Dwyer: Latino Vote – The Curse Of American Elections

Whenever I hear anyone on the Left offering a “friendly advice” that the Republican Party must revise its “rigid” stance on illegal “immigration” and stop opposing it (“embrace Hispanics” is a code-phrase often use in this context) in order to attract the Latino vote, it makes my blood boil.

To make it worse, some G.O.P. strategists (professional losers would be a more descriptive attribute here) and other “analysts” concur with the Left, which makes me doubt whether they are bona fide strategists or merely implants of the Liberal fifth column.

I keep asking myself: is this really true or am I just hallucinating? For the level of absurdity in the standard “rationale” for this kind of “advices” compares only to what one can find in “Alice in Wonderland”.

What they, in fact, are advising is that the Republicans must welcome and facilitate the million-man Mexican invasion of our country in order to remain politically relevant during and after the Mexican conquest of the U.S., euphemistically referred to as the demographic change (as if these were the previously-white Americans who have decided now to have Latino children).

Republicans are advised to compete with the Democratic Party in the contest of surrendering to the Mexican invasion, when a call to national defense against it is very much in order. Can you imagine a more absurd postulate?

They say G.O.P must drop its insistence on enforcement of the national border and immigration law, and let millions of willing Mexicans “migrate” into the U.S., instead, or Hispanics (including these “migrants” just a few years from now, after they get “legalized” and awarded U.S. citizenship) are not going to vote Republican anymore.

They say G.O.P. must not object throwing various benefits on illegal aliens (about two thirds of whom are Mexicans) in order to not anger the Latino voters.

They say G.O.P. must stop objecting an amnesty for illegal aliens (which is euphemistically referred to as “comprehensive immigration reform” as if the immigration law needed any reform other than diligent enforcement), because otherwise the Latino vote will go to the Democratic Party that keeps pushing for the amnesty, and vigorously so.

At the same time, no one is advising any party to embrace Caucasians in order to attract the white vote, despite the fact that only about 56 percent of whites voted for Mitt Romney, and increasing that number to, say, 75 percent (which is roughly the percentage of Hispanics that voted for Barack Obama) or to 95 percent (the approximate percentage of Blacks that voted for the Black President; however, in 13 Philadelphia wards, Obama received 99 percent of the Black vote or more) would have a much more decisive impact on the elections than successfully courting the Latino vote (see reference 0).


True, President Obama and his Party party are selling America big time to Mexican invaders in exchange for Latino vote, which I consider an act of treason against the American people. True, that sellout has saved the Democratic Party from losing the White House and, perhaps, control of the U.S. Senate in this year’s elections. But it does not follow from these regrettable facts that We the People who want to preserve this country for ourselves and our posterity must compete with the traitors and start bestowing on the invaders even more generous concessions in order to make them vote Republican next time. What if the ruling party sells American military secrets to our enemies (like China and Russia) and uses the proceeds to solidify its grasp on power? Will the “friendly advisers” say that the Republicans must do the same, and – perhaps – more cheaply, in order to compete for revenue coming from these enemies?

That would be nonsense.

The rational reaction to acts of politically profitable treachery is not to come up with competitive treachery but to discourage and prevent the traitors from doing their treasonous business and to stop them from benefiting from the betrayal. (Or otherwise we should get ready to submit ourselves to Sharia Law in order to attract future Muslim vote; 85 percent of Muslims voted for Obama this election.) Sadly, many of our elites do not think so, and this has been that way for quite some time, now. (See “Anatomy of Treason”, reference 1, below.)

But how do we know that after they use the generosity of the competing parties, these Latinos will not just replace our government with theirs and, eventually, kick us out of our possessions? Taking into account their rapid population growth and their proverbial inability to elect economy-stimulating governments, they are going to need our property and land in order to make room for their numerous kids and to subsist them. If they are militant and assertive now when they still mean so little, why would anyone expect them to become respecting our rights and self-constrained when they gain more political strength?

Besides, some of the renowned scholars (see reference 2, below) argue, and convincingly so, that the Latino vote goes, by and large, to collectivist and redistributionist politicians as so many Latinos are unable to provide for themselves and often need taxpayer-funded assistance in order to make ends meet.

Do you want to have an insight what the Latino vote can do to America? Just look what it has done to California.

