No more next time!

I awoke the other morning to find a new Congress installed and discovered that the Republican Party, can’t stand prosperity. They have played the American people for chumps again.

There was no change in the leadership, and no change in our country’s condition as greed, gluttony, lust, envy, and perversion of the law, prevail in the halls of Congress; raping and plundering the tax payers with no relief in sight.

The outcome of this fictitious Fiscal Cliff debacle was preordained, just as the other economic events where the Republican Party caved in with the aid of their feckless leaders, Mitch McConnell, and John Boehner; two guys who couldn’t get lucky negotiating in a monkey whorehouse carrying a sack full of peanuts.

Conservatives got fooled again.

Those 85 Tea Party patriots who were sent to Congress on a mission of reform in 2010 were circumvented by the feeble Republican Party establishment, who are complicit with the Socialist Democrats, and their fraudulent president, Barack Obama.

After living through weeks of hysterics, over the self inflicted Fiscal cliff, the Republican Party caved in as most savvy conservatives figured that they would.

Now the establishment pundits are all chirping about their strategy not being so bad. Now they will be more aggressive addressing the debate on the Debt Ceiling debacle coming up, which would virtually give Obama a blank check to spend witlessly on top of the sacrilegious $16.4 Trillion Dollars in created national debt, which Obama either flushed down a toilet, or doled out to his supporters to start front businesses in lieu of donating cash to the Obama campaign.

Boehner, and McConnell negotiating this deal will be like offering crack cocaine to a crack head junkie.

When will we ever learn?

How could this crybaby, Boehner, get re elected as Speaker of the House, after giving the country away?

How could Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, be vilified by Boehner at every turn, then cast the deciding vote to re elect this misfit to the Speakership, and claim that she represents the Tea Party?

Diabolical isn’t it?

Well, not so, if you can realize just how our entire government became contaminated by corruption.

What makes it easy for most politicians to go along with the scheme is the fact that our government has been infiltrated by the corrupt Chicago Machine, and their form of spreading fear, and intimidation is hard to compete with.

Prince Obama had come back from his party’s shellacking in 2010 and concentrated on winning despite his anemic record, and knocking off the conservative Tea Party patriots who were sent to reform this out of control government.

Districts were reshaped to neuter the conservative vote, while hundreds of millions in unknown campaign contributions were dished out to fund Obama’s illiterate army of foot soldiers to get out the vote, while Mittens Romney floundered around like a wounded duck in the wild.

These people are shameless.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of getting ripped off by petty thieves under the “color of law.”

This John Boehner is a traitor.

This bad ass Speaker spent 8 full weeks in the US Navy during the Vietnam war, so I can understand why this big cry baby bitch doesn’t know how to negotiate while holding a winning hand.

He’s a shit bird … and speaking about Vietnam, this is the second time I’ve been forsaken by nitwit politicians.

The first time was when we had to retreat from Vietnam after winning every battle.

This time our leadership lost every battle, then retreated after throwing in a winning hand, which is almost as repulsive as Barack Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing.

Once Obama discovered the drone, he became a serial killer by whacking American’s overseas without due process, then instigated the over throw of governments in the Middle East by funding Islamic terrorist groups, which are on the United States list of enemies.

Why hasn’t this man been impeached?

Why hasn’t any one Congressman inquired about an explanation for Obama’s eligibility, or his using false social security numbers on his tax returns?

Don’t tell us what you’re going to do to fix the economy the next time, while you sit in breach of your oath now!

I don’t want to hear it, and I don’t want to see you sniffing around my house.

It’s time for a new party. The corruption of these two party’s can not be reversed.

We have a good start trying to recruit patriots who were banished for attempting to reform our government, such as Allen West, and Joe Walsh to start off with, and an army of disenfranchised voters.

We have to keep the pressure on the current batch of traitors who are betraying our interest.

A new group of patriots has formed to challenge the election results.

The North American Law Center is serving notice on Congress now not to be complicit with voter fraud.

The notice lists massive voter fraud which has occurred in the 2012 election concerning Federal Election and Campaign Finance Laws, as well as constitutional eligibility.

The lead counsel for the North American Law Center is Constitutional Attorney, Stephen Pidgeon, and the law researcher and analyst is our friend, Barbara Ketay, who also chairs the organizations Government Corruption Committee.

Violations if proven could void the election and end with criminal prosecutions for those involved or covering up.

Citizens interested in more information or supporting this mission can contact

This should be good news for our friend Dr. Orly Taitz, the lone crusader trying to unravel the greatest hoax ever perpetuated on the American people. She has done more work and investigations than the entire Congressional delegation and all of the sticky fingered judges combined. Support Orly as well at:

We are currently out numbered by useless eaters, but we can prevail in taking our country back to our founders original intent.

It took a while to reign in Al Capone, Obama should not be a problem if we stop supporting traitors and keep the pressure on these thieves.

Our founders wrested this country away from King George III of England, with a lot less patriots.

Obama is not a king, he is an illegal alien, and we’re going to cleanse the well of politics.

January 6, 2013

~ About the Author ~
biesada_thumb_newFederal Observer contributing columnist Rick Biesada is the co-founder of The Chicago Minuteman Project.

2 thoughts on “No more next time!

  1. Osh

    “…He’s a shit bird … and speaking about Vietnam, …”

    haw haw haw…good one…hadn’t heard that term in 45 years…long since overdue for a comeback…

  2. hippybiker

    O-Homo was named “Sitting Eagle” by a Native American tribe. I means, bird so full of shit, he can’t fly.


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