Get out the vote

“Let me tell you about Florida politicians. I make ’em out of whole cloth, see – just like a tailor makes a suit.

Yeah, that’s right – I get their name in the newspaper. I get ’em some publicity and get ’em on the ballot, then after the election, we count the votes… and if they don’t turn out right – we recount ’em – and recount ’em again until they do.”Edward G. Robinson as ‘Johnny Rocco,’ Key Largo, Warner Bros Pictures; 1948

2 thoughts on “Get out the vote

  1. Osh I understand it, the NAACP was wearing their T shirts, handing out water to those in line, and bragging up Obama—all inside the polls in New Jersey. Poll managers were informed, but several ignored being told about this violation. The one that listened, told the NAACP to cease,and leave. They refused, and continued with their illegal activity. Nobody came to run them off subsequently…Also it seems “they” whomever in the hell “they” is, have declared martial law in some areas of NJ. Perhaps ol’ Rocco is starting to shake, rattle, and roll with NJ…Sandy was really a great coincidence for “O” wasn’t it…here is a link to a story that says Sandy was no accident:
    HAARP Engineering ‘FRANKENSTORM’ Hurricane Sandy – CAUGHT on SATELLITE and RADAR!!! ~ RiseEarth

  2. hippybiker

    Osh, you just don’t understand. Negro’s can do whatever they want. They are an entitled class. We whites have been delegated to 2nd class citizenship!

    Nobama 2012!


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