Schrock Taylor: Both Action and Inaction Have Consequences

Someone recently posed a very shocking and worrisome question, “Did the Ron Paul supporters stay home on Election Day, and were their non-votes enough to throw the election to the liberals?” I found the idea frightening but worthy of consideration. Did they?

My thoughts first carried me back to my youth. In my mind’s eye I could review the lessons that I had learned about moving on with life following disappoints; about finding a new focus once an old one became unworkable; about wanting the best for my/our self identification group, be it family narrow or nation wide.

I thought about how we students at Central Elementary School were absolutely convinced that we were better/smarter/more capable than kids at any of the several elementary schools in town…that is, until we became 7th graders blended into one of the two junior high schools. We assessed the new situation and soon met the challenge of bonding with those “others.” Soon we concluded that East Junior High was obviously superior to West Junior High. The opposing sports teams battled with conviction while we put energy into earning the best grades, decorating for the coolest dances, participating in the smartest science fairs.

That state of affairs only lasted until we finished 9th grade because as 10th graders we were forced to blend with “those enemies from WJH” to attend the one and only public high school. I am proud to report that yet again, we rose to the challenge, joined forces, and proudly became the Braves of Ypsilanti, Michigan! Oh, my, but life was wonderful then. We had winning times on the sports fields; wrestling teams that year after year won state championships under the coaching of Burt Waterman; and wonderful times inside the school building. We had great teachers in the classrooms and our very own Joseph Sobran on stage in the theater. (And in debate. And in the band. In orchestra. In chorus…well, any of you who knew Joe, knew Joe.)

Of course, our neighborhood was better than the next; our town was more prosperous than others; our state was better…and our nation is the best…and so life reorganizes and proceeds as times and abilities call for changes in focus; goals; attitudes; groupings; loyalties; missions; energy levels. Change, and realignment of self identification, are part and parcel of Life in general.

I do wonder if, indeed, the diehard members of the Ron Paul movement are refusing to realign their focus so as to work with others to regain America. Or, as my friend, Hilary, explains, “to at least stem the tide.” Might people have lost sight of the most important goal of all? With sadness I must admit that I do believe this to be true. I doubt that Ron Paul encourages his followers to stay struck in time; mourning his defeat in the primaries; waiting for the day that Ron will rise again to take the presidency (despite his upcoming retirement). Even more worrisome is the fact that others besides Ron Paul supporters are also choosing Inaction over Action.

I recently read a blog post from a “highly intelligent” person who sounded completely delighted to report that he had stayed home on Election Day. I pictured him with buttons popping from his shirt. I suppose he expected applause but instead I wept. If Inaction is the way that intelligent people “act” to preserve freedom, how can we ever expect the masses educated in public schools to make decisions with wisdom?

I very much worry about this growing trend which in reality ends up delivering definitive acts of support to the worse candidate. I worry that pied pipers, who seem to have developed tunnel vision and near sightedness, are leading the fray. Yes, I do wonder how many actually participated in the 50-state “Keep Your Butt Home on Election Day” movement. I seriously fear that their numbers were great enough to have put the Other Half into a position from which they can throw Our Half over the cliff.

We needed positive action instead of negative inaction. We needed the support of those stay-at-home would-be-voters. We need individuals to coalesce and seek viable ways to save America…at least what was left of America…if only to buy more time to develop better strategies for restoring America. I am deeply disappointed in the “Hey! Look at what I did didn’t do!” movement. Seriously, we are at the point where we absolutely must realign our identity groups, our missions, and our actions before we lose our country.

I was impressed to read that Judge Napolitano, despite and in contrast to his rhetoric in the weeks leading up to the election, is also having “unsettled” and “sinking” feelings following the disastrous outcome. America needed to be pulled back from the brink of destruction. We failed. Maybe we failed because too many stood back, cleared a path to the edge of the cliff, and waved Evil through. Others encouraged them.

Actions have consequences but so too does Inaction. By staying home, far too many…maybe just enough… actually did end up voting…by default…for Obama. Why, even little school kids know better than to do things like that.

I, too, once believed that “one individual’s vote does not matter” but I have since developed more wisdom and clearer insights. I now realize that “a single vote” is much like “a single raindrop.” Each seems small and insignificant when evaluated superficially. However, when like minds…or adjoining raindrops… gather with a mutual goal, massive storms, providing innumerable opportunities for change and realignment, are made possible. Anyone who doubts the truth of that should talk to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. While in the area, also find someone who can teach you about the cumulative effect of single snowflakes…

Submitted to the Federal Observer for publication by the author, Linda Schrock Taylor, November 9, 2012.