The population in California is skyrocketing while its economy is shrinking. Businesses, investors, and highly productive professionals are moving out of the state while millions of the needy are moving in. The public sector unions and the Democratic Party have de facto monopoly on political power, which translates onto high (and rising) tax rates and chronic and deep budget deficits. The political arrangement in California has all appearances of a corruption scam: the Democrats in the State Legislature passed the law that public sector employees must pay an “agency fee” to the unions even if they are not union members, and the unions deliver part of the collected funds back to the Democratic Party so that it can maintain its monopoly on political power.

The State Legislature redistributes incomes of American citizens working and doing business in California among all the needy, including millions of illegal aliens (vast majority of them from Mexico). As a matter of fact, the Legislature became a beachhead for the Mexican invasion, and the biggest cities, S.F. and L.A. outcompete each other in their assistance to illegal Mexicans, including those who are habitual lawbreakers

And all this is taking place despite the fact that, according to a recent poll by the L.A. Times, about 60 percent of Californians still support Proposition 187 (approved by the majority of voters and later invalidated by a federal judge) that would prohibit the state from giving away taxpayers-funded public benefits to illegal aliens.

Most recently, and largely due to the Latino vote, Californians voted to increase taxes upon themselves and defeated ballot proposition that would end the collection of the “agency fees” by the unions, which measure would break the above mentioned scam of forcing public employees to pay to the coffers of the Democratic Party.

The Latino vote made the it happen.

Now, do you want the rest of the country follow California footsteps, as many Liberal prophets predict will take place?

I don’t.

If you do then brace yourself for election of Hugo Chavez’s’ alike for the future U.S. presidents. (In the best-case scenario for the Republican Party, it could be Bush’s Hispanic nephew; I am not sure which eventuality is worse.) That is all that the Latino vote can accomplish.

Not that the courting the Black vote would be much better. Without Black vote, Barack Obama would never become the U.S. President, the worst one in my lifetime, I must say. Another politician (also from Chicago) that the Black vote gave to America was Jessie Jackson Jr. who just won his re-election while in a rehab clinic (they say, under treatment for bi-polar disorder) and a defendant in a criminal corruption case that resulted in plea bargain likely to put him in jail after he is released from the clinic. (See reference 3 and quotes.)

Courting the Latino vote is in America’s interest about as much as appeasing Germans before the World War II was in Europe’s interest – it has/had only accelerated fall of nations that forgot how to defend themselves against hostile takeovers. Those who wish to weaken our country and to displace us, white Americans, with a help of Latino tsunami that originated in Mexico and other Latin-American countries but was engineered right here in the U.S., are salivating for the prospect of driving the last nail into the white America’s coffin. Despite for their deceptive claims that nobody is trying to replace one nation with another (most likely, in order to plant the seeds of socialism here), the facts are as obvious as they are frightening – just look at the prediction published recently in the San Jose Mercury News (see reference 4). There is nothing to be cheerful about!

If you are held at a gunpoint on a busy street, and your captor “advices” you to get in his car so that he can drive you to the woods to talk with you, your last chance of survival is to run. Don’t be fooled by his promise that if you don’t resist, nothing bad is going to happen to you. As soon as you comply with his “advice” and you end up one-on-one with him in a secluded place, you are dead.

And so will be (figuratively speaking) the Republican party, together with the rest of white Americans, if they yield to pressure and begin competing with the Democrats for the favors of Latino illegal “immigrants”, their progeny, and sympathizers.


[0] The Case of the Missing White Voters

[1] Anatomy of Treason

[2] Why Hispanics Don’t Vote for Republicans

[3] Former U.S. Prosecutor Negotiating Plea Deal For Jackson Jr.

The plea deal would end Jackson’s 17-year career as a congressman representing Chicago’s South Side and suburbs.

The tentative deal includes:

– Jackson resigning for health reasons.

– His pleading guilty to charges involving misuse of campaign funds.

– The congressman’s repayment of any contributions that were converted to personal use, such as home furnishings, improper travel or gifts.

At least some jail time would appear to be inevitable for Jackson, the son of civil-rights icon Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr.

The Congressman is currently being treated for a bi-polar disorder, both at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and as an outpatient at his home in Washington. He has been on medical leave since June and did not campaign in-person to be re-elected to his 2nd Congressional District seat. He won his bid Nov. 6.

