04.19.10 UPDATE: Thinking about selling your house? – A look at H.R. 2454 (Cap and trade bill)

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If you are unable to understand this after numerous comments left by me on the column, and emails sent to a large number of brain-dead individuals –  then you never will.

I grow weary of people who can not understand this.



Editor’s Note – 04.09.10: For those of you, who feel that we are stumping for the Republicans in the 2010 election cycle – not a Republican nor Democrat supporter am I.

What becomes most interesting about all of this, is that no one is going after the original source:

I realize that much writing out there – no matter from which side, leads to much interpretation, and subsequently – the range of differing comments and opinions on this column.

Now, see the following, as updated comments continue to come in….

Wow!  Home owners take note & tell your friends and relatives who are home owners!!!  Beginning 1 year after enactment of the Act, you won’t be able to sell your home unless you retrofit it to comply with the energy and water efficiency standards of this Act.

H.R.  2454, the “Cap & Trade” bill passed by the House of Representatives, if also passed by the Senate, will be the largest tax increase any of us has ever experienced.  The Congressional Budget Office (supposedly non-partisan) estimates that in just a few years the average cost to every family of four will be $6,800 per year.  No one is excluded.  However, once the lower classes feel the pinch in their wallets, you can be sure these voters get a tax refund (even if they pay no taxes at all) to offset this new cost.  Thus, you Mr.  and Mrs.  Middle Class America will have to pay even more since additional tax dollars will be needed to bail out everyone else.

But wait.  This awful bill (that no one in Congress has actually read) has many more surprises in it.

Probably the worst one is this:  A year from now you won’t be able to sell your house.

Yes, you read that right.  The caveat is (there always is a caveat) that if you have enough money to make required major upgrades to your home, then you can sell it.  But, if not, then forget it.  Even pre-fabricated homes (“mobile homes”) are included.

In effect, this bill prevents you from selling your home without the permission of the EPA administrator.

To get this permission, you will have to have the energy efficiency of your home measured.  Then the government will tell you what your new energy efficiency requirement is and you will be forced to make modifications to your home under the retrofit provisions of this Act to comply with the new energy and water efficiency requirements.  Then you will have to get your home measured again and get a license (called a “label” in the Act) that must be posted on your property to show what your efficiency rating is; sort of like the Energy Star efficiency rating label on your refrigerator or air conditioner If you don’t get a high enough rating, you can’t sell.  And, the EPA administrator is authorized to raise the standards every year, even above the automatic energy efficiency increases built into the Act.

The EPA administrator, appointed by the President, will run the Cap & Trade program (AKA the “American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009”) and is authorized to make any future changes to the regulations and standards he alone determines to be in the government’s best interest.  Requirements are set low initially so the bill will pass Congress; then the Administrator can set much tougher new standards every year.  The Act itself contains annual required increases in energy efficiency for private and commercial residences and buildings.  However, the EPA administrator can set higher standards at any time.

Sect.  202:
Building Retrofit Program mandates a national retrofit program to increase the energy efficiency of all existing homes across America.

Beginning 1 year after enactment of the Act, you won’t be able to sell your home unless you retrofit it to comply with the energy and water efficiency standards of this Act.  You had better sell soon, because the standards will be raised each year and will be really hard (i.e., ex$pen$ive) to meet in a few years.  Oh, goody!  The Act allows the government to give you a grant of several thousand dollars to comply with the retrofit program requirements if you meet certain energy efficiency levels.  But, wait, the State can set additional requirements on who qualifies to receive the grants.  You should expect requirements such as “can’t have an income of more than $50K per year”, “home selling price can’t be more than $125K”, or anything else to target the upper middle class (and that’s YOU) and prevent them from qualifying for the grants Most of us won’t get a dime and will have to pay the entire cost of the retrofit out of our own pockets.  More transfer of wealth, more “change you can believe in.”

