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Blacks file Class Action Racial Discrimination Suit Against Obama & Democrats

The 9-11 Black Attack on Democrats

Seattle – Suing President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party for racism would be a joke if the Plaintiffs were anyone other than Rev. Wayne Perryman, a respected black minister and community activist. Perryman, an author, lecturer and a former newspaper publisher and radio talk show host who has received a multitude of honors and awards for his work and community service, was recently recognized by Chairman Benjamin Jealous of the NAACP for his latest research on racism and politics.

On September 11, 2011, Perryman brought together blacks from the West Coast and the East Coast to sign one of the most comprehensive legal briefs ever prepared for a racial discrimination lawsuit. The suit was to filed on September 12, 2011 in US District Court against President Barack Obama and the DNC. The plaintiffs, who refer to the defendants as the “Father of Racism,” allege that as an organization, the Democratic Party has consistently refused to apologize for the role they played in slavery, Jim Crow and for other subsequent racist practices from 1792 to 2011. Mrs. Frances P. Rice, the Chair of the National Black Republican Association is also a named plaintiff in the class action lawsuit.

The case (No. C11-1503), cites the collective work of over 350 legal scholars and includes Congressional records, case law, research from our nation’s top history professors, racist statements from Democratic elected officials, citations from the Democrat’s National Platforms regarding their support of slavery, excepts of speeches from Senator Obama, individual testimonies from blacks who lived in the Jim Crow South and opinions from the NAACP.

Perryman said President Obama was named as a defendant not only because he is the official leader of the Democratic Party, but because of certain statements he made about his own party in his book, Dreams from My Father. In 2009, the President was asked to issue an apology to blacks on behalf of his party, but he refused. Unlike other reparations lawsuits, this lawsuit merely asks for a public apology, but no monetary damages.

In the 40-page brief, Rev. Perryman tells the court that the Democratic Party, (the party that is quick to call the Tea Party and Republicans racist), is the same party that refuses to confess and/or acknowledge (in public and on their website) that they are the party that supported the institution that packed millions of black men, women and children in the deep dark hulls of slave ships with just barely enough food and water to keep them alive, and forced them to lie in their own urine, feces, and vomit for the duration of a long trip across the Atlantic. And after arriving in America, it was the members of their party that forced these poor souls to work from sunup to sundown for the next 70 years and never paid them one dime. And when the black victims were fortunate enough to escape, it was the Democratic Party that passed Fugitive Slave laws to return them to their brutal slave masters.

When their inhumane institution of slavery was challenged by the opposing party, Democrats countered by placing threats in their political platforms (1844-1856), – threatening anyone who dared to interfere with what they called, “the sectional issue of DomesticSlavery.” On May 21, 1856, they carried out their threats when they attacked their opposition, Senator Charles Sumner with a walking cane on the Senate floor and when they attacked with guns, freed blacks and abolitionists on the streets of Lawrence, Kansas. Six years later, Democrats called themselves ‘Confederates” and went to war killing thousands to defend and protect their racist institution of slavery. After losing the war, they fought against constitutional amendments and civil rights legislation for blacks, and chose instead to form terrorist organizations, legislate Black Codes and Jim Crow Laws and support every landmark case that was designed to deny blacks their constitutional rights including the Slaughterhouse Case, Plessy v Ferguson, the Civil Rights Cases of 1881 to overturn the 1875 Civil Rights Act, and Brown v. the Board of Education. While many of these cases were pending, Democrats proudly adopted the name “The Party of White Supremacy” and committed every inhumane violent act known to mankind (from 1867 to 1977) to keep blacks in “their place.” And to add insult to injury, after killing millions of blacks through their racist institutions, they hired powerful attorneys to keep this information from blacks and to avoid apologizing to blacks.

