Ewart: What Is The Threshold For Revolution?

ewart_blogSeveral years ago we witnessed a strange and unexpected event between a dog and a cat. A fairly good sized German Shepherd spotted a much smaller, black house cat and broke into a dead run after the cat. The cat, startled by the dog and now instantly charged with adrenalin, struck off down the street as fast as he could go, in a black blur.

Now a dog chasing a cat is hardly news, but it was what the cat did that drastically altered the outcome of the chase. About a few seconds into the chase, the cat, without regard to the consequences, suddenly turned 180 degrees and planted five sharp claws on the dogs nose as the dog, trying to stop, ran into the cat. The dog turned tail and bolted up the street, yelping in pain, as he fled into the distance. The cat simply decided it had had enough and “esplained” it to the dog (bully), by punctuating his message of displeasure with the weapons with which nature had armed him.

The episode brought to mind our current dilemma. The dog (bully government) has been “chasing” the cat (the American people) for the last 80 to 100 years and the “cat” has yet to turn 180 degrees and punctuate its message of displeasure on the “dog”, with the weapons with which nature and our constitution have armed us.

It took over 150 years (1620 to 1775) for the colonials to grow tired of the British government and turn on them, no matter what the consequences. Their brave, courageous and some say fool hardy actions, gave birth to a unique kind of freedom, at great cost. The British were many, heavily armed, outfitted and organized. The colonials were poorly armed and disorganized ….. in reality an unruly, unregulated and untrained militia.tyranny

Throughout the battles and skirmishes during the revolution, many feared that victory would never be theirs to celebrate and defeat would come with even greater injustices, intimidation and retribution on the colonials, at the hands of the King’s men. Some say providence turned the tide. Other’s say the French, who hated the British and helped the Americans because of it, snatched the King’s victory right out from under his Generals’ noses. Perhaps both are right.

But like the dog chasing the cat, the difference that characterized the American Revolution was what the Americans did. They had finally had enough and “esplained” it to the British (bully), by punctuating their message of displeasure with the weapons with which nature, bravery and courage had armed them.

We may rightfully ask, what, in the instance of the cat being chased by the dog, caused the cat to turn on the dog, even though the dog was five times the size of the cat? And along the same lines, what was the catalyst that caused the colonials to turn on the British, even though the colonials were much smaller in number, armament and training? We believe that the catalyst is of the same substance from which heroes are born on the battlefield and it finds its roots in two human emotions, anger and self preservation. Anger and self preservation are the motivation for a corresponding response to any threat.

It was the cat, without regard to his own life, who turned on the dog. It was the colonials, without regard to their safety and security, who turned on the British because they stepped outside of the main stream, the rational and the accepted to overcome their fear. They resisted abusive authority, no matter what the cost. The cat turning on the dog was a form of individual heroism. The American revolution came in the form of collective heroism.

Not a single living, two or four-legged organism (don’t know about micro organisms, plants and trees) on Earth likes to be pushed around, chased or bullied. They in fact, have an all-consuming desire to be free. In most cases, the natural reaction to bullying is anger and results in either fight or flight, depending on how nature has armed them.

Our situation in America is different, however. Because of the undaunted bravery of the colonials and the wisdom of the Founding Fathers, we do not have to resort to violence to “esplain” it to the bully. We need only use the tools with which nature has armed us, our intellect, high morals and values, along with the foundation of liberty embedded in our Constitution and we will reverse the destructive path we are currently taking into abject socialism and ultimately, enslavement.

Today, the American people are still capable of collective heroism and the challenge to abusive authority, just as they were during the birth of our freedom some 233 years ago. We see the growing signs of that emerging heroism almost every day now. That those in government are becoming aware of this rising tide, is evident by their irrational panic to pass more controlling legislation before all Hell breaks loose.

Let us emphasize that there is no other country like America and there are no people like the American people, anywhere on earth. Freedom is burned into their souls and as the cat who turned on the dog, the brave ones, the collective American heroes, will not let freedom die, no matter what it takes to preserve it.

So we say to those who oppose individual liberty, the gift from our creator, we are right and you are wrong, because freedom is right and slavery is wrong. We also say to those who work to tear down America’s liberty, sovereignty and its moral and ethical values, let the games begin. In the end, we have no doubt that we shall prevail, just like we prevailed on the day that freedom was born when “….. a shot was fired, a shot heard ’round the world”.