~ About the Author ~
schrock_taylor_thumbLinda Schrock Taylor, M.A. [send her mail] taught special education for 40 years in public schools. Now retired from teaching, she is slowly writing her first book on remediating reading skills.

25 thoughts on “Schrock Taylor: Both Action and Inaction Have Consequences

  1. jim bell

    I am one who went to the poleing place an cast a nonvote. I went through the prosess but did not vote for the lesser of two eveils we still have eveil.
    Ron Paul got the shabyest tretment when fox news conspried with the RNC to steal Iowa from Ron that for me was the last straw. down with the RNC and Faux snews jim

  2. David Somerville

    If you walk into that voting booth and vote for Republicans or Democrats then YOU are part of the problem in america today.
    I defer to former Governor Jesse Ventura on that issue and I think he is DEAD on target. See this video from 7:45 to 9:35 for his comments. (see 43:30 to 45:15 for a little more devastating truth – who are the REAL Nazis today????)
    Anyone who continues to vote for either of the corrupt parties is THE PROBLEM with america. Those who did not vote for either of the obamney twins did the right thing. We could hope they voted for ANYBODY BUT an obamney twin as a good alternative. I defer to Paul Craig Roberts for his views on there being no difference between Obama and Romney, hence the obamney twins. Nobody cleared the way to the edge of the cliff by not voting for the Republican criminal anymore than not voting for the Democrat criminal. The way to the edge of the cliff is paved with votes from ANYONE who DID vote for a republican or democrat. That is how we all got to this cliff already.
    Please review Paul Craig Roberts views in this video:

  3. Scott Bieser

    You are laboring under the false assumption that supporting the Republican Party establishment has anything at all to do with preserving liberty. Or that a President Romney would, with regard to the most important issues of the economy and foreign policy, do anything different from Obama. Or that supporters of the most principled statesman in the last 50 years could possibly have anything to do with that dissembling, odious bag of gas who cheated his way into the nomination. Or that polymorphic “school spirit” has anything to do with ethics and principles.

    1. Ken Valentine

      As Lysander Spooner once put it; “You are nonethelessa slave because you are permitted to choose a new master once in a term of years.”

      The Boot On Your Neck Party gave us a choice between scunbag-A and scumbag-B, and such a choice as that is no choice at all.

      As you already know, the only way we have of saying,”None of the Above is Acceptable” is to not vote. So that was my choice as well.

      My father was a totally disabled combat veteran and shortly before he died he told me, “All the things we fought AGAINST in World War II, our own government is doing to us today.”

      He was right!

    2. Linda Schrock Taylor

      As I have been laboring to explain and re-explain to David Somerville, I voted AGAINST Obama by voting FOR the only candidate close enough in the polls to possibly win, hoping that he might “stem the tide” long enough for the grassroots movement to accomplish something…hopefully multi-state succession. If that close rival had been even Big Bird, he would have received my vote. Linda

      1. Butte Bill

        The last candidate I worked for that won was Richard Nixon in 1972. Had McGovern won we would likely be better off today as he was perceived as a pinko and the republicans would never have cooperated with him. (Nixon gave us medicare, which sixty years later will bankrupt America.) Hopefully the elected republicans will show some backbone and not cooperate with Obama. Good luck.

      2. Ken Valentine

        People continue to vote for “the lesser of two evils,” and wonder why they always end up with evil.

        If I can’t vote FOR somebody, then there is no sense in voting.

        one ancient axiom of democracy is that by participating in the democratic process, one agrees to go along with the determination of the majority; so what we are taught in this countries Youth Propaganda Camps is the opposite of the truth: If you DO vote, you can’t complain.

        As James Madison wrote: A common passion or interest will always sway a majority, and there is no inducement to prevent them from sacrificing the weaker party. Hence it is that democracies have everbeen found incompatible with liberty aod rights to property, and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.

        Democracy is in effect an institutionalized form of mob rule: My gang is bigger than your gang, so what we say goes. Democracy didn’t work for the Athenian Greeks, and every attempt to make it work over the last twenty five centuries has been an abject failure.

        Ayn Rand said it best, “The most amazing fact in all of history is that people do not learn from it.”

    3. A Reader

      Oh, Boy.

      It appears that several of you do not think replacing the worst president of our lifetimes with someone closer to mainstream American would have been a tactic victory for us in the war on America that left and the Democratic leaders have launched.