Perryman said, “Any organization that has such a racist history and receives 97% of the African American vote (after doing all they could to deny blacks the right to vote), should willingly apologize without being forced do so through a lawsuit. He said, “I guess they feel they have nothing to apologize for.” Perryman went on to say that he is “convinced that Democrats will only apologize if the media, or the courts (with public pressure) will force them to do so. The man who authored the book: The Audacity of Hope, now has the “audacity” to refuse to apologize for his political party and their racist institutions, that took the lives of millions of his own people.

Blacks, Whites & Racist Democrats The Untold History of Race and Politics within the Democratic Party from 1792-2009

Apologies for Racism – Precedent Set
In the 40-page brief covering a period from 1792 to 2011, Perryman makes the following claims regarding past apologies for racism and racial injustices. Perryman said history reveals that an apology or reparation for blacks would not be an issue today had the Democratic President Andrew Johnson chosen to sign Senate Bill 60. Since Johnson’s veto of Senate Bill 60, the door for reparations involving racial injustices remained closed for over 120 years. In 1988, Congress opened that door with the passage of the Civil Liberties Act of 1988. Under that new bill, Japanese internment victims received an apology plus $20,000 each in reparation pay. In 1993, the victims of the Rosewood, Florida Massacre received an apology and reparations from the State of Florida. On May 16, 1997, President Clinton issued an apology to the victims of the Tuskegee Experiment and paid the African American victims a total of $10,000,000 in reparations. On February 7, 2005, the 109th Congress issued Senate Resolution 39 and apologized for not enacting lynching laws to protect those who were victims of lynching. In that resolution, Congress stopped short of acknowledging that all of the lynchings took place in regions controlled by Democrats. And finally on January 20, 2007, the Executive Committee of the Democratic Party of North Carolina apologized for the 1898 riot and massacre that killed several black Republicans and drove them out of office.

Rev. Perryman’s thoughts…
When asked what he thought the public reaction will be to the lawsuit, Perryman
said, those who sincerely oppose racism will fully support this case and it matters not whether they are members of the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, the Tea Party or members of the News Media. But those who are unaware of the historic facts contained in this brief will ignore it and call it “frivolous.” That’s why we are sending out thousands of copies of the brief via U.S. mail, internet and Facebook so the general public will have all the facts before deciding to ignore or support. For PDF copy of the 40-page brief they can e-mail us at Doublebro@aol.com [mailto:Doublebro@aol.com].

Who is Rev. Perryman?
Rev. Perryman is the same Seattle minister who used his biblical research in 1994 to persuade the world’s two largest Christian publishers (Zondervans and Thomas Nelson) and the Encyclopedia Britannica to apologize and remove the “Curse of Ham” theory from all of their publications. The curse theory had existed for over 500 years and was used by Southern Christians and Democrats to justify slavery and their mistreatment of African Americans.

Wayne Perryman
P.O. Box 256
Mercer Island, WA 98040
(206) 708-6676

Obama’s References to His Party’s Racist Past
President Barack Obama is one of the only black elected officials and one of the
only black leaders in modern-day history – who has openly discussed how badly Democrats have treated black voters and he does so in his book: Dreams From My Father. The book highlights a conversation where black Democrats referred to their relationship with the Democratic Party as “Plantation Politics.” (p. 147). Obama reports that during this conversation blacks in the barber shop asked themselves, why do they keep voting Democrat when blacks have “the worst jobs, the worst housing, Police brutality rampant, … and we all line up and vote the straight Democratic ticket.

Sell our soul for a Christmas Turkey. White folks spitting in our faces and we’d
reward them with the vote.”

Obama also states in his book that some white Democrats said they would “vote Republican before voting for a black [Democrat] to be mayor” of Chicago. (p. 148)

During Obama’s Victory Speech on November 5, 2008 he talked about Ann Nixon Cooper, a black woman who could not vote because of his party’s voting policies in the South and during that same speech he referred to “the buses in Montgomery, the hoses in Birmingham, the bridge in Selma and the preacher from Atlanta,” – all racist situations that occurred in areas where Democrat elected officials were in control.