Stand steady and strong. Tyranny and corruption will be challenged on all fronts. The threshold for a peaceful American revolution is at hand.

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ewart_blogRon Ewart is the President of The National Association of Rural Landowners and may reached for comment via email at r.ewart@comcast.net.

36 thoughts on “Ewart: What Is The Threshold For Revolution?

  1. CottonMan

    I just read a new, underground book (A Time To Stand by Oliver) that’s great!! It’s a small town in America that stands up to federal tyranny & ends up starting the 2nd American Revolution. It’s insightful cause it’s based on real events today & there’s a strong under tone of events that started the American Revolution. It’s a thriller & I’ve been recommending it to everyone. Power to the People!!

  2. PoliticalTheatrics

    “Stand steady and strong. Tyranny and corruption will be challenged on all fronts. The threshold for a peaceful American revolution is at hand.”

    This is what I’ve been saying for over 8 years now.
    Damn straight and well said!

  3. storey

    I hope today’s Americans have the wherewithal like American colonists to “pledge their lives, their fortune and their sacred honor.” But I doubt it. The level of stupidity and non awareness is staggering, particularly of the historical nature of what is transpiring..

    Even in this essay socialism is mentioned. What is facing this country is not really socialism, but corporatism, Mussolini’s term for fascism. Yes indeed, what is coming down is fascism. Under socialism, the state controls the means of production, and corporations actually become organs of the state. Under fascism, the state and the corporations form a strong alliance to run everything. In the present case, worldwide, the corporations, particularly in the financial sector (banks) are swallowing the state — in a kind of hyper-fascism. The state is becoming an organ of the corporations. Worldwide corporations = worldwide government(s), forever warring against the quasi-state of “fake” terrorism. Shades of 1984, where Osama bin Laden (aka as CIA’s Tim Osman) = Emmanuel Goldstein, and today’s friend will be tomorrow’s enemy — and always will be, both ways (double think extraordinary).

    Time to sharpen up one’s thinking and not fall into the old cliches. If Sun Tzu’s The Art of War teaches anything, it is that: to defeat your enemy, think outside the box.

  4. Les Visible

    We can only hope that will be the case. Irrespective of that this is very well written and passionately articulated and for that I give you kudos. What will or will not be, I do not know. I do know they will fall, one way or the other.

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  6. Khephra

    Great essay, but you might be giving the “Founding Fathers” a bit too much credit. They were more interested in creating an America where their influence held sway than an America where everyone was free.

  7. jb

    It won’t happen that way this time . . .

    Back then–1/3 actually supported the revolution, and things happened.

    Now–there might be 10% that support Jefferson’s dictum about liberty–the rest think that if they just elect the right guy or gal to tell them what to do and how to live, all will be well with Amerika.

    Yah. Sure.

    What’s coming is going to be a total mess.

  8. George Wanker Bush

    Americans are too damned stupid to turn on the government. That’s how I got away with so much in my reign of terrorism.

  9. Ed

    Thanks Ron for another insightful message. I fear that these messages will become silenced. However, I am encouraged by the people who still believe in our constitution even though our government wants to “re-write” it to stay in power. Remember those who sacrificed for the freedom we have today, I admire them, and couldn’t thank them enough. The framers of this great country were godly men, I admire them too.

  10. SurvivalTime

    I feel that now more than any other time, the nation as a whole has declared it’s had enough. Big government see this, which is why they’ve rapidly eroded our constitutional rights in an attempt to maintain control.

    One of the things I fear they’ll use the most to maintain control, is our FOOD. If they starve us out, we’ll have no choice but to turn to them and do as we’re told to survive.

    This is precisely the reason I’ve made an urban survival site with all the things we’ll need to maintain life in each of our own families, without the government! I’ve seen what happens in short term events (hurricanes mostly) where food and water supplies (along with electric, phone and GAS) get cut off for days, weeks and it REALLY isn’t pretty!

    People cannot deal with their every day routines being disrupted, the smart ones will realize if you don’t plan ahead you’re going to be at the mercy of whatever the government plans for you, and I for one won’t be one of them!

  11. Luke Abbadon

    A nice sentiment, but sorry, occupying the moral high ground will accomplish nothing but a higher burial plot. You may have to resort to violence (and you know it). But don’t shoot first, shoot accurately.

