The Republican Irrelevancy Continues to Build—Immigration & Taxes

What Fools & Turncoats These Republicans — The False Premise They Can Out-Democrat a Democrat

The New Enemies of the American middle class—the Republican Party, coupled with old enemies, AR Democrat-Gazette editor Paul Greenberg and his tribe.

A Greenberg editorial titled “They have eyes to see” (11/24/12) filled with biting sarcasm, laced with Zionist subliminal overtones (instructions) and numerous untruths, dedicated to further influence and demand the Republican Party and middleclass Americans cast aside the Constitution, the rule of law, sovereignty and honor…for unbridled Republican vote buying.

The Republican Party quickly launched a campaign post Nov. 6 election guaranteeing the Party irrelevancy i.e. embrace the illegal Mexican and OTM invasions by rewarding them with massive entitlements from financial coffers that don’t exist. The immigration invasions, both legal & illegal are comprised of 3rd World nationals who have never enjoyed success, culturally, intellectually, or philosophically. Therefore; why does the president, both houses of congress continue to overrun middleclass Americans with 3rd world aliens who are impoverished, uneducated, and shown no interest in acculturation, while displaying a huge affinity for welfare? In the short term its votes for Democrats, & cheap labor for Republicans, a newly found quest for Hispanic votes (legal & illegal) and by all means amnesty, but in the long term, national destruction. A schism that cannot be bridged.

It’s curious editor Greenberg would support open borders and citizenship for 25-35 million illegals, (not the 12 million the government parrots), that are presently nesting uninvited in our republic, but one must understand that Greenberg and his tribe are the progenitors of “racism, apartheid and the hurlers of race-baiting incendiaries, e.g. anti-Semite”, etc. and no significant personal dispersal into mainstream American society. The fact is that the tribe for the most part personally live a cloistered existence and above the fray.

Greenberg and his tribe now appear to have the attainable goal of destroying the American middleclass and all vestiges of Western Civilization. Observe. I say attainable because Zionist interests own every breath of American government, all levels, accomplished through financial fear. AIPAC, an illegal Israeli lobbying agency (not licensed), abetted by the ADL , The Southern Poverty Law Center, and 40 or more well financed Jewish organizations hold total sway over the U.S. Congress—both Houses.

The American middleclass is the last obstacle standing in the way of Zionist world domination; hence the reason for mass immigration, legal & illegal. As Antonio Gramsci and the Frankfort school opined, America cannot be conquered by military force, only by a march through the institutions, precisely what has happened!

Greenberg wrote “Republicans have eyes to see. It’s occurred to them its time—past time—to rethink their party’s stand on immigration—for political if not for basic moral reasons”. My response; for political, it is vote buying, accompanied by excessive amounts of unearned largesse, seized by force from the American middleclass. Greenberg states for “basic moral reasons”. What is moral about taking by force from one group (middleclass Americans) for redistribution to other groups, particularly in this case illegal Mexicans & OTM’s? This is the willful trampling on individual rights/responsibilities, on the rule of law & the U.S. Constitution. What Greenberg suggests is the Republicans join hands with Democrats, which will remake our republic into a 3rd World dump. We are nearly there now. For Zionists this would be a monumental victory insuring their global dominance.

A veiled statement in the editorial as reported by the Wall Street Journal, “The number of Hispanic voters would continue to grow for decades because of birth rates alone”. That statement alone should be the red light that curtails the illegal invasions. Greenberg then makes a deceptive statement; “bolster the border”… get the message? No political will to seal the borders. The southern border will remain loosely configured, providing for continued illegal immigrations, drugs, contraband, etc. The Feds could seal the borders in 24 hours if so ordained. Greenberg informed readers that Hispanics are wildly successful in one area—reproduction.

Greenberg alluded to the fact that John Boehner told the press that immigration reform was long overdue. Immigration Reform—code words for amnesty and continued mass immigration. Why the weeping Boehner just now talking about immigration? Boehner, like most parasitic nesters in the U.S. Senate and House, have resided in their imperial majesty for decades,( compliments of simpleton American voters), and are wholly responsible for the multiple crises in which we are enmeshed, e.g. in Arkansas, think Pryor, Boozman & Womack for openers. Why on earth would any citizen think for one moment that the collection of legislative zeros could or would find solutions to the immigration and debt crisis they created?

Another revealing statement in Greenberg’s editorial, “there’s a chance something could be done about illegal immigration (he used the word could, not should or will)—like bolster the border (not secure the border) and provide a path to citizenship for the millions illegals who now must hide in the shadows”.

Editor Greenberg, with another untruth, there is not one illegal “hiding in the shadows,” they have infested every corner of the nation in broad daylight. Haven’t you seen their protests by the thousands on TV?

The path I suggest is setting a course of 220 degrees from Little Rock, AR for the illegal population and a few well-placed arrests for violating 8 USC, e.g. Tyson, Wal-Mart, Simmons, ad infinitum which will dry up jobs for illegals who will self-deport immediately ending the American unemployment crisis and hopefully restructure & refocus on the K-12 debacle which is indoctrinating & short-circuiting American kid’s minds.

Note: Greenberg in his utterances never uses “illegal” immigration, always immigration and/or immigrants. Greenberg says “Why would a party now in decline run away from the fastest growing ethnic group in the country?” As previously noted, Hispanics are devoid of significant accomplishments, uneducated in the main, hugely dependent on welfare, filling our jails and prisons, enormous drug dealing operations and a skyrocketing birth rate…all monetarily dependent on middleclass American taxpayers. Why should a party now in decline turn away from the fastest growing group in the country? Answer; in addition to the above there is the matter of the Constitution, the rule of law, principle, sovereignty, while defending Western Civilization, its accomplishments and American citizens’ economic survival.

The American Dream is all but over—extricated by predominantly White male governing bodies. Americans put their trust in legislators by returning them to office decade after decade…never believing they would betray citizens’ confidence & trust. Legislators, instead, are engaged in self-serving treachery and in some cases, outright criminality.

It is ironic that the White Founding majority settled this once magnificent republic and has sustained it through the years while supplying massive financial assistance, materials, and defense for distressed countries around the globe would be traitorously sold out and assaulted by White legislators and bureaucrats.

Joe McCutchen

P.S. By the way, to illuminate the mass immigration madness, why is our nation suffering from 23% unemployed (not 8%), unemployment benefits now into third year and expanding, food banks, clothing banks, 70% of K-12 students on free or reduced priced meals, over 50% need remedial courses upon entering universities, and thousands of taxpayer subsidized 501c3’s allegedly dedicated to helping the poor, etc.? Couple this with $16.4 Trillion national debt, $75-100 Trillion unfunded mandates (Social Security, Medicare, & Medicaid). The legislative and bureaucratic destroyers of our republic are perfectly willing to continue to add to the national debt and the unfunded mandates by fanning the flames of a pernicious, unbridled immigration policy…all for votes.

Americans are subsidizing their own demise.

Written by and submitted to the Federal Observer for publication on November 27, 2012, by the author.

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