Ashurst: A Border Manifesto #3

Many of us who live here near the border with Mexico have been saying for some time that the illegal alien situation has reached the crisis level. We wait and hope for some kind of benevolent and hopeful message from our President and his Administration, but get no kind words.

As I’ve said before, since Rob Krentz’s death there has been no statement from the Administration to the Krentz family. But there have been many derogatory remarks about the racist Arizona people, Governor Brewer and SB1070. The vilification coming from Washington toward the people in AZ has been astounding. I believe this is deliberate and falls into Obama’s adherence to what has become known as the “Cloward-Piven Strategy.”

Put into one sentence the Cloward-Piven Strategy is forcing change through orchestrated crises. Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s White House Press Secretary has been quoted saying, “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.” The Obama Administration’s response to the ever growing Narco Terrorist problem on the southern border has been similar in strategy to his response to the problems in our economy, the BP oil spill, and the crisis in our financial institutions. Virtually every crisis Obama has faced has been with the strategy of making sure it gets bigger and better so Big Brother has to step in gaining control of every aspect of America. A key tenet in this Leftist ideology is that the middle class will be too busy and preoccupied with their lives to fight back, or for that matter even notice. I believe that the situation on the border is purposefully being ignored as much as possible until it reaches a boiling point with no solution in sight except amnesty and an open border.

Recently a group of Los Zetas, the most violent Narco Terrorist gang in Mexico, invaded U.S. soil and seized a ranch north of Laredo in Texas U.S.A. Los Zetas planned on using the ranch as a forward operation base for their smuggling activities. This story was published in Beef Magazine and can also be found on the internet. Texas law enforcement has corroborated this act of terrorism against American citizens on American soil yet nothing has been said in the main stream media or the White House press room.

Here are some facts to ponder: since December of 2006 there have been over 28,000 Narco Terrorist assassinations in Mexico alone, most of these within a few miles of the U.S. border. Mexican Cartel Narco Terrorists are killing more people than Al Quaida. Armed Mexican Narco Terrorists have been spotted within 25 miles of my house more than a dozen times in the last 2 years.

President Obama and the anti-gun lobby of the radical left like to blame the U.S. for arming the Mexican Cartels. Actually there is increasing evidence that this isn’t the case. As early as 2007 the National Drug Intelligence Center, an agency of the U.S. Justice Dept., stated in a report that the Mexican Drug Cartels had an increasing relationship with Hamas and Hezbollah, the popular front for the Liberation Of Palestine and other Middle Eastern Moslem Terrorist Organizations. The report said, “Islamic Terrorist Groups are selling Arms to Mexican Drug Trafficking Cartels and collaborating with them to distribute drugs to Europe and the Middle East. The Las Vegas Sun newspaper touched on this in an article on 8/20/2010.

There are also several articles to this effect found on the internet and yet the main stream media, in their usual style has given Obama a free pass allowing him to blame the U.S. and advance his anti-gun agenda. Common sense will tell you that the Mexican Drug Cartels with their multibillion dollar income and world-wide connections, coupled with an unlimited supply of U. S. enemies with guns to sell, have no need to rely on the U.S. for arms.

Volumes have been written about the corruption in Mexico. The culture of mordido (bribery) is deeply ingrained not only in local government but all the way to the President himself. In light of that, one has to wonder what Calderon will do with all the Aid being promised to him by Obama. Will U.S. tax dollars be filtered down from Calderon through various government agencies into the army and finally to the Cartels themselves? This idea is not as far fetched as it seems. In any case, in my opinion giving Aid to a country as corrupt and chaos ridden as Mexico is a poor investment at best. Promoting propaganda that implies a few smuggled arms going south from the U.S. into Mexico is arming the Drug Cartels is dishonest, and contradictory of government intelligence. Blaming the US. for something it really isn’t guilty of- does that sound familiar? Change through orchestrated chaos!

