Ashurst: Border Manifesto #5

Several weeks ago in the small town of San Lorenzo, Chihuahua a gang of thugs connected to one of Mexico’s large Drug Cartels entered a country dance and abducted a 17-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl and disappeared into the night. The next day the severed heads of these two local kids showed up on the window sill of a local café, and the two bodies were deposited in the town square. The two victims had done nothing to their killers, but rather were picked at random in another arrogant exhibition of the outlaw’s reign of terror.

This incident being another reminder to the local people that anarchy rules and anyone opposed to terror and sickening acts of violence beware because law enforcement doesn’t exist and common decency is a thing of the past. There is a story, virtually every day, coming out of the border area of gross acts of violence being committed against innocent people, and increasingly these acts are committed north of the border on U.S. soil.

~ The Author ~

Recently in Douglas, AZ (after the signing of SB 1070 and Obama’s massive onslaught against Arizona’s law makers and law enforcement) vehicles are being seen with signs that read “I’m A Mexican. Arrest Me” written on them, usually in graffiti style with spray paint. These signs in my opinion go hand in hand with protest signs seen on TV at rallies being held to protest SB 1070 and the Arizonan’s who agree with the law. Another common denominator seen at these events are numerous people waving the Mexican flag, screaming anti-American rhetoric while being led on and cheered by politicians like Raul Grijalva, Barack Obama, and Eric Holder.

I’ve spent my entire life in Arizona and the southwestern states and in those years I’ve known and been friends with first class people with names like Garcia, Camarillo, Hernandez, Rodriguez, and Gonzales. I never thought of these people as being any different than the Jones or Smiths. To me they were Americans just like me and I’m sure they felt the same. Obama has inspired a new wave of anti-American sentiment from people like himself who have an axe to grind with traditional America going right down to the very constitution itself. These people, who arrogantly wave Mexican flags to protest SB 1070 and drive around proclaiming “Arrest Me. I Am A Mexican,” are an insult to all the patriotic individuals with Hispanic surnames who have contributed so much to our Nation. They have no more in common with each other than Louis Farrakhan does with Michael Jordan. The protesters all claim to want equality and say they shouldn’t be judged by the color of their skin. I agree; ignorance is color blind.

We are wandering around in a state of confusion getting nothing but mixed messages and false propaganda from Washington D.C. Let me give you some facts to ponder: In the last several years over 28,000 people have been murdered in Mexico by Narco Terrorists, most of them within less than 100 miles of the U.S. border. The total number of Palestinians killed in the conflict between Israel and Palestine since 1947 is 7506. About one third the number of dead Mexicans resulting from the drug war currently being waged in Mexico. If you add to the number of dead Palestinians, the total number of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2003 (5700) the total is still less than half of those dying due to the violence happening in Mexico in the last several years.

Taken in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Douglas, AZ, July 8, 2010, by a southern Arizona rancher.

Since I was a child countless American boys have been sent off to die on some foreign soil in wars that presidents always say are to protect the U.S. and further the cause of freedom. All wars have a common denominator. Borders. Vietnam was a border war whether you want to think of it that way or not. American boys were sent over there by Democratic Presidents J.F.K. and Lyndon Johnson to keep comunisium over there. We fought in Kuwait because Iraq invaded their Border.

Obama and every other president we’ve had for several decades can’t wait to put their two cents in concerning Israel’s Border. The novel idea of staying at home and minding their own business never occurs to politicians like Obama. Now that would be, “Change we could believe in.” Members of the liberal media who are willing to lie to protect him don’t want you to know, but thousands of non-Mexican illegal aliens have been apprehended coming across the Mexican border. That means many more thousands are not being apprehended. These numbers include Iraqis, Saudis, Chinese, Russians, and Libyans. Our own government has known for years that Mexico’s Narco Terrorist have an ever growing relationship with Hamas, Hezbollah and other Islamic extremists. But who does Barack Obama choose to fight? Larry Dever, Paul Babeau, Joe Arpaio and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.

