“They? Who the hell is ‘They’?”

The Wild Bunch, Warner Bros., 1969

Pike Bishop: “They set it up.”

Lyle Gorch: “They”? Who in the hell is “they?”

Sykes: [laughs hysterically] “They”? Why, ‘they’ is the plain and fancy ‘they’, that’s who “they” is! Caught you, didn’t they? Tied a tin can to your tail. Led you in and waltzed you out again. Oh my, what a bunch! Big tough ones, huh? Here you are with a handful of holes, a thumb up your ass, and a big grin to pass the time of day with. They? Who the hell is “they?”

….in other words, make sure you get their names while its happening to you, so when the time comes, you don’t have to keep hunting for them the rest of your life…

7 thoughts on ““They? Who the hell is ‘They’?”

  1. Osh

    ..without a doubt the best post I’ve seen on your website Jeff! I do believe Freddie there was played by Edmond O’Brien.

  2. hippybiker

    From the left….Ben Johnson RIP….Warren Oats RIP…..William holden Rip….Ernie Borgnine….Alive and well.

  3. Cindy

    Look at timeframe this movie was made (50s or 60s) and how relative the fight they portrayed is on-going today 2011! I always say Hollywood talks to us; we just need to be listening!


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