surely be wondering about themselves by now. Where are the alleged survivors of Benghazi?

Carl F. Worden
January 17, 2013

Carl F. Worden
Liaison Officer
Southern Oregon Militia


  1. matt townsend

    it could also be that the survivors are still federal employees or contractors and that they cannot disclose what happened without violating clearance and thus being at risk for immediate punishment if not charges.

    1. alma

      Oh, they’ll be punished, alright. They’re probably afraid for their lives or their family’s lives. You know odummer is not leaving any witnesses!

  2. miamiharold

    Certainly there are still a great many unanswered questions about what happened in Benghazi on 9/11/12. But on this one, I would think that if the body count was higher (more Americans killed or captured) we would have seen more jihadi cell phone camera pictures of them being dragged through the streets ala Ambassador Stevens. I tend to agree with Matt that they are restricted by their positions and confidentiallity agreements from speaking out. And the administration is ensuring that their identities remain undisclosed to prevent anyone from “pulling their tongues?” I would like to believe that the Congressional questioning of Secretary of State Clinton will bring forth the facts, but I have little faith that the hard questions will be asked or truthfully answered.


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