[4] The GOP challenge: Looking to California for lessons on how to change

November 11, 2012

~ The Author ~
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14 thoughts on “Dwyer: Latino Vote – The Curse Of American Elections

  1. John W. Slagle

    The United States has very liberal immigration admission laws for foreign citizens entering the country legally. Entering any nation in the world illegally without inspection or proper documents is a serious violation of law as well as national security protocol. In the United States, the lawmakers who created the Immigration and Nationality Acts-enforcement codes of exclusion,criminality and admission standards have largely ignored the laws on the books for many decades. Politicians to Presidents have sought illegal aliens as a source of “cheap labor” and illegal votes.
    The 1986 Immigration Reform Act Amnesty was a “fraud filled political nightmare” which continued well into the 1990s.

    Republican and Democratic Presidents also ignored the immigration laws of this nation. Citizenship U.S.A. opened the floodgates again for fraudulent activities under Clinton who was seeking new immigrant voters.

    Bush made the statement ” that anyone who can walk across the Rio Grande is welcome” and the rush across the border was a reality. Many people confuse illegal aliens as Mexicans or Latinos. An illegal alien can be any race, nationality or sex and can include criminals to radical muslim extremists. The thought of any elected politician adopting a “rigid” position on illegal immigration is similar to ending the “drug wars”. It will never happen as long as greed and party interests prevail in D.C.

  2. Bobby

    The Republican party is as useless to European-Americans as useless can be, so I don’t care if they go to latino’s/Mexicans. Why? Because fed up Republicans will unceremoniously DUMP,the phony republiCON party and form a new one that actually cares about , uh, American citizens, unlike both existing political parties we are now STUCK WITH.

    1. A Reader

      Yeah, right. Let’s just ignore the fact that now we will have two parties competing with each other in selling out our country to illegal Mexicans and their offspring at the rock-bottom price. And the illegals will, reluctantly, chose the better deal.

      Congratulations on you excellent advice, dude.

      1. Bobby

        Heh, your’e free to waste your time to vote for a party of Losers,(which would be either party)I’ll spend my time supporting whatever political party brings those two phony organizations down. Can’t you see at this late date what is going on??!!

        1. A Reader

          You didn’t waste your time, dude.

          So now, you better enjoy what you’ve got – a bolshevik revolution in slow motion.

        2. A Reader

          Obama was elected to attack white America.

          That is exactly what he is doing now. All conservatives who stayed home because Romney was not a perfect candidate may congratulate themselves. They made the current attack possible.

          Here is his opening salvo:

          Obama To Unleash Racial-Preferences Juggernaut

          “Under this broad interpretation of civil-rights law, virtually any organization can be held liable for race bias if it maintains a policy that negatively impacts one racial group more than another — even if it has no racist motive and applies the policy evenly across all groups.”

  3. Michael Dale Smith

    TO: Mr. Dwyer, The Federal Observer
    FROM: Michael Dale Smith, Statesboro, GA
    SUBJ: Your Article “The Latino Vote–The Curse of American Elections”
    DATE: November 13, 2012

    The American working-class realize the Republican Party–like the Democrats–are “willing to throw the American people under the bus” to get votes. Notice the Republican elites–Governor Jeb Bush, Grover Norquist, Tom Donohue, John Boehner–never discuss removing the 8 or more million illegal aliens who hold American jobs. Each would rather call Americans lazy, stupid and not loyal to American employers. If it were not for Republicans in the House, such as Congressman Lamar Smith, both parties would pass amnesty.

    There are two solutions to the immigration problem: (1) Severely punish criminal employers who employ illegal aliens. And (2) Enforce immigration law so illegal aliens will either leave on their own or face deportation.

    Because your article was so well written I had to respond. Like you Americanpatrol.com has covered my experience with illegal immigration: My dispute with City of Vidalia, Georgia; the federal raid against Crider Poultry; and the threat made against me by a special agent of the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI).

    Every once-in-a-while I will get in front of a computer and look for an article that holds my attention all day. Your story, “The Latino Vote–The Curse of American Elections”–did just that.

    In summary, if the United States does not stop this invasion from the south; in addition, if the United States does not remove those who have overstayed their visas, then you and I are looking at the end of America as we know it.


    Michael Dale Smith
    Statesboro, Georgia

    1. A Reader

      I hope one day those who throw the American people under the bus will find themselves on the wrong side of the aisle in a criminal court.