      If you did not vote, for whatever “noble” reason, then you are as responsible for the damage that Mr. Obama and his minions will inflict to our country in his second term as any leftomaniac or racist that voted for him.

      You, “everything-or-nothing” millions, let the Dems enter the end-game phase of their assault on the Republic. It doesn’t comfort me to know that you will not be spared what you did not try to prevent.

      Keep dreaming.

      1. Tucci78

        “It appears that several of you do not think replacing the worst president of our lifetimes with someone closer to mainstream American would have been a tactic victory for us in the war on America that left and the Democratic leaders have launched.”

        Replacing the Kenyan Keynesian with the Mormon Mamzer could not do other than to continue the Gadarene course of lawlessly unconstitutional government and the catastrophic economic decompensation that must inevitably proceed.

        Think of Willard the Wussy not as “closer to mainstream America” but rather more like Herbert Hoover redux, the perfect idiot to put a solid “(R)” label upon the consequences of the National Socialist Democrat American Party (NSDAP) devastation of the American economy.

        Without radical excision of federal spending (as proposed lucidly and explicitly by surgeon Ron Paul), there is no remedy to be found for the consequences of government-gone-juramentado. The U.S. Constitution must be ENFORCED, and this Mitt Romney would never do.

        Not even a handwave in that direction did we get out of the Etch-A-Sketch. You didn’t notice?

        Had the Cook County Camorra not voted the graveyards, the illegals, and imaginary critters from myth and fable to ensure that their Metrosexual Mischling Messiah kept his seat on the presidential toilet, we’d be slated for yet another cadre of neo-con numbnuts playing “Cops of the World!” while claiming to be the representatives of American conservatism.

        Better that shouldn’t happen, nu?

        “In this world of sin and sorrow there is always something to be thankful for. As for me, I rejoice that I am not a Republican.”

        — H.L. Mencken

    4. hippybiker

      Ancient Chinese proverb…”May you live in interesting times.” I say. “Soon will be the time to, saddle up and lock and load!” I will not live in a communist society brought on by Comrade Obama!

        1. hippybiker

          The safety is, keeping your finger off the trigger until you are ready kill or main whatever is in front of you trying to do the same to you!

  4. Darraugh

    There are no Democrats today. Soros and his first puppets clintons took over our father’s Democratic Party lock stock and barrel. They are just the opposite of the traditional Democrats. It should be fraud that Soros kept the Democratic Name to keep the people and to make his Soros Democrats look better than they are when they are just the opposite of our father’s traditional Democratic Party. Do not call them Democrats they are not Democrats. The traditional Democrats would never be for amnesty and illegal against the American workers and their families like the Soros Obama Party. Call them the Soros Party, Bubbacrats, Progressives which they are not that either who makes changes for the better when all they did is make it worse and worse. Call them any thing, but don’t call them Democrats, because they are not the traditional Democrats only a Soros Party.

    Yes I know how much you love Ron Paul from being on the comments of a left newspapers online here. All those guys on there really liked him.
    I might have too if was not for him being for Visas, because if you get enough Visas you get amnesty which is what we have with Obama.

    You want to do some thing impeach Obama which I can think of a lot of reasons for it. Take Soros’ citizenship and kick him out of the country. He has 5 children and a son just like him to carry on. It is the only way to get this country back.

  5. Neil Sherman

    1: Boycott _is_ _positive_ action and 2: Proxy denied is authority denied. So even if you discount the simple fact that “statute” has continually rendered it “illegal” for ever increasing millions of people to vote, which begs the question of just who wants what hands not/voting, anyway – The idea that most folks are smart enough to keep their DNA out of a crime scene is the kind of wisdom that deserves the highest of praise and support.

  6. Paul of Sanford

    America’s primary enemy is the Left and its Marxist mentors, not Republicans, however flawed. The Democrat Left has been grooming their constituencies and this nation for many decades into an increasingly dependent and secular culture of decaying moral and family values. It is very late, and any chance to reverse course must begin with the family, churches, schools, media and wherever formative resources prevail. It will take a long-term commitment, not a single political campaign or candidate.

    To ignore the stark differences between Obama and Romney is totally absurd. Watch what happens now with Supreme Court (and other) nominations, Bernanki’s printing presses, abortion policies, amnesty, redistribution (theft), national security, Judeo-Christian traditions, etc. etc. etc.

    Romney = Obama??? You won’t recognize this country in 4 more years. Abstainers will have no right to complain!!!

