Dear U.S. Congressman, currently not taking orders from the liberal-neocon establishment:

If nothing else seems simple and true enough for you to serve as your moral or political compass in these turbulent times, remember the Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” comment.

Despite the liberal and neocon fury that it caused, it was a statement of fact that a typical member of that “47 percent” is predisposed to vote for a typical Liberal Presidential (or Congressional) hopeful. So, unless your goal is to submit our country to the dictatorship of the liberalism, you should oppose every action that is likely to grow the percentage of working-age Americans who, due to Robin-Hoodian taxation, live of other people’s work, and support at least some of those actions that are likely to shrink it.

The strategy of the Democratic Party and its lackeys (most of the so-called “mainstream” media belongs to that category) is obvious: to intimidate Republicans with prospect of extinction so that the U.S. House of Representatives that the G.O.P. controls opens the gates for more tax revenue that Obama and his backers may use to bribe their voters with our money in future elections.

The only non-losing strategy that the Republicans can play may be described in the simplest terms:

No tax hikes for anyone in the working age who pays or has paid more in federal taxes than he and his dependents collect from the federal government.

In other words, if the Democrats want to tax someone, let them tax the part of their own base that attached itself permanently to the receiving end of the “progressive” taxation system. If the 47 percent of the citizenry pay no income tax and are, therefore, predisposed to vote for President Obama then it is only fair to let them participate in the suffering that their irrational, if not outright idiotic, vote brought onto our heads.

If you are afraid that not caving to Democrats’ demands may cost you next election then, please, remember that George Bush the Elder lost his re-election bid right after he broke just once his “Read my lips, no new taxes” pledge. This shows how skeptical you voting base may be should you chose to swim with the “tax and spend” current.

Below are some additional points that may help you to sort things out, so that your party is not driven to extinction.

1. Current immigration policies, including Obama administration unconstitutionally imposed surrogate of the “Dream Act”, add the burden of millions of the needy to our already decimated economy. These policies are sustained by confiscating larger and larger portions of incomes of hard-working Americans and redistributing them among poor newcomers and their numerous kids. The Obama administration runs ads in Spanish in Mexico advertising American food stamps to prospective “migrants” (a.k.a. illegal aliens). Stopping all subsidies of this kind altogether could yield savings that might be used to avoid the “fiscal cliff”.

2. Subsidies for single mothers are notorious for a steady increase of the population of the needy. This may well be the single most significant factor that over last five decades brought down our country’s economic strength, and produced the most reliable group of devoted Obama (and Democratic) voters. Feeding the needy children is the right thing to do, indeed, particularly for a charitable organization, but under no circumstances should a mother (or parents) benefit from having kids that she (or they) can’t afford.

3. Most of the so-called “mainstream” media became propaganda outlets for liberalism and Obama administration. Without that propaganda, that most Americans watch after work, Obama would have slim chances of being re-elected. Those who claim that the recent election gave him a mandate for anything are either ignorant or lying, for how could cover up of Obama administration’s failures, deception of the viewers, and liberal indoctrination of the young be considered a reason for “mandate”? Granting the media any privileges (like Feingold-McCain “Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act” did) makes these propaganda outlets even more successful. It will result in more and more liberals elected to the U.S. government, and more “fiscal cliffs” or similar disasters coming in the future.

4. Public education system has been hijacked by liberal activists and it is used to indoctrinate the youth on industrial scale. Any support for anything that is likely to house brainwashing and liberal indoctrination must not be funded. Now, you may have a good excuse to cut money supply to these indoctrinatory activities. Then use the savings to help avoid the “fiscal cliff”.

5. Making it easier for Mexicans to get the US citizenship just tilts the scales in favor of liberals. It would benefit our country tremendously if moratorium on immigration and naturalization were imposed, with except to those individuals who due to their outstanding professional skills (and I don’t mean here roofers, strawberry pickers, and revolutionary leaders) or investment potential are likely to contribute more to our economy than they and their offspring will draw. This measure should dramatically increase the federal revenue by removing millions of liabilities (low-skilled Mexicans belong to that category) and adding hundreds of thousands of assets (highly-skilled, high-income generating immigrants).

6. Election fraud on the Left is a fact of life. It is serious and is becoming worse with the introduction of electronic voting. Proof of elections integrity should be required for their validity. (Democratic cheaters just got digital.) No elections results should be considered valid unless there is a positive proof that the election fraud did not skew them. Currently, the elections results are considered valid if the people cannot produce proof of cheating; this is upside-down, indeed. You may use this as a bargaining item during the “fiscal cliff” negotiations in order to have this serious problem fixed.

It is not “their team” vs. “our team”, or that sometimes they win, and some other times we do. It is a frontal attack of de-facto anti-American liberalism that the Democratic Party launched in order to wreck the Republic in their futile attempt to turn it into neo-socialist utopia. They are likely to succeed in the former (ruining our country) but will fail to deliver the “paradise” they promise. It has always been that way and always will. Let those who claim otherwise prove that their ideology will worked as they are advertising. (Of course, they can’t.)

So, hold on to your principles and do not compromise, if you do care about votes of Americans like me.

Please, do not hesitate to e-mail me at should you have any questions.


Mark Andrew Dwyer

November 17, 2016

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  1. darraugh

    Impeach Quinn for always being for the illegal aliens over the IL citizens for evil Soros. Kick out the illegal aliens in IL with the AZ law or AL law rather than take the public pensions which the public sector hires the Vets by giving them l0 points over their total score. Quinn is always for the illegal aliens and against the IL citizens and against the Vets. Kick out the illegal aliens and not the public pensions and not go against the Vets in IL. If you take from the public pensions, SS, Medicare it only mean less businesses, more unemployment, more unemployment benefits, more bankruptcies, more foreclosures, house values going down etc, Plus you are kicking the old and frail seniors out in the street to die. Senior Killers robbing from an old ladies pocket book for the illegal aliens for Soros.

    Right Mark? Since I quote you “It is an unethical country who does not take care of their elderly and orphans.”

    Impeach Quinn, Obama and kick out Soros even if you have to secede to do it.

  2. A Reader

    Taxing the elderly would be really bad.

    Obama voters should pay more in taxes. Let them taste their own medicine. We will see if they still like it.


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