Sect.  204:
Building Energy Performance Labeling Program establishes a labeling program that for each individual residence will identify the achieved energy efficiency performance for “at least 90 percent of the residential market within 5 years after the date of the enactment of this Act.” This means that within five years, 90% of all residential homes in the U.S.  must be measured and labeled.  The EPA administrator will get $50M each year to enforce the labeling program.  The Secretary of the Department of Energy will get an additional $20M each year to help enforce the labeling program.  Some of this money will, of course, be spent on coming up with tougher standards each year.  Oh, the label will be like a license for your car.  You will be required to post the label in a conspicuous location in your home and will not be allowed to sell your home without having this label.  And, just like your car license, you will probably be required to get a new label every so often – maybe every year.  But, the government estimates the cost of measuring the energy efficiency of your home should only cost about $200 each time.  Remember what they said about the auto smog inspections when they first started: that in California it would only cost $15.  That was when the program started.  Now the cost is about $50 for the inspection and certificate; a 333% increase.  Expect the same from the home labeling program.

Sect.  304:
Greater Energy Efficiency in Building Codes establishes new energy efficiency guidelines for the National Building Code and mandates at 304(d) that 1 year after enactment of this Act, all state and local jurisdictions must adopt the National Building Code energy efficiency provisions or must obtain a certification from the federal government that their state and/or local codes have been brought into full compliance with the National Building Code energy efficiency standards.

H.R. 2454: American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009

152 thoughts on “04.19.10 UPDATE: Thinking about selling your house? – A look at H.R. 2454 (Cap and trade bill)

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  2. john sarrels

    What a load! This character talks about no one in congress having read this bill, while it’s obvious that he hasn’t either. Nowhere in the act does it say a thing about homeowners having to prove to the EPA that they are in compliance, in order to sell the house. Don’t you think that the National Association of Realtors would be up in arms if there was anything like that in there? The fact that you printed it, without doing any checking yourself, tells me that you – like the writer – are less interested in getting the facts straight, than you are in bashing anything that doesn’t fit your Ayn Rand prejudices.

  3. The Publisher Post author

    I appreciate your comments and input. The Federal Observer from time to time will put this kind of information out to serve a single purpose – to make people THINK and look beyond, what the mainstream media has to say, for they have proven themselves unworthy of REAL NEWS.

    We are not the authors of this piece. A long-time reader and contributor to this page is the source, and therefore it is interpretive in nature. Most Bills in CONgress are as important for what they don’t specifically say, as compared to what they do say.

    Putting all of that aside, thus far, the ‘Cap & Trade’ bill leaves much to desire, and yet one thing is most certain – it will raise all of our taxes. By how much, remains to be seen – BUT can we the people afford to stand by and watch this nation be legislated away, in favor of the Captains of Industry?

  4. Louis Turner

    This bill would lead to increased expenses for American households of thousands of dollars per year. A recent Congressional Budget Office report estimated that the cost per household would be as little as $175 per year. However, the Heritage Foundation has responded with “CBO Grossly Underestimates Costs of Cap and Trade,” in which they point out that the CBO study assumes nearly 100% of the increased costs for businesses will be rebated to consumers by the federal government (when has this ever happened?) and omits consideration of negative impacts on the economy of thousands of dollars per household per year. Bottom line, don’t rely on the CBO report to be an accurate forecast of the additional costs you’ll be paying each year due to this cap and trade bill. For additional analysis of the Waxman-Markey cap and trade bill, see “The Waxman-Markey Global Warming Bill: Is the Economic Pain Justified by the Environmental Gain?”

    From Congressman John Boehner’s website:

    “Home Sellers Beware. Having a hard time selling your home? Here’s one more hurdle to jump: all homes sales are conditioned upon an energy audit and a new energy rating assessment and energy labeling program for your home that’s outlined in the Democrats’ bill. And if you thought you could improve your property with a fresh coat of paint and some granite counters? Think again! Now your home will be subjected to a new energy rating assessment and energy labeling program that will penalize you for older windows, original fixtures, and dated appliances. So the Democrats’ bill would bring down the value of your home”!

  5. Neal

    Now you had to go and mention the EPA, didn’t you? God, how I hate that organization! Now I am going to have to research this a bit more and see if I can write something about it.

