Alexander Hamilton’s True Identity

So, you think that you know your American History! How many of you were taught this bit of history? How did this truth alter the direction of the newly founded Republic? And you REALLY believe that Ron Paul will change the course of history? Wake up!!! (Ed.)

Hamilton was a rat from the get go. His real name was Alexander Levine; the son of a Jew named John Michael Levine and a mulatto named Rachel Faucitt. Alex was stigmatized as a “bastard” rather than acknowledge his Negro and Jewish ancestry. That’s why Aaron Burr killed him in a duel because Burr constantly chided Hamilton and finally slapped him in the face with his gloves that started the duel. He (Hamilton) was the one that cajoled Washington into accepting the First Bank of America when the Constitution forbade banking by the United States. Alex was groomed at age 15 when he was sent back to Europe from the Isle of Neveus, to be trained in banking by the Bank of England, and the Rothchilds, knowing that he would be Washington’s aid, as Secretary, when the con job was put into place. So Forbes and all these modern day higher ups either are totally ignorant of history or are still conning the people today .

Alexander Levine

Even back then the election process was rigged and votes really counted for nothing. To top it off Hamilton embezzled so much money from the Bank, in which he put himself as Treasurer, that the bank was going under and he was charged, just Like Paulson and all today. However Hamilton did correct all the private banking stealing . When that fiasco was cleared up, the private banking cartel, they as private banks, started looting again. Just like the private Federal Reserve is doing now. Congress does not control the Federal Reserve. See section 10.3 and Section 10.4 of the Federal Reserve Act as amended thru to 1961.

The US Supreme Court sustained the evasions and sided with the banks. Why not, as Chief Justice Marshall owned much more in the stocks than he did when he first bought 3700 shares in that private banking. From 1817 to 1823 Nicholas Biddle took over and again let the private banks control the US and State banks to steal even more money from the depositors. This is why Andrew Jackson vetoed the third private banks charter and that is why the government in 1841 created a real bank and it dealt in gold and silver only.

Oh, there is much more I am not telling, Such as this private bank was the fiscal agent of the Pope. The Pope, through this private banking cartel, rules America and all the Banks, and that started back in the year 1215. The Private Bank of England again gained control in 1913 when the Federal Reserve, a branch of the Exchequer gained control and operated along with the real banks. That started the flood of Private bank notes called the Federal Reserve note. At first they had to print their notes payable in gold and silver. In 1921 they abolished the real US bank and you all know what happened from then to the present. Congress, the real criminals, allowed this when they abdicated their control of making sure the real money, gold and silver, was the constitutional mainstay of this country. In fact, when this country was in dire straits in 1929 it was because the money deposited, mostly gold and silver of the people, was used on bad business deals in Europe and caused the crash.

Andrew Jackson

The Federal Reserve created legislation for President Hoover to sign which he refused, saying it was unconstitutional to call the people the ‘enemy’ for simply wanting their money back. They wrote into the Trading With The Enemy Act that the people of America were to be classed as the “enemy” of the banking cartel; and, for that the banks were closed for 6 days when the Criminal Congress was asked by Roosevelt to implement this by the War Powers Act, just as Washington did in 1792. This draft legislation licensed the private banks so they could deal with the American enemy. Little does the mass of people know that a Jewish Immigrant by the name of van Rosenvelt, [who you now know as the Roosevelt’s], that his Grandfather, President Grant, was the closest relative of Franklin D., who was the one that used the war powers to further enslave the American people. Today you have the same, only worse, as Paulson, is NOT, I repeat NOT the Secretary of any US Treasury as it was abolished in 1921. He is the Governor of the IMF running what they call a DEPARTMENT of TREASURY when it has not a blessed thing to do with the United States and State’s banks.

We are right back in worse shape now, controlled by foreign powers, as the Private IRS is controlled by this Governor of the IMF and THE BANK. The Income tax is a fraud on the people to suck even more money from them which goes directly to the private banking cartel today. The age old saying that “Knowledge is Freedom” rings hollow because the ignorant masses have no clue what is happening. The $700 billion bail out is to protect the likes of Paulson, Bernanke and from the President to Congress for trashing the Constitution parameters that were already destroyed by the 55 members of Congress, Hamilton and G. Washington in 1792, when allowing the private Bank of England to take control of he money.