The country of Mexico has collapsed. I hear reports weekly of another ranch that has been seized by Drug Cartels. There have been entire towns along the Rio Grande seized. The good people being either murdered or run out and the towns turned into forward operating bases for smuggling activities. Just in the last 2 weeks I learned of a man with dual citizenship (U.S. and Mexican) who owned a large ranch and farm in Mexico. The Cartel told him to get out so he sold his ranch to them and deposited the money in a Mexican bank. Then he came north to Arizona and made a down payment on a ranch here but before escrow closed his Mexican Banker was murdered by Cartel assassins. Because of this, his money is tied up and he can not complete the purchase of the AZ ranch. He is now in limbo – no money, no ranch, no income and no where to go. I am acquainted with several people who know this man and I believe this story is true. Many wealthy families of good character have left Mexico, some to the United States, many to Europe, to escape the death and destruction that plagues their homeland. But the poor are stuck and it’s cooperate or die.

Recently Barack Obama invited Mexican President Calderon to Washington and gave him the opportunity to deride the tax paying, law abiding citizens of Arizona over the passing of SB1070 by the AZ Legislature. Imagine, President Calderon berating and insulting American citizens while his own country is collapsing in a shambles of corruption, with the good and honest people of Mexico being murdered and their property stolen by a multitude of thugs. But there President Calderon stood in Congress for all the world to see being applauded by Obama and all the Democrats present. This scene in Congress is unprecedented in American history; a sitting American President applauding the leader of a failed and corrupt foreign State while he verbally takes the whip to American citizens. Every politician who applauded should be thrown out of office. Obama’s actions of inviting Calderon, and then applauding his address to Congress was the worse betrayal of the American people in our country’s history and if treason is too harsh an accusation it is certainly looking off into that abyss.

~ The Author ~

Where do we go from here? I’m no Prophet but I think its naïve to the point of stupidity to think that the anarchy that now pervades Mexico will not become increasingly present north of the Mexican border. Indeed the entire focus of the outlaws who now rule Mexico is on the United States (considering the anarchy that has permeated Mexico, its hard for me to recognize Calderon’s so called leadership). All eyes, all guns and all the drugs are pointed north. The only thing going south is your money. If the current way we are NOT handling this problem continues things are sure to get bigger but not better.

When you couple this with Obama’s radical drift to the left and away from what should be considered right from wrong: an unconstitutional Healthcare Bill that the majority of Americans don’t want, the setting aside of $5 billion of Medicaid money for Florida Sen. Ben Nelson’s slush fund, the $20 billion compensation fund Obama forced BP to set up which will be administered by Obama cronies, a Cap and Trade Law that will stifle industry and ruin the private enterprise system that has made our nation great, Rahm Emanuel’s offer of high ranking jobs to people like Joe Sestak so he will pull out of the race with Arlen Spector, and Mr. Obama’s socialistic ideology seeking to destroy traditional America. He has ignored the constitution which has been the glue holding us together for two centuries.

But there is hope; with God all things are possible. I pray that Americans will wake up and begin to rebel (at the polling place) against this corrupt and intentionally incompetent Administration. I pray that we make our way back to a strict interpretation of our Constitution (not the revisionist interpretation of Obama, Emanuel, and Holder). I pray we realize we need to regain the basic principles of economics that Obama has abandoned. I pray we could go back to the policy of standing by our friends and allies (like Israel) rather than throw them under the bus. I pray that we seal our southern border so that Mexican outlaws can no longer come north and commit terrorist acts against American citizens. Last but not least I pray the American people would be given the ability to smell a skunk when he gets in the chicken house. God bless America.

Ed Ashurst
Apache, AZ

Submitted to the Federal Observer, by the author for publication.

Published originally at Federal“: Republication allowed with this notice and hyperlink intact.

13 thoughts on “Ashurst: A Border Manifesto #3

  1. hippybiker

    Excellent article!! Only one thing to take issue with….Ben Nelson is a Senator from Nebraska, not Florida. hb

  2. Jim Ross Lightfoot

    Ed, there are a lot of us out here that are listening to what you have to say and are more than willing to back you up.