    1. Historian

      As someone recently put it elsewhere, you can have Obama running the country over the cliff at 100 mph or Romney doing it at 80.
      In the particulars there is some difference, but in principle?
      They are the same.

      And THAT is why so many people either stayed home or voted for anything but either of the two party candidates.

      The only path that does not lead to disaster is a restoration of fiscal sanity, and do you hear anyone apart from Ron Paul talking about that? 50% cuts in Federal spending? No, nobody will even discuss it. Next year it will have to be 60%…. There is no possible way that the present trend in Federal expenditure can be maintained, and that is not politics, that is a fact. One that every ‘mainstream’ candidate is ignoring with all his might.

  7. David M. Schmidt

    Mitt Romney is, from the evidence, a socialist, gun-grabbing, big-government, tax-and-spend statist, despite his rhetoric to the contrary. Calling him a “Republican” or “Conservative” does not change those facts. What possible reason would I, or any other liberty minded person, have to vote for him? So that Republican Party, rather than Democratic Party, establishment hacks can split the spoils of victory with their cronies while they continue the work of running the economy into the ground and turning America into a police state?

    No thank you.

    1. Linda Schrock Taylor

      You missed the reason. Carefully reread the article as well as the intelligent postings and you will find it.

      One email reads: “Great article. Anyone who stayed home can give themselves a big round of applause when their paycheck disappears to fund National Healthcare. I’m sickened by the thought of how much more of my income will be redistributed to those who refuse to work over the coming years.”

  8. Ken

    I voted for the Constitution Party candidate in a county that went 88.9% for Romney.
    While I did not support Romney, his caving to the Europeans regarding concealed carry during the 2002 Winter Olympics infuriated and disgusted me, in comparison to Obama he is a good and decent man, if somewhat too quick to compromise.
    Leaving King Obama in the White House will get us all of the things that one of the Old Testament prophets promised. “A king will take your young men for their wars and your young women for their whoredoms” (paraphrased).

    Obama has followed in the footsteps of the Bush family in trampling the people of the US and the world, and he does not even seek to conceal what is final goal is. Only the ignorant and the evil could have voted for him, and I can make no excuses for the ignorant, as it had to be willful ignorance.
    Thanks for apportioning some of the blame to those who stood by and let evil happen.

    1. Linda Schrock Taylor

      How frightening when all-consuming hatred of Romney/Republicans/Joe Schmo/Billy Bleep… trumps the love of America. Democrats use the same thinking patterns.

  9. Required Name

    You are making a circular argument. First you assume that every human being is morally responsible for the actions of every other human being, this claim is called “collectivism”. Then your argument concludes the non-voters are responsible for the bad actions of the bad voters, due to collectivism.

    If the obscuring circular argument is removed, your article is revealed as just an assertion of collectivism, without argument for it.

    1. ed

      Now that was interesting. I hope I never have to debate you.

      I didn’t agree with the article, but couldn’t explain why. Your response says it well. I am one of the none voters, and I was being blamed for the results. Instead I did an ammo order last week that will be delivered tomorrow. Bought 3 firearms last weekend. Used, private party. And like hippybiker in another post, I am willing to die when they come to get it.

      From what I remember Romney was for gun control as govenor. And what is the difference between Romneycare and Obamacare? None that I remember. So what difference is there between them? None. But I’m at fault for not supporting Romney?

      There isn’t any point in even trying to explain this anymore. Hippybiker, Osh, Neal, Jeff, and all the rest of you, Good luck. I’m out of here.

    2. Linda Schrock Taylor

      No-name Hit and Run! How brave is that?

      My son chooses not to vote, as well, but he has logical reasons and I very much support his ability to be an independent thinker.

      I do not support non-voters who vent and re-vent; rant and re-rant, using inflamatory language (the very same tactics used by liberals) while offering no proof to support their claims (with the same determined irrationality of liberals.) In all probability, such people form their opinions based on the rhetoric of other name-callers, rather than on personal research of primary docutments and unbiased reports.

      It is foolish to assume that I am a Republican…unless you believe Big Bird to be of that party… Oviously, many of you just see what you choose to see; read what you want to be on the page.

      1. Leo Autodidact

        I’m not voting until there is a “Binding* None-Of-The-Above” on the ballot.

        (*If NOTA wins, the election has to be re-done and NONE of the previous candidates can stand in nomination again.)

        Until then it’s just “Do you want Fred to punch you in the face, or Frank to punch you in the stomach?” I don’t want to get punched AT ALL!


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