  6. waycoolsnoopy

    Let me TRY and explain something to you, John; There are these “silly” concepts called CHOICE, FREEDOM, LIBERTY, PERSONAL PREFERENCE, PRIVATE OWNERSHIP, etc. You may CHOOSE to have your residence tracked, cataloged, “labeled,” rated, etc. by all the Stalinist bureaucrats you like; I WILL NOT! I will enjoy my home with all the features and energy consumption I CHOOSE! I WILL have faucets that deluge me with MY water, I WILL enjoy my incandescent lighting, or my 20 year old refrigerator! I will enjoy my fireplace, my outdoor campfires, my 2 cycle power equipment, my V8-powered vehicles, MY FIREARMS, etc., etc., etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The only TYRANNY we must live under is that which we accept! I CHOOSE NO TYRANNY AND I WILL ACCEPT NONE! You can feel free to live like a long-haired, sandal-wearing, stinking hippie all you want because that is your choice. IT IS NOT MINE!


  7. rex nelson

    It gets better. Don’t forget Obamacare with it’s play or pay provision. This comes on top of being forced to buy health insurance or pay a penalty. The prospect of homelessness is quickly becoming a reality for me if these bills pass.

  8. Charles Lockwood

    After reading this mess I just wonder if the goverment can possibly get any more stupid in anything they do.Obomer wants to take over the whole country, Business city & state goverment, Guns water rights and any thing else he wantsm And he wants the govertment to run Health care, so that he can protect the sneekie bastards that we should send home.Hell the govertment cannot run a Whorehouse let alone the country
    I just wish that the rest of the good people in this country would toss out all Reps. and congresmen, they all have the same motives that isto f_ _k everyone in this country.


  9. Paul Bohney

    This appears to be one more dirty trick of the Democratic congress to share the wealth through slipping harmful legisllation through the congress without the input of the American people. It is the method of socialist and similar to the methods of Hitler and Stalin.

  10. Ron Broberg

    BS wrote: The Congressional Budget Office (supposedly non-partisan) estimates that in just a few years the average cost to every family of four will be $6,800 per year.

    The CBO estimates that the cost is $175 per household.
    BS wrote: Section 202 Building Retrofit Program mandates a national retrofit program to increase the energy efficiency of all existing homes across America.

    Section 202 HR 2454 provides for a voluntary retrofit program.
    BS wrote: Sect. 204:
    Building Energy Performance Labeling Program establishes a labeling program that for each individual residence will identify the achieved energy efficiency performance for “at least 90 percent of the residential market within 5 years after the date of the enactment of this Act.” This means that within five years, 90% of all residential homes in the U.S. must be measured and labeled

    Section 204 HR 2454 applies to new construction

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  12. Carol Robinson

    None of this is true. HR 2454 as passed by the House does NOT require licensing of residences, nor does it require energy-efficient retrofits before you can sell your house. You really ought to READ THE BILL before you publish more rumors and lies.

    The REEP (retrofit energy efficiency program) applies only to some NON-residential buildings. To read it for yourselves, go to http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d111:H.R.2454: and read Title II.

    I am a conservative libertarian and do not want this bill to pass the Senate, but let’s stick to the truth!!!

  13. howell clark

    John Sarrels> While the pulishers have answered why they printed the writers piece they didn’t answer your intended swipe at Ayn Rand.

    What pray tell do you think are better scenarios than what the great fiction writer portrayed in her novels? Cap and Trade will raise taxes, and while taxes are just as sure as death why would you want one that specifically will destroy the economy of the country in which you live?

    Since you are assuming bad ilk on the part of the Federal Observer let me assume one for you. Your assumption about national realtors not squealing foul here is correct, and while the language doesn’t really say specifically the scenario laid out will happen, it sets the stage for many adjustments that can lead to just that. There are more houses then businesses that will be regulated (hated Businessmen), and getting started on businesses and private preowned homes will follow soon. New homes are already very efficient because the public demands it. Allow the government to “authorize grading ” and they only get their foot in the door for more later, so tell me where is Ayn incorrect? Do you belong to the crowd that does want the state to kill murderers but insist that any woman can kill any child conceived before so many days has past? That crowd is usually the one promoting Cap and Trade nonsense in their attempt to abort unwanted successful business, which their very own financial existence, and many others is so dependent. To them profit is evil and must be aborted.