  4. Bonnie

    Imagine….. Mexicans couldn’t even enter the U.S. in the past for fear of immediate expulsion.
    No foreigner for that matter would dare flaunt their illegal presence
    in the United States.
    The U.S. government would have never ever allowed illegal foreigners the run of our jobs, cities, and American pride.

    Today we have these horrible illegal foreigners in all states doing whatever they please. In Boyle Heights California a Mexican/American memorial plaque honoring U.S. military veterans was stolen for scrap metal!
    Welcome to the new United States! UGH!

  5. A Reader

    Here is some news.

    Ron Paul. a TEA Party “conservative” is evolving towards amnesty for illegals.

    Here is how his “evolution” works:





    The TEA stands for Taexed Enough Already.

    Does he believe that legalizing 20 million illegals will somehow lower our taxes needed to subsidize them and their countless children?

    You, guys, elect dynasties, and what you get are self-center egomaniacs who care mostly of themselves.

    I would speculate that He wants to emerge as a “reasonable conservative” hoping that it would carry him to the top of the Washington structures of political power.

    1. Publisher

      Well my friend – now maybe readers will understand why I never got excited about Paul. This is the very issue I personally queried him about 10 or 12 years ago, and because of it – would not come on my radio program back then. I have been telling my audience this story for many years – and last year got raked over the coals by a woman, who had put the CONgressman on a pedestal and referred to him as ‘America’s only hope.”

      R.I.P. SAndra J. Miller, for you also told the truth….

      1. A Reader

        I admire your wisdom.

        Election of Ron Paul is another symptom of Liberal malady that is delapidating America.

        The American people became desperate to elect a government that is less hostile to them then the one that they have.

        And then they fall for fool’s gold, figuratively speaking.

        I believe the election process is skewed – those who get nominated by the Democratic or Republican Party were already pre-screened before they got into the race. Some of this pre-screening is self-imposed, as many otherwise qualified candidates are discouraged by the dirt and mud that they will be subjected to while trying to serve this nation.

        On the top of that, the so-called “mainstream” media often decide who gets elected as most of the uncommitted voters chose the candidate who get better media coverage.

        And this brings up even the primary “Liberal” malady of American political system – the media became mostly propaganda outlets for the governments they like, while neglecting their basic duty of informing the public of the evil that corrupts our country.

        Every improvement will be very difficult until we overthrow the “mainstream” media rule.

  6. Colt

    It’s all about the genocide of White European people, folks. It is no innocent or accidental ‘coincidence’ that every historic White European nation has been targeted with this massive invasion of non-white aliens from every third world failed nation on the planet. This is a coordinated, deliberate, intentional, malicious effort that is in clear violation of International Laws that were set down in stone by the 1947/1948 Convention on the Crime and Punishment of Genocide.

    The hostile, alien, hate-consumed ruling elite classes who have managed to seize power over all White European nations – are of jewish ethnicity and these people are hell bent on creating conditions of life inside every White majority nation that are deliberately intended to bring about the physical destruction of our specific race and culture of people. There is one and only one option left that will stop this, and that option is going to involve physical, armed resistance.

    Self-defense is our duty. We owe it to our children and grandchildren.

    We also owe it to our White European ancestors.

    Arm up.

  7. A Reader

    Here is a recent development of Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. corruption scandal:

    Jackson Jr. won’t resign until he gets disability pay


    Some quotes from the article:

    “Sources tell FOX 32 News that Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is willing to give up his 2nd Congressional District seat if he’s given disability when he steps down.”

    “Jackson Jr. was re-elected to his tenth term but last month, sources say, he applied for a disability package–what could be his only income if he resigns.”

    “His house on 72nd Street in Chicago is part of the federal government’s investigation into allegations that Jackson Jr. misused campaign funds. Sources say Jackson allegedly spent $20,000 to renovate and buy furniture for the family’s home in Chicago, not their 5-bedroom Victorian home in Washington D.C.”

    “The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that the congressman’s wife, Alderman Sandi Jackson, is now being investigated because she is a consultant for Jackson’s campaign operation and is paid monthly. Sources say that the alderman met with the Justice Department one time and was asked a couple of questions unrelated to any federal investigation involving her or her husband.”

    A Rolex watch is also part of the case against the congressman. Our sources say that the federal agents want to know where Jackson got $42,000 to pay for the watch he purchased for the woman he was having an affair with.


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