    For example, the ATF has been in an agreement with Mexico for over three years to work together on solving some of the gun running issues along the border and nothing has been done. It’s not because of the agents on the ground, they know what to do and want to do it, however their hands are tied by ATF HQ in DC. No decisions are being made to move forward even though the money and equipment is standing by.

    Mexico has purchased some state of the art technology used in gun crimes. For it to function properly, however, the US needs to purchase a server that will interact with the Mexican equipment. (The US equipment is old and outdated as over the years ATF management has chosen to spend the money designated to the program on new gyms, $70,000 conference tables and other “goodies” for HQ and top management along with other personal agendas) ATF management has had the funding to purchase the server available to them for months but continue to sit on their collective hands.

    Add to this the fact the agency has not had a Director for over five years! We now have a Federal Cruise ship without a Captain and the pirates from within have taken over. Were it not for the dedication of the many agents in the field the agency would have fallen in on itself long before now.

    Now before anyone gets their underwear in a knot because I am speaking in support of an agency that is the whipping child of many individuals and some organizations let me make one thing very, very clear.

    I am a lifetime, endowment member of the NRA. There are many guns in my house and vehicles. I have a concealed to carry permit from the state of Texas and exercise that right on a daily basis.

    There is one common thread between the “good” people in ATF and those of us that own firearms; fair and complete enforcement of existing law against those that misuse firearms and getting the bad actors off the street accrues to the benefit of us all.

    There have been abuses by ATF in the past, and that doesn’t say there won’t be in the future. There is always going to be some zealot that lets his/her gun and badge go to their head and they start enforcing “their” law rather than what is on the books. There are also appropriate ways to deal with these individuals, including removing them from their jobs.

    In Arizona, and all along the SW Border, law enforcement on the ground must be allowed to do their job. Cooperation amongst the various agencies is also important as each entity brings a special skill set to the border.

    As Ed states, the Cloward-Piven Strategy is in full operation in Washington, DC.

    It is a documented fact that Mr. Obama was a student of the Saul Alinsky training program for community organizers. Mr. Alinsky’ taught the way to take over a government is to quietly participate but continue to infiltrate until such time as you can rise up and tear down the current government and replace it with one of your own. They call it “boring in”.

    Feel any holes?

    Ed, you said it all in your last paragraph. We do have an opportunity to turn this mess around, however, if we don’t get the turn started this November we will have some 15 million new voters in 2012 that owe their “freedom” to the skunks in the chicken house.

    Think I will go buy a little more ammo while it is still available.

  3. minute-man


    I have been watching this Federal sell out of the American People since before “the last time”, -1986 when the corrupt few in Congress PROMISED us that their ‘amnesty’ for 6 million “was necessary” and “would be just this one time” and shoved it down our throats.

    GOD Damn LIARS

    NOTHING that these thieves ever does is ‘just once’ LIARS.

    I was born an optimist. These Bastards made me into a cynic.

    And a damn good one if I do say so myself.

    Excellent Article. Excellent. I would like to take the liberty of sending this out amongst my contacts for a wider distribution. Hope you don’t mind sir.

    (yes Ben Nelson is from Nebraska – though I bet those living in that great state sure don’t as hell want to be reminded of that! )

    Thank you for your insight Mr Ashurst, you have managed to sum our “Leaders” complicity very nicely.

    IMHO, they should be all rounded up,..

    tried, and hung on prime-time TV from the largest tree in Washington. .

    Perhaps that might serve as a deterrent for the next batch of “public servants” ?


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  6. hippybiker

    I give you credit for your well meaning intentions Mr. Lightfoot, but must disagree. The NRA has proven to be a sell out since 1968 and the ATF is a rogue and unconstitutional agency that has and continues to harass Gun Owners and Gun Dealers. I know; I was a Gun Dealer and Manufacturer. They have no conception of what “Shall Not Be Infringed and Unalienable” mean. No conception at all! hb

    1. minute-man


      HB :

      “Right or Wrong”, Like it or not,.. the NRA is our ONE and ONLY last best fighter against those who want to CONTROL us by removing our guns and freedom.