  14. randall

    Don’t tread on me O’Bama, you already screwed the country with your racism and the white kiss butts, palosi and read, Don’t tread on me.

  15. cely

    O’bama is in no way my president. He is however, a liar, a bigot, a racist, a communists, a terrorists, and a damned fool. the o’bamas should know their left from their right, in crossing their hearts for the pledge of allegiance to our flag they used their left hands, what a pair of communistic boobs. Have your fun now o’bama, palosi and reid, come november your butts will be gone.

  16. Karen

    I, say we, as Americans need to take our country back! Blu collar workers, can and should shut this country down.. Let our voice be heard by all, no more exporting our obs to other countries, we -Americans need to stand up and take charge of our country, before Obama and his followers leave us empty..

    Seriously-Americans need to stand as one- shut the country down!!!!!!

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  21. Joe White

    This fact-check is clear-cut. There’s nothing in the bill that would require homeowners to retrofit their homes to meet new efficiency standards or get a government “license” before putting their home on the market. Homeowners who do want to retrofit their homes can do so voluntarily and with the help of government funding. This chain e-mail gets a Pants on Fire!

  22. marko

    What a load of crap. Keep em comin. One bs things after another from GOP/Fox. You’re ruining your credibility completely. Keep on keepin on. Networking is teaching the people the truth and it ain’t here at this website

  23. peter clough

    The republican party is dead !
    It is simply a clearing house for extremist idealogy and ignorance .
    The party is an embarassment to the country .
    Congress can’t function with them in it .
    The world looks on as the republican party belches and wines .
    They are a pathetic lot !

  24. shirley Johnson


  25. Wait a minute...

    Did any of you actually read the bill? It’s out on the web and.. ah… I couldn’t find anything in ANY section saying this.

    Would someone please quote from specific sections where it says ANYTHING about any homeowner answering to the EPA before the sale of a house?

    Wow- I am amazed

  26. Wait a minute...

    Wait- let me just do a quick paste of Section 202. Take a look at the last line really carefully – this is the entire text of Section 202.

    Section 202, Building Retrofit Program: Establishes the Retrofit for Energy and Environmental Performance program to provide allowances to states to conduct cost-effective building retrofits. Provides that states may use local governments or other agencies or entities to carry out the work and may use flexible forms of financial assistance providing up to 50% of the costs of retrofits, with funding increasing in proportion to efficiency achievement. Provides additional assistance for the retrofitting of historic buildings. Directs the Administrator of EPA to establish standards and guidelines for the program, in consultation with the Secretary of DOE. Allows federal funds provided to disaster victims to qualify as a building owner’s contribution toward matching requirements. Requires states to offer preferential access to at least 10% of dedicated program funding to public and assisted housing. Nothing would require a homeowner to audit or retrofit their home to ensure that it meets building code requirements.

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  29. michelle

    For all those who had comments good and bad, how many of you have posted your feelings on your local or state reps sites? It’s one thing to banter back and forth on and informative site such as this, but do it where it might actually do some good. If you’re so opinionated then do something about it, instead of sitting and typing nasty things to each other here.

  30. Fred C..

    WOW. Here’s what scares me. Reading the half truth lunatics that really believe that you should take up arms against the government. Fight imaginary Democratic ghosts. And believe what anyone writes on the net. The “Sky Is Falling” Republicans should maybe attempt to fix the country’s problems instead of being part of them. Maybe we should sell weapons to our enemys (thanks Mr. Ronald Ray Gun) then look for bad weapons in the wrong country. OK i just realised I’m as big of a dunce for sitting here writing this as the rest. Be Sure To Check the facts

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  32. edgwyn

    Maybe as Introduced, Not as Passed

    Parts of Section 204, that caused so much consternation, was in the bill, but was taken out at the last moment before the vote. Both sides are right, and both sides are wrong …. the truth is usually found somewhere in the middle.