He also talked about his party’s racist past during his March 18, 2008 speech regarding Rev. Wright. The then Senator Obama said, “…so many of the disparities that exist in the African American community today can be traced directly to the inequalities passed on from an earlier generation that suffered under the [Democrat’s] brutal legacy of slavery and Jim Crow.”

Obama, a student of history knew that his party made the following statements in several of their national platforms:

“All efforts by the abolitionist and others made to induce Congress to interfere with questions of slavery… are calculated to lead to the most alarming and dangerous consequences….”

“The Democratic Party standing on this national platform will abide by and adhere to a faithful execution of the acts [meaning Fugitive Slave Laws]… for reclaiming fugitives…. The Democratic Party will resist all attempts at renewing in Congress or out of it, the agitation of the slavery question, under whatever shape or color the attempt is made.”

Not one Democrat voted for the 13th Amendment to end slavery and as a party, Democrats did not vote to pass the 14th Amendment to make blacks citizens nor did they support the 15th Amendment to give blacks the right to vote.

Obama is one of the only black leaders who have acknowledged these wrongs by his party. So with this lawsuit we are simply asking: based on what he knows about his party’s racist past and how they have treated black folks, why is he and the leaders of his party reluctant to issue a public apology?

Rev. Wayne Perryman

Response to the Lawsuit has been great
The response to this lawsuit has been great. One person had over 7,000 on his e-mail list and my other friend has over 20,000 on his e-mail list. Up to this point, we probably have reached over 100,000 people. Newsmax asked for copy of the brief, and Pat Boone has asked me to come to Beverly Hills this weekend to speak at their Tea Party. I spoke there last year, and they told Pat Boone that he had to bring me back. Pat wants me to talk about our lawsuit and he said there will be more press there this year. Last year I met Andrew Brietbart in Beverly and he videoed the speech and put it on his website and asked me to be on his show. Both my video and my interview with him is on his website.

The Drudge Report is also looking at the lawsuit and it is on several black websites already. So things are going better than we expected. So far the mainstream media has ignored it. But when we finish with this case, they will never call Tea Party people racist again, nor will Maxine Waters tell them to go to hell.

I am now sending everyone a PDF copy of the legal brief. If people will start writing the court and just simply say that as citizens of the United States they strongly support this case, it can make all the difference in the world. So I hope different groups will start a letter writing campaign. After this lawsuit everyone will know the real history of the Democratic Party and they will ask: If they don’t want to issue an apology they must be proud of what they did to blacks.

So Connie, thank your for sending the Press Release to Rush, Hannity and Palin.
People are praying for this case all over America.

Rev. Wayne Perryman

More from Rev. Perryman…

Dear Friends:

According to movie star and singer, Pat Boone, Rev. Wayne Perryman, will be one of the featured speakers at Pat’s Beverly Hill Tea Party on Sunday September 18th. Pat said members of his Tea Party committee overwhelmingly ask that he bring Perryman back this year after his inspirational speech last year. Andrew Brietbart was in the audience and immediately asked Rev. Perryman to be a guest on his show. Perryman’s speech and interview are featured on Brietbart’s website.

Rev. Perryman who is the lead Plaintiff in the class-action lawsuit against President Obama and the Democratic Party (for their past racist practices), will focus his speech around Maxine Waters’ demand that the Tea Party “Go to Hell”. Perryman has been a featured speaker at many other Tea Party events around the country including the large Tea Party rally in Phoenix, Arizona after the passage of their controversial immigration law.

Pat Boone said this year’s event will have much larger crowds and more media coverage than the previous year. Perryman’s book: “the Drama of Obama Regarding Racism,’ will be available after the speech.

For those interested we have attached a PDF copy of the legal brief filed by Perryman on September 12, 2011.

Visit Dr. Perry’s website at: http://www.wayneperryman.com/

Submitted by:
Woody Hertzog
WA State Coordinator
Tea Party Patriots

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25 thoughts on “Blacks file Class Action Racial Discrimination Suit Against Obama & Democrats

  1. Cliff Rowe

    Bless you! Praise the Lord for this turn of events! May God continue to lead you upon this path,peace be with you,AMEN…!

