Death of a Lion: Aaron Zelman, RIP

I just learned that Aaron Zelman, founder, guiding spirit, and chief cook and bottle washer of Jews for the Preservation of Firmarms Ownership died, more than a week ago.

I woke up this morning to a reader’s letter, passed along by BHM’s webmaster, Oliver. I could hardly believe it. Then I found the above-linked mini-obituary that sadly says so little of the man. There should be so much more! I hope there will soon be tributes all over the ‘Net.

Aaron and I worked together for seven years. I admired him and even though he could be crazy-making at times, he had one of the most creative minds I’ve ever encountered and he was unfailingly a gentleman and a gentle-spoken man. He created a unique niche in the gun-rights movement and I hope JPFO can continue without him.

Aaron was born with Marfan Syndrome, which can cause a host of related problems, some potentially fatal. I don’t know what he died from, but between that and his Type-A, hard-driving nature, it’s not surprising, though it’s shocking and tragic, that he died so young. Rather, I tell myself it shouldn’t be surprising. Yet Aaron was such a powerful personality, it’s hard to think of him being extinguished.

Published December 29, 2010, at Backwood Home

NOTE: It was my pleasure to have worked with Aaron in the late 1990’s while a continuing activist for 2nd Amendment rights. I was privileged to have had him not only as a guest on my radio program, but served for a short time as producer of his program as well. Aaron’s dedication to Truth will be missed. (JB)

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3 thoughts on “Death of a Lion: Aaron Zelman, RIP

  1. Hugh Frost

    This country owes much to people like Aaron, he counters the other type of liberal, anti-second amendment, anti-constitutional Jew we see and hear from way too much. Baruch Dayan Emet.

  2. hippybiker

    If you didn’t know Aaron, at least read one of his greatest additions to the
    gun rights fight, a little(BIG)book called “Dial 911 And Die.” And yes, he will be greatly missed. hippybiker

  3. Louis Turner

    We all need to remember those people with gifted personalities that possess the ability to reach out and touch individuals from all walks of life – and also with the patriotic ability to cross each and every conscience regardless of religious preference and bringing Freedom into an arena of – relationship that rings with Liberty and truth, tempered with justice and mercy for all. Aaron Zelman was such that person – gifted in an ability to grab those words of the old parchment, and bring them to life producing a wellspring of tempered diligence and a deep appreciation to our nations Second Amendment values. He will be sorely missed – but only a spark remains. Will we, as a nation, take that spark of life and light the candles of deep-seated freedom, or will we give way to a new world order? Time will tell, but many others will take up the torch and light the way that we all may give thanks to Jesus Christ with eternal vigilance to preserving our second amendment freedoms.


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