Eye on the Border: August 29, 2011

Judge puts hold on immigration law
Alabama’s toughest-in-the-nation crackdown is temporarily put on hold for additional review. (Read Full Story)

Immigration Dispute Has Constitutional Undertones
Facing a difficult reelection climate, and frustrated by the inability of his party to move immigration reform legislation through the Congress, Obama has decided to simply ignore existing federal law requiring deportation of illegal aliens in custody. He has decreed that hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who would otherwise be subject to mandatory deportation, will be permitted to stay in the United States; including many illegals currently enrolled in schools. (Read Full Story)

Campaign 2012: Where do Republican Candidates Stand on Illegal Immigration?
STAND??? They are probably ALL sitting down… (Read Full Story)

Border Watchlisting a Decade after 9/11
While the 10-year anniversary of the September 11 attacks looms, the intelligence community continues to fill the gaps that remain in supporting the border law enforcement community in curbing terrorist travel. (Read Full Story)

Obama Cheered by Illegal Immigrant Advocates, But They Want More
Obama announced that he was curtailing deportations of illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrant proponents say that is not enough. (Read Full Story)

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