  12. Swissie

    Best of luck taking your country back, however you failed to mention the Parasites that are actually in control of your Congress, a foreign entity knows as Zionism and never ending support for Israel. Who controls your media? Your Banks?

    If Americans only knew that the FED was a privately owned Bank, held exclusively by Foreign Bankers, maybe then we’d see riots and have the brave people of the US of A really fight back

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  14. Mike Adkison

    Thank You! Beautiful thoughts you have expressed here. Our ancestors were the pilgrams. They came to this continent against all odds Many died on the trip over. But they came here for an important reason. They were a people who required freedom for their very survival. They came to escape the oppression of the Catholic church. That’s what sets Americans apart from every other people on this earth. We’ve been adimred, respected, emulated by nearly every other culture in the world. Our constitution is the most people oriented document that has ever existed. People from every country in the world dream of coming to America to share the American experience. And we have been a model held high to every nation that sees us and knows that freedom is the ultimate morality.

  15. Rob in NC

    There was also the story of the cat who tried to claw the dog’s nose and missed. Needless to say, scratch one cat.

    Revolutions are not pretty, glamorous, and are often bloody and outright brutal.

    And the Colonials in 1776 had muskets, just like the British soldiers. They had horses, just like the British soldiers, they also had the advantage of fighting guerilla style from the bushes and behind trees, whereas the British thought it was dishonorable to fight in such a way preferring the open field as “men of honor” fight.

    The government has nuclear and biological nightmare weapons, and an entire airforce and navy, a multi billion dollar satellite network, smart weapons, and 20 to 30 million idiots just itching to kill you.

    And you still have muskets and horses. Good luck and you better hope there is a God, because you are definately going to need Him. And if my reading of those prophesies is correct, you lose and its going to take the literal return of Jesus Christ to free you from their bondage.

    And just how do you plan to get the Federal Leviathan and the Oligarchs and their Plutocrat masters who OWN IT to surrender their power and lay down their nightmare weapons? Because I assure you, they will kill every single one of you, and have the American public apllauding your deaths.

    The fact of the matter is this, the United States has been conquered for a very long time now. The best thing you can do if you don’t like this country is to leave it, because if you think you are going to “overthrow” the Plutocrats who rule this nation, you are a literal day late and a dollar short.

    They all have “jealous boyfriend syndrome”. If they can’t have it, nobody can, and they will destroy it just to keep you from getting it.

    And just for your information, there is no such thing as a “peaceful” revolution, especially in a nation that spends more on military weapons than the rest of the top 10 industrialized nations combined. The Plutocrats who own this government did not spend all that fiat money on those weapons for nothing, and I offer for your consideration that it is very probable that those cannons are not pointed at some foreign dictator they have already bought.

    My advice to you all is make wise decisions, not fool hardy decisions based on delusions of gradeur of winning some glory in a fight against a government that has already demonstrated time and time again that it has absolutely no problem killing its own citizens.

    State governments do it every day, and even the Supreme Court has ruled that those that have even proven their innocense in the appellant courts is not a defense against a death penalty verdict properly reached in the lower courts. Mere factual innocense of the accused does not trump a death sentence as long as the death sentence procedure was properly followed in the lower courts.

    So, choose wisely, because its likely you’re all going to die if you challenge the Plutocratic US government to a fight, as psyopathic and despotic as it is today.

  16. Luke

    These criminal Zionists who have hijacked our country – are keenly aware of the importance of demographics, while far too many otherwise intelligent White people of European descent in America (and elsewhere) have stupidly bought into this insanity that ‘diversity and multi-culturalism’ is a strength and that they shouldn’t resist being overwhelmed and then dispossessed in the lands of our European ancestors.

    These evil Zionist criminals have done their homework; they’ve studied the history of Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples and they fully understand that it is we, our group, who stands as the biggest obstacle of resistance to their plans for the Talmudic creation of a Jewish Utopia; a New World Order, a totalitarian world government with them on top and the rest of mankind reduced to slaves. And, for the ill-informed out there who doubts these accusations – I suggest that they are pathetically behind on their homework assignments, and they should understand that these diabolically evil goals are clearly laid out in countless Jewish holy books and writings by Jews themselves.
    I did not make this stuff up out of thin air; go read their own words, and then decide.

