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Victory or Death

The campaign season of 2011-2012 is shaping up to be one of “search and destroy” – anyone who would take on the Socialist at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Each of the Republican canned-idates has vocalized some good ideas, but ideas ain’t going to get it done. Paul is a one issue runner (“End the Fed”). Bachmann has raised “5 biological children and 23 (state-funded) foster children”, but wants to deport all illegals. Cain had “9-9-9” but that equals 27, which exceeds his 15 minutes by twelve, so his time is up. Huntsman is still looking for any kind of recognition, as is Santorum. Perry still looks like a chiseled “Ken” doll (who can’t get his message out – because he can’t seem to speak), and Mitt is just a pretty-boy weak sister.

This leaves only Newt, who, although is probably the most fluent and has the best chance of whipping O’Bumma’s azz in future debates – and possibly the election – also brings a lot of baggage to the table, but I am no fan…

Yet, having said this, the following video says a lot. Listen to the message…

One thought on “Victory or Death

  1. jane

    If we never gave a second look to those with “baggage”, we would forever be looking at our feet. We ALL have skeletons…regrets. Newt claims to have asked God for forgiveness, and I am compelled to believe. I can’t purport to know what is in his heart, so I have to trust.

    He is an unbelievably intelligent man who knows how Washington works. I believe he is a Constitutionalist. He won’t take any crap. He won’t take a thousand vacations, apologize for our country, or keep us defenseless, to name a few.

    I hope he wins the nomination for many reasons. The least of which just to see him slam dunk Obama in a debate.


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