When you add this to the fact that in less than 24 months Barack Obama has increased the national debt by 30% with no end in sight, you have to think that perhaps America is lacking in sound leadership. Barack Obama’s only qualifications to hold public office were that he had edited a college newspaper, and had been a very successful riot organizer for Acorn. I think we need an amendment to the constitution which would state that no individual could hold the Office of President of the United States unless he/she had spent some time as a soldier on the front lines with bullets screaming past his/her head and he/she had been the manager of a money making business for a minimum of 10 years.

Therein lays the problem: America should be run as a business, a successful business. We are currently operating in the red in virtually every category. We fight wars with no end in sight with victory not being the objective, squandering our most sacred asset – our own young men and women. We have absolutely no, energy policy, being held hostage by the Moslem world while ignoring petroleum resources of our own, because elitist snobs like Al Gore suck up thousands of gallon of fuel flying around preaching Global Warming. Our national debt is so staggering that the people we borrow money from are concerned. Our politicians passed an unwanted Healthcare Bill making sure that their own health insurance would be better than the Bill they have imposed upon us. The IRS taxes the hard working, producing people of America while being administered by a fraud by the name of Tim Geithner who himself is guilty of tax evasion. We have a President who has publicly stated in his book, Audacity, that when push comes to shove he will side with the Moslem world regardless of the consequences to American citizens or Israel who at one time was considered to be an ally.

Our constitution gives authority to our elected officials to establish, supply, and support a militia to repel any invasion to our soil. And yet the cowards and morons in the Senate and Congress ignore (many aren’t even aware of) the gross violence and unfathomable invasion taking place along the Mexican border. The entire world goes to youtube and laughs hilariously at us as they watch the numerous videos being posted showing outlaws packing guns and drugs deep into American territory, while Janet Napalitano goes on TV and announces the border is safer than ever. Barack Obama and Eric Holder work franticly to get a lawsuit filed against Arizona Sheriffs and the Governor who are trying to keep the state from turning into anarchy.

As Obama hurriedly leaves the Whitehouse he pauses long enough in front of the camera to assure the sleeping masses that the stimulus package will eventually work (he also mentions his latest revelation: George W. Bush is to blame for the 1917 flu epidemic) and then he hurries off to catch a plane. He has a conference to attend in some far off place like Cairo or Istanbul or Berlin, after all his wisdom is needed to resolve some border issue between Israel and Palestine or perhaps Afghanistan and Pakistan. He has the answers, if you don’t believe it, just ask him.

Meanwhile at home an acquaintance of mine has a nephew in the National Guard who heard his company was going to be deployed in the near future. There was a rumor that perhaps they would be sent to the Arizona border, part of the paltry few that Obama has promised (as of yet they have not arrived). The young man told his family he preferred being sent to Afghanistan. Astounded they asked, “Why? Why would you want to be sent so far away?” His reply, “At least there I will be able to shoot back.”

Ed Ashurst
Apache, Arizona

Submitted to the Federal Observer, by the author for publication.

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4 thoughts on “Ashurst: Border Manifesto #5

  1. minute-man




    bahhhh baaaaaaaaaaah bahhhhhhh

    And Residen’ NObama is a MASTER at it. They love him

    Why he’s not even ‘black, -he’s just a make-a-belieeve black.

    He’s more Arab than anything else…. baaaaaah baaaaaah baaaaaaaaa

  2. hippybiker

    Any one who hasn’t read them, needs to read the Illuminati by Larry Burkett and the Turner Diaries by William Pierce. Although they are both works of fiction, they show a strange parallel to what is taking place in the world right now! Watch out White Man! hb

  3. carl inWis

    There is only ONE answer to border violation = BULLETS!
    The Gov sghould declare martial law, call up a domestic militia { not subject to Feds} and inform the central govt of their Constitutional curbs and setup armed watches at all eentrances to the state to stop ALL Fed encroachment. To hell w/ Fed handouts! They only bankrupt the Nation and eat up 2/3rds + of taxes.
    AND == dont forget = the NGO “Fed Reserve” [ private & never been audited!] does NOT support our Govt, only pays the moneychangers interest on our fraudulent nat. debt!
    I’ve been screaming about this central bank fraud for 50 yrs. [ I’m 88 yrs ]


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