    Thanks to their infiltration of our educational institutions, young white children are no longer taught about the courageous and unique history of their white ancestors and encouraged to take enormous pride in those unparalleled achievements. Instead, white kids are taught to hate their ancestors, to view their history as measurements of shame and ruthless exploitation of the rest of the non-white world. They are being taught to loath their own race of people, and this renders them unable and unwilling to defend it against it’s number one enemy, who coincidentally happens to be the same ethnic group who lusts for their Jewish Utopia of total world domination.

    They are being brainwashed into choosing non-whites for relationships and for marriage partners, which translates into fewer and fewer white babies being born; this is self-genocide, and our enemies push it 24/7 through their control of media and advertising. Everyone will recall the recent hoopla emanating from the Jewish controlled media about the Louisiana Justice of the Peace who refused to marry a black and a white? Where were the voices that screamed the obvious question: What right does any other ethnic group have to meddle in the reproductive decisions of a race that they do not belong to? When is that question going to be thrown into the faces of these genocide promoting subversives? When are they going to be forced to defend genocide, I ask? The Justice of the Peace was perfectly within his rights to refuse to aid and abet genocide, and it is past time for these promoters of genocide to be called on the carpet and accused of their ulterior motives.

    At any rate, demographics do matter. And, this is why our enemies are pulling out all stops to flood America and every other dominant European nation with as many non-whites from the third world as possible. It is our race that are revolutionary minded people, friends. We are the fly in the ointment of the New World Order. We alone are passionate about freedom and liberty and we alone have proven throughout history that we will eventually rise up and exterminate the tyrants who seek to subjugate us.

    The comment made by one reader about how small the percentage is of true patriots who have the mettle and grit needed to fight the battle that is ahead was sadly true. I see fat, out of shape, overweight, unsightly white people everywhere I travel. Soft, lazy, too contented with their middle class lifestyles – too worried about being politically incorrect whenever the taboo topic of ‘race’ comes up. These are not the descendants of our brave Anglo-Saxon-Celtic ancestors that deserve to be respected or admired or emulated by young white kids. And they are also not fit to depend upon in the coming battle for our survival.

    Unless the fight is over the last twinkie, and then, they might be sufficiently ferocious.

  17. Neal

    If there is to be a revolution I fear we will not only be fighting against a tyrannical government. Back in 1776 we had 1/3 of the people who supported the King. Nowadays we have all these big cities, filled with armed gang bangers, who would gladly take up arms against anyone they percieved as a threat to their security. So we would be fighting anarchy as well.

    Today, with the help of the media, we would be labeled as terrorists by the media, and our fellow citizens would gladly turn us in for a months free HBO and a case of beer.

    While it may be honorable to die fighting for something you believe in, I fear any attempt at revolt would be put down rather quickly, and brutally. We might take out of few of those in power, but those who control them would still be safely hidden away, far from our reach.

    Don’t get me wrong, I never intend to give up. But I fear it is over for this country. It was nice while it lasted, but America is history.

  18. Doug Parris

    “Luke,” the second poster, above, who railed abuot the “evil ZIONISTS” and inferior races is a false flag infiltrator. He came here to smear any real patriots who post with his hateful FASCIST rhetoric.
    The central struggle of mankind is not about race, but ideals.

  19. Doug

    Zionism is not a race. Like Naziism, it is a racist ideology. Zionists, like Nazis, are just racists with an extremist ideology. Like Nazis took over and controlled Germany, Zionists have taken over and control the US. We will never be free until we recognize that fact and exterminate the Zionists the same way we exterminated the Nazis. Almost all the problems of the US government are because it is controlled by Zionists. If we are to rebel against the US government, it would in effect be a rebellion against Zionism.

  20. Clintstone

    Train and aim.
    These clowns are going down hard.They don’t even know the hornets nest they are about to piss off. I dread that day but I just can’t wait at the same time. It’s going to be mean, brutal, and nasty but it needs to get started.How many more americans will we allow to be brutalized by these Nazi’s calling themselves police in our once great nation?
    When will the people arrest the next politician that comes from D.C./district of criminals and hang them after a quick trial.There is no need for alot of evidence, their own media tells us about their crimes everyday.The last twenty yrs. worth of “administrations” needs to be rounded up and executed for their crimes.It’s time for an american enema.Get rid of these scumdog politicians and get real about humanity and where we live.We live in our skin and need to learn and teach respect and dignity for all mankind.ALL.Not just a pack of elitist politicos that hijacked our lives.Aim to live people.