Rat Paul

I had asked Ron Paul if he would abolish and repeal 12 Stat 319, 12 U.S.C. 95 a & b, and he said absolutely not. These two statutes control the “enemy”. That’s us folks. We have been indentured slaves because the slaves never look back in history to try to hold the criminals feet to the fire. Congress does not represent the masses called US or State citizens. They represent the private corporations called United State and States. Lysander Spooner was dead on point when he wrote The Constitution of No Authority and explained why no one in America is represented by the criminals calling them selves representatives of you and me and Joe the Plumber and Sally Homemaker. There is no sense in saying to the American , “Wake up”. They are too brain dead. They are too brain washed with the lies that have been driven into their heads since the day they were born as this quote explains what I am saying “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic” – Dresden James

Since Congress is powerless to stop this, there is only one way to stop it. Every one of the masses has to get totally out of banking or suffer what they are going through forever with the controlled private IRS stealing your labor and the foreign powers controlling you forever. Now that is a peaceful solution. Don’t water the garden and it dries up, shrivels and dies.

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Additional Reference & Commentary:
None of the Founding Fathers came from such unpromising origins: three years before the American Revolution, Hamilton was an illegitimate orphan working in the Virgin Islands as a merchant’s clerk. Few achieved as much as he did in such a compact career. Hamilton held his first important public office (colonel on George Washington’s staff) when he was 20 years old, and retired from his last one (Inspector General of the army) when he was 43. None suffered such a spectacular death — shot in a duel by the Vice President of the United States. Hamilton overcame huge odds, left behind ideas and institutions that have lasted for centuries, and never quite escaped the shadows of his past.

Hamilton’s youth was filled with anomalies. The future American was a native West Indian, born on the British island of Nevis and raised on the Danish island of St. Croix. His father, James Hamilton, was Scottish; his mother, Rachel Faucett, was of Huguenot ancestry. They were not married. The islands’ sugar industry, worked by slaves, produced enormous wealth, which Hamilton viewed only at a distance, from his lowly position as a clerk. In 1773 benefactors sent him to New York to be educated. There, his life took a dramatic turn.

Alexander Hamilton was born on Nevis and raised on St. Croix in the Caribbean – islands made rich by sugar and slaves.

Source: Alexander Hamilton Exhibition

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18 thoughts on “Alexander Hamilton’s True Identity

  1. hippybiker

    Like Henry Clay and Dishonest Abe after him, Hamilton was a confirmed British Mercantilist. IE:Government control over everything economic. Hey! Don’t we have something like that infesting OUR white house now?

  2. Blechard Raymond

    Pardon the correction, sir but Alexander Hamilton’s real name was Alexander Levinski. Please get your facts straight before posting such nonsense. Hamilton is a name used purely to hide his Jew heritage and desire to take over the new land of freedom. Levinski was also a documented pedophile, burglar and consumer of marijuana. He secretly planned to control the new world via banking connections and using fluoride to poison our water. He was clearly in favor of children being vaccinated (a known plot to control our minds) and he did not like American food. So much misinformation is out there about this man. You have got most of it wrong. You have most of it entirely too supportive of this rogue who wanted to destroy the very nation he wanted to support. Thanks for trying. Get your facts straight

  3. Mrs. S

    And you, Blechard Raymond, you scoundrel, speak with even less authority! Alexander Hamilton (born Zoolglub Gravulak) was a shape-shifting alien lizard from the planet Krakenwheelawheelo, in the galaxy Stephen, some good many miles from Earth. It is well known that he had advanced plans to introduce the metric system to America thus enslaving it forever to the Merovingian kings of France and their chums, the Rothschilds. Aaron Burr deserves to be canonized for his brave actions and we should recall his sacrifice everytime we start complaining about how many yards there are in a mile.

