Once again, the questions remain. If there is one-single iota of truth to this video, then all of the rest of the elected officialDUMB in Washington, DeCeit are culpable of this grand conspiracy. Before you can remove the Usurper from office you must first remove all from office, who have knowingly, willingly, or by ignorance, refused to address this issue – an issue, which will decide, whether we survice as a Free Republic, or fade to the abyss of the Gulags.

Barry Gordy – NOT Barry Soetoro! (Ed.)

One thought on “Truth MATTERS

  1. Neal

    The only way this info is gonna make a difference is if millions of us so called birthers, take this imposter by force and hold him in jail until he provides the evidence we demand of him. The justice system won’t do it for us as has already been shown.


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