  2. Steve Coll

    If the truth will set you free then maybe we’ll soon be able to say “free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, we are free at last”

  3. John Ford

    I am white, so I have no real idea what it is like to be black in the USA. But here is what I do know. The Democrats have been brutalizing blacks for 160 years in this country, maybe longer. I vote Republican here in Massachusetts, and am Republican, because I know my history. I could never in a 1000 years vote for a party that has for so long ruined lives like the Dems have, and who are the textbook definition of HYPOCRASY.

    I have been called a racist repeatedly simply because I hate Obama and the Democrats, I have been called a liar when I stated MLK was a Republican, repeatedly,and I have even been called wrong when I stated it was the Republicans who were the abolitionists in the Civil War, not the Democrats ( oh yes all true )and I think this lawsuit is the best thing since sliced bread.

    Finally the sleazy know it all high and mighty white liberal aholes are gonna have to fess up and admit to what they are, secret racist weirdos who have been a huge part of the problem with race in this country, and who have to every degree ruined this country in so many ways. Bottom line – everyone would have been much better off if there never were a Democratic party. Note to all Black people – wake the F up and stop voting Democrat you morons

  4. ryder

    Google in; albert pike, jesuit de smet, brigham young

    It will show who was behind the slavery and how the 14th amendment made slaves of all men and women on this planet.

    Also; one-evil.org

    May the Divine Creator bless you. We Love You

  5. Mike Rice

    Thank you Rev. Perryman from a white Vietnam veteran who has lived and fought side by side with my black brethern and, later in life, as an employer was only concerened about qualifications. Hopefully the truth will come out nation wide so we can continue to move forward as people of God regardless of color. God bless you for your efforts.

  6. Trusader

    I have heard Rev. Perryman speak and I like what he says. This lawsuit is a blessing and of course I will forward all this information to my email list.

    I WILL NOT GIVE obama credit for what he has done because his agenda is for an evil purpose and ill gotten gains for himself and all his ilk. HE HAS AND STILL IS PLUNDERING AMERICA. You can’t right the wrongs of the past by blowing into town and stealing from people that are earning what they receive and give to those that would rather lay up and go to the mail box for their


  7. Michael C Teniente

    Come on, man. Republicans believe in freedom and individual responsibility. Democrats believe in giving money to the poor to keep them uneducated just like the Democrats describe in this article.

    mike t.

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  9. T. Skinner

    Unbelievable. Completely idiotic. If only “people” would come together collectively for something that REALLY matters, like education, World Peace, etc.! Where was all this foolishness eight years prior? SMH at how EASILY people buy into such ludicy. Here is a PERFECT example of the “crab in the barrel” syndrome. With this, DIVISION is apparent ONCE AGAIN, where “they” can now use this stupidity as a platform to position another “elephant” in the “White House.” Wake up people, seriously. So damn tired of people SELF PROMOTING in the name of “righteousness,” “equality” and here, “racism.” Geez.

    1. Dean

      The only difference between the democratic party now and the democratic party of the 1800’s is, in the 1800’s black’s had to pick cotton to get free housing and food, now all they have to do is go and vote.



  11. PJS

    Thank you! It’s about time people realize the democratic party wants people dependent on government so they can get votes-while putting people in a box of rules and bureaucracy. If the high and mighty democrats feel so strongly about helping people they should get out their own checkbooks and help out instead of sipping on champagne and using us as sounding boards for their own egos.

  12. stephen russell

    Awesome, super Love this New Civil War, now how more will join suit.
    IE those OWS in NY etc.
    Rev Sharpton, Obamas preacher etc.
    Make this Naitonal for the world to see.

  13. Onaroll

    Were it not for Facebook, the Internet Blogs and Fox Cable News there would be little awareness of what has really gone on in US history. It is alleged that the fall of the Soviet system was largely the result of information disseminated by fax machines. Hopefully the exposing of our lawless and deceitful democrats and complicit Republicans will continue with honest and courageous efforts such as this one.