      Why? you ask…

      because the NRA is the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ force we have to FIGHT WITH -paying for lawyers and lobbyists to FIGHT the bastards —where they fight—- -in the courts and in Congress.

      Without all of us sticking together against the force of evil,.. we are done for.

      Remember Ben Franklin?
      “We must all hang together, or most assuredly we will all hang separately”

      —–That applies here—– As much now, as it did in 1777

      GOD Bless America


  7. GMA213

    I am struck nearly dumb at the shenanigans I see daily from Barack Obama and his gang of Fellow Travelers. I just have to borrow a phrase I read elsewhere:


  8. Luther

    Cloward-Piven is only one strategy at work in Washington, DC.
    Rules for Radicals, by Saul Alinsky is in full force.
    All include, at one time or the other, the Delphi Technique
    and the Hegelian Dialectic.

    Our mission is to counter-act them; basically by condensing
    and encapsulating them so as to gain mastery over them.
    We know there motives and we can defeat their strategies!

    Develop a circumspect attitude when attending meetings
    and immediately spot an Agent Provocateur! The old adage
    of be close to your friends and closer to your enemies is
    good advice!

    But, let’s be clear here: There are very few Congressmen
    that give a rat’s ass about shutting down the initiatives that
    will invariably cause the ruination of our couintry.

    The ball is in our court. We must surge ahead in the polls
    this Novermber – that’s locally, state-wide, and nationally.
    Discuss these matters with your friends and contacts
    with vehemence as if your very existence depends upon
    it – for- it does!! There is no second place in Victory!

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    1. Pam Long

      The net story of a ranch north of Loredo being taken over by a Mexican drug gang was widely reported to be a fraud. Michelle Malkin, for one, originally picked up the story and commented on it, but later recanted and reported the story to be a fraud.

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  11. Jim Ross Lightfoot

    This story is no fraud. It is being told by a real rancher, in a real situation that is a threat to him and the rest of this country.

    Congratulations to Michelle Malkin for picking up on a false story and then being honest enough to admit she made a mistake. I dare say you will not find that kind of honesty in the so-called mainstream media.

    The really sad and terrifying part is, no one needs to manufacture false stories about the atrocities being committed by illegals and the Federal Government’s choice to sit on their hands and let it happen. Read any Arizona newspaper or better yet, talk to people that live there.

    Just today there was another murder on the border.

    This is going on 24/7 and, in my opinion, all orchestrated by a President and his gang who’s intention is to totally take over this country, tear down its capitalist and religious underpinnings in order to turn it into a government state controlled and operated by a group of elitist politicians.

    It is just that simple.

    Look how the Obama cronies in the media are playing the protest today against the mosque at Ground Point Zero. “Understanding’, “tolerance”, “peace loving” and all the other catch phrases are being used in support of the morgue.

    Study a little history. This is the same rhetoric that was being used prior to WW-II by the Neville Chamberlains of the world and see where that took Great Britain. Winston Churchill was the only one speaking out and in the end he rescued England after it had been brutally damaged by the Germans utilizing the power of the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

    One final word to hippybiker. Thank you for the gentlemanly manner in which you took acceptance with my view on the ATF. This is the way friends agree to disagree. However, when it comes to the really important stuff, I feel very comfortable protecting your “six” and I hope you (and expect) you feel the same way about protecting mine.

    Nobody burns our flag, everyone stands and places their hand over their heart for the playing of the National Anthem, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance is a privilege and should be done at the start of every school day and every public meeting, we pray for our troops everyday and stand at attention when they pass by and tell them “thank you” every opportunity that we get, we are Americans that work hard, speak English, love our God and will not let some elitist left wing zealot take those privileges away.

    This email probably puts me on Janet Napolitano’s list of “terror suspects” because I did serve in the military, do totally disagree with the Obama Doctrine and believe this is still a Christian Nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.


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