  4. me

    From what I’d heard, Alexander Hamilton was born out of wedlock in the West Indies to presumably white Christian parents. His mother tried to enroll him at the local Catholic school but they refused him as he was born out of wedlock. And so she enrolled him instead at a local Jewish school, and the Jewish community of the area accepted the family. So which means that even if Hamilton was not himself Jewish or of Jewish blood, he was still basically reared in a Jewish community. The rest is history, of course; he became the first Secretary of the Treasury and was adamant about establishing a privately-owned central bank, even though Washington and many others were weary of the idea (but still ultimately accepted it, for some reason, though with a limited-time charter).

  5. Margaret Watson

    There are so many inaccuracies in this commentary that it’s difficult to know where to
    begin. Rachel left Johann long before her two illegitimate sons were born.
    Presumably James Hamilton was the father of at least one. Someone else may
    have been Alexander’s father, perhaps Thomas Stevens, the successful merchant
    who adopted Alexander after his mother’s death. Alexander’s birth was not the
    issue that led to the duel with Burr. Hamilton knew something about the unprincipled
    Burr (something despicable), and Burr shot him to keep him quiet.
    This commentary is not reliable in the least.

  6. A

    Well written save a few facts.
    The vatican Bank was taken over in the 1820s by J EWish interests via Napoleon who worked for them.
    Goldman Sachs is now the managing partner and director of the Vatican Bank.

    J EWs were released from their caged ghettos in the Napoleonic and Masonic French Revolution.
    The world hasnt been the same since.

  7. Mimi

    Thank you. Just thank you. I was starting to think there was a small group of people that believed this. Im hoping you take the slander everyone says with pity as I do. Keep giving out the truth and dont let THEM stop you.

  8. Sorgfelt

    A search led me to this article with all of the comments, after wanting to verify things claimed by Judge Dale. Here is a link to the only article that actually contains enough historical detail to pull all of this together:

    Basically, Lavien/Levine/Levinsky was Alexander’s mother’s abandoned Jewish husband, but his biological father was James Hamilton, a Scotsman, the man she was living with at the time. Because he was illegitimate, Alexander was rejected by the Catholic school and instead educated in a private school run by a Jewish woman. Alexander’s mother may have been partly black.

  9. Bearer of Truth

    From actual Jewish sources for the Island where he was born states a few facts and a rumor.
    If you read the sources those supposed Dutch and Portuguese and possibly the the majority of the Huguenots as well, were in fact all Jews, the book clearly states that as well. They were the same Pirates of the Caribbean and the Slave Merchants, they were always accused of awful behavior and never defended their behavior only accused people of antisemitism, some things never change. Through all the turmoil of wars in the Caribbean they always remained and prospered in bad situations by pitting their enemies against each other. Read “The Jewish Nation of the Caribbean: The Spanish-Portuguese Jewish Settlements in the Caribbean and the Guianas”
    They were committing Piracy running an illegal slave trade with Charleston, SC Newport,RI and New York and Philadelphia. They were cutting small pieces off of coins like skimming off the top.They had a global empire with agents worldwide. The books shows their name changes, locations and areas they colonized or controlled.

  10. Lila Harrison

    Oh my…the “success” of this production is based mostly on a possibility Mr. Hamilton might have been of some partial ‘black’ descent? No wonder it was invited to obamas whitehouse…and made it to broadway…oh dear oh dear…so much more greatness to this great American…focus all out of focus here…I saw it in NYC…zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. jim stevens

    Yas mam Miss Lila. You sho duz undastand yoseff som stuf!! Dem blak foks in dat wite house luvz dem som A. Hammitun. I is sho glad ya saw it in NY city so you kud feel superior tu us po ignarunt blak foks out chere in da big ol kuntry.

  12. Sean O'Neal

    Whoever Alexander Hamilton was by birth, is not of point. What is important was that he pushed for the National Banking system which was against the Constitution and his personal relationship with the English bankers and Rothschild are well documented.

    Rothschilds, Soros and others are Jewish by heritage and have been involved in financing for centuries. The link to the Pope is true and they are all crooks and have ruined this country.

    It is up to us to change it back.


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