  21. Jay

    The question is not when the government will push too far and spark revolution, but rather when will a new paradigm emerge with the power to unite people against their oppressors?

    Many posters here realize that revolution now will only make things worse. We cannot merely move away from the current corrupt system until we have a clear picture of what we are moving towards. To do this we need a renewed sense of community. The elites know this and are trying to divide us all. The only way to overcome the divisions the elites have created is to have a new ethos of understanding and kindness (which is not the same as the robotic concept of tolerance.) Only then will we have the kind of shared value system that sustained the American Revolutionaries.

    For now the system is collapsing one way or another. There is no need to push further. I would rather prepare for the challenges that will come with inevitable collapse. Find people in your area who you can count on to band together with. Form your own community police forces, your own shared banking agreements. If you don’t have anyone you trust to do this with, then how would you survive a revolution? A new sense of community comes first. Without it, a revolution will make things worse.

  22. hippybiker

    Doug Parish, answer one question for me. Who owned all the ships who brought the Black and White slaves over here? The answer….Spanish and Portuguese Zionist Jews.

    Thank God we still have a 1st amendment is this country, and if you don’t like that, KISS MY ASS!

  23. Rob in NC

    I don’t think Luke has, in that one post, demonstrated that he is a fascist or is espousing fascist ideals. It is not a crime to be proud of one’s race, nor is it even a crime for one to personally believe one’s race is superior to another. I personally do not believe that one’s race is superior to another, but I do believe that each has its own strenghts and weaknesses, but in the end result we are all on equal ground. We all bleed red blood.

    And what he says about the Zionists is true. The Zionists have been pushing for world government for a long time. But not just the Zionists. There are also non Zionists who believe that world government is the solution to humanity’s problems, or they have other ‘interests’ in establishing a world government and ‘humanity’s’ problems do not even enter into the equation.

    If Luke is wishing for an all white nation state, that’s pretty much an impossibility, but it doesn’t seem to be so for the Zionists who wish for an all Zionist nation state. As a matter of fact, the United States has pretty much given them their Zionist nation state and whenever Israel attacks anyone, and not just the Arabs, but anyone like Americans and British, why they’re defending themselves and it doesn’t matter. Israel could invade Greece and the United States would say “Israel has a right to defend itself”. Israel could invade Italy and personally hang the Pope and the United States would say, “Israel has a right to defend itself”.

    Israel could invade the United States and the scum sucking traitors in the US would still say, “Israel has a right to defend itself.”

    Now, before you go labeling me an anti-semite, notice I never said one word against the Jews. I said Zionist, of which, not all are even Jews. I have nothing against Jews, nor even against a homeland for people of Jewish descent, even in Palestine, but there is a right way and a wrong way to go about things, and the Zionists have sank to new highs in low, they have robbed entire nation states with their fractional reserve and central banking schemes, depleting nations of their true wealth and leaving the victims with worthless piles of paper in the end, and the United States is no exception. As a matter of fact, the United States is their greatest prize.

    But the people of the USA are just beginning to realize that their government has been usurped. They’re not all quite sure yet what has happened, but they are slowly beginning to figure out who exactly did this to America, and why. And it is my fervent hope that the “Federal Reserve” will be blown to smithereans and its owners have letters of marq and reprisal established against them and be hunted to ends of the Earth.

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  26. J W

    Rob makes some good points.But I will go along with Gerald Celente of Trends Research. By 2014 there will be ecomomic collapse and widespread civil anarchy. I believe Texas will lead the way for Secession and other States will follow. If a fight comes it will be an Asymmetrical guerrilla war,much like the IRA.Hopefully it will be a peaceful parting of the ways. If we make it clear the New Nation will be a moral Nation under Christ,then we may well have God on our side. It won’t take Him long to finish off the remainder of the Ungodly Dis-United States.

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  29. Jonathan

    If this is a Marxist subversion, we will not be facing only domestic foes, but international ones from the world cabal.

    Americans are in a deep pickle.

  30. Jonathan

    Jay says: October 25, 2009 at 3:20 PM
    “The question is not when the government will push too far and spark revolution, but rather when will a new paradigm emerge with the power to unite people against their oppressors?”

    Thank you so much for this post Jay. You are so right about this. Unity. And the right kind of unity. Well said.


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