  14. Rosie Lyons

    I am a 72 year old African-American Negro, who was born and raised in the South, and therefore did experience, as well as, endure the days of the signs of “Colored and White”. I am also familiar with the history of America’s enslavement of the Africans, as well as African-Americans, and do believe that that era of America’s history should be brought to the forefront, by way of discussions, which will open a pathway to the heart of America; for unless one’s heart is changed, then the labor will only cause resentment in some, and offend others.

    So while I agree that the past should be resolved, I am against the way, in which it is being presented: For laws harden the heart, but love softens the heart. This I will leave with you: even though there was much pain and suffering in the birth of the African-American race of people; had it not been for America’s slavery, the African-American race of people, would not exist. Think about it!

  15. Rosie Lyons

    How sad it is that we condemn men and women, of today, for what was done by men and women in times past: Even the Lord judges on a one on one bases. Not even a family can all be judged by the conduct of one family member. Jesus, himself, said “I come not to condemn the world”
    Jesus had 12 diciples; one betrayed him, but he did not cast down the other eleven for the conduct of one. But this I will say, unless we have enough of the love of God, in our heart, to forgive , forget, and move on to another level of thinking, we will continue pass this seed, of condemnation, to the next generation and they on to the next.
    None of us can undo what has already been done, no matter what we do or say; but what we can do is show love one to the other today, so that tomorrows generation will dare to be better.
    And this I say, unto you, Had not God permitted the enslavement of our African ancestor’s, the African-American Negro would not exist. So don’t blame man, if you are angry, be angry with God, and take him to court: for man’s steps are ordered by God, and not by himself.

  16. sam

    Hi Rev sam. God be thy will de done. Iam a lawyer a lawyer said he be done. Rifgt on lavender siad me the onther…my myself be they done

  17. Carolyn Williams

    I am hurt and appauled. I read something years ago about the Democratic Party and I could never understand why African American’s in Mississippi did not like Democrats. You have have opened a door for educating myself on the history of the Democratic Party. One thing in particular that stood out on what you said and that was we vote democrat and yet job loss and the unemployment rates are still high. I can’t stop crying because in my heart, I know its the truth. It’s true that we can’t remove the past, but the past is now and have always been the present. Thank you for your knowledge and your insight and please know I will pass this along to friends, family and aquaintances.

  18. Meredith B.

    Great read! I would really like to know what the outcome of this. I find it appalling that Obama can run around the world apologizing for conflicts that the U.S. has rightly been in but yet he refuses to apologize for the harm to blacks by his own party. My husband and I are always amazed how blacks call Republicans & Tea Party patriots racist or that if you oppose Obama your labeled racist. We are black and didn’t vote for Obama in 2008. We are proud conservatives! I plan to share this with many!

  19. Lee

    If only enough people had read your writings, and listened to what you had to say, we would not have made such a grave mistake on Nov. 6. There will be many, many, who will pay dearly for this re-election. The fact they had the nerve to use ‘back in chains’ to drive fear into the black communities, it’s beyond comprehension when you know the truth.

  20. karma4ubaby!

    Dave Mercer is a minion that greases the wheels of the Clinton garbage buggy- This guy would lie to you if his life DID depend on it! By ‘backing down’ to de-escalate his phone being taken from him, the criminals saw this as one thing, WEAKNESS! I truly hope marvelous super Dave learned a lesson here.. It’s that common criminals only respond with MORE violence if placated. Hence, the violence in Chicago… No guns? Great! Let the crimes run ramshod over the IDIOTS that let the democratic slime machine neuter each citizen there… Hope super Dave can give our King some advice… then again, with > than 20% of his monarchy left, I seriously doubt he’ll change.. too prideful. Why can’t democrats ever “EVOLVE” into a common sense solution? Good luck super dave! After ‘The Billary’ wheels fall off, I’m sure u can score a job at 7-11 as a security consultant. .. Karma baby! WALOAO!!! ;)!


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