Juntti: Land of Opportunity?

August 18, 2012 ~ When I see the news reports with video of the HUGE give-a-ways of food – clothing – hair cuts – school supplies – – you name it and if it is FREE then the long lines are there. Take a GOOD look at the people in those lines….. most are non-white. Look at the number of kids that seems to belong to each mother.

I contend that if the FREE THINGS were stopped – at least on the scale they are now there would be a CHANGE take place. The ILLEGALS would learn they can’t come and take and take and take. There should be a citizenship status check for all in those lines… that would eliminate many ILLEGALS – only those with false papers would get thru.

Return the handouts to the Churches and the local community where they KNOW who these people are. They KNOW if there is real need or just flat out laziness.

All those corporate DONATIONS that go to the HUGE handouts are not FREE. The PRICE is paid by those who purchase goods from those corporate donors.

We encourage laziness – unwed mothers having one child after another and no consequence for that act – or collection of child support from the one night stand sperm donors. They have learned that they can lay down – have sex – have child – collect welfare and all the FREE benefits that should go to those who are truly down on their luck for a short time – not a career TAKER as most of these are. Many are not only career TAKERS but they are GENERATIONAL as well. You can find several generations of TAKERS in these lines… it is the only life they understand as no one has ever required them to EARN what they TAKE. They also place no VALUE on those FREE things – they didn’t work to earn them so they do not care for them when they get them. Look at where there live in most cases., GARBAGE DENS, inside and outside.

Try going to these FREE HANDOUTS and offering these people a job so they could EARN a living and then not have to stand in those long lines – they could provide for their family… just how many takers for a JOB do you think you would find.

HANDOUTS and FREE STUFF is not the way to raise people out of poverty – it ensures the continuation of poverty and after a generation or two it is their CULTURE. They know nothing else. The results are what we now see in Detroit – Chicago – and all those other cities and towns that have gone the FREE HAND OUT LINES.

So as you look at the HUGE FREEBIE lines in so many cities – now before school starts – understand that you are watching the destruction of that area as those folks number in the thousands and they are breeding with each other and “WORK” – “EARN” – are foreign words to them.

Then go look at the number of Non-Whites in jails – prisons – and ask yourself why the unbalance – is it discrimination or is it failure to require folks to WORK and EARN their way instead of giving them STUFF so they can fail?

America has turned into the HUGE GLOBAL PLANTATION with the shacks filled with SLAVES – the Massa hands them some slop to eat and they think they are *cared for* – not realizing they are enslaving themselves by accepting the HAND OUTS and FREE STUFF.

There is a huge difference between TEMPORARY HARD TIMES and a CAREER of HARD TIMES.

Jackie Juntti

~ Reference ~
Census data show high immigrant participation on US welfare rolls

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Jackie Juntti (Granny) is a daily reader and frequent contributor to Kettle Moraine Publications. She can be reached for comment at idzrus@earthlink.net.

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