    A Republican aide in Congress, who didn’t want to be quoted by name, blamed the confusion on Democrats making changes to the bill in the wee hours of the morning. The aide told FactCheck.org that the amendment limiting the labeling requirements to new homes only was brought before the House Rules Committee just after 3 a.m. on the day members of the House voted on the bill. Those who claimed that the bill would require energy audits and labeling for existing homes were probably unaware of the new version, the aide said, adding: “When you make changes to a bill while everyone in America is asleep, this is what happens.”

  33. Thinking American

    Those geniuses who have blindly claimed that the legislation will not apply to existing homes should wake up and consider government actions in previous legislation that started out as being somewhat inoccuous so as to pass it and then later making changes to accomplish the intended goals of controlling our every action.
    The EPA is probably THE federal agency that should be completely abolished and its duties conferred upon the various states. The agency really isn’t closely watched by the legislative bodies that gave it life. Another reason to vote out the entire congress and put in individuals who believe in states rights as conferred by our remarkable Constitution as written by true Patriots and not as interpreted by a Kenyan and the courts.

  34. Mark

    Its time to think about replacing congress completely and forget about the Democrates and the Republicains. Start thinking about the lies that have been a part of politics for as long as I can remember. The Bilderberg Group and the Trilaterial Commission are running this country into the ground to create the New World Order. Its time to stop the political puppets and start taking our country back

  35. Rich McDonald

    If the people of the United States do NOT regain control over Congress this nation is DOOMED.

    Effectively, you will be relegated to live in your current home for the rest of your life, and will be forced, against your will and income potentials, to upgrade your home as a bureaucrat dictates or they will cease your home and place you in jail for non-compliance.

    Zieg Heil Obama!

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  38. tracey

    its the peoples fault. stand up and do something
    about your ‘freedom’ of choice & rights……replace
    ALL forms of ‘GOVERNMENT’……they do nothing
    but give you half the story…..and lie about the
    other half….

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  40. S. A. Smythe

    I was complaining a few years ago about the government uprooting some folks in a mobile home park so a commercial center could be built–they kicked them all out and most of them owned mobile homes that were too old to be permitted to move. I thought people had the right to live where they wanted in this country without the threat of being kicked off their land or out of their houses. Someone carefully explained to me that the laws of this land have always been that the government owns everything and can unseat any of us whenever it suits them. Apparently none of us have the right to own houses and land–we just get to have deeds and pay for them until the government decides to take them away. There is a very old law on the books that gives them this right–sorry, I don’t even know how to go about finding it. We are all living under grace. But be assured, its borrowed.

  41. Atlanta

    Look at how the Government has twisted Social Security to their liking. It was originally NEVER to be part of the general fund. When the Dems wanted a balanced budget under Slick Willy and Internet Al Gore, they voted to use the “SURPLUS” in the SS fund to “claim” and balanced budget So to reiterate what many have already said, Whatever the Crap and bullshit trade bill says, they will change it and screw us even more.

    We are going to destroy our economy to give it to other Nations? Our Government is not even smart enough to protect their own cushie jobs.

    VOTE THEM all out of office, democrats and republicans, they are all crooks. The US went into Iraq for the oil, to secure the right to buy it, now we want to give more of our money away to piss ant countries?

    If you want to lower your electricity bill spend 300.00 on a power saver http://www.energysaving-devices.com and cut your bill by 20-30%. The free market has plenty of solutions if the Government would just get the hell out of the way.

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  43. Same Old

    Seems that the Bush scare agenda has been passed down again to yet another zealot. Scare the misinformed into following your ideas. Then repeat over and over again. Stay the Course !
    The GOP anthem of dueling banjos then plays softly as the Teaparty rises to shout the rebel yell with one accord. The trailer parks are all empty tonight.

  44. The Publisher Post author

    Once again, readers, and those who have CHOSEN to leave comments on this blog, as relates to this SIX-MONTH old column, have chosen to read many things into this posting. Go read the original posting at http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=h111-2454.

    As to trailer parks? They have probably lost their jobs and now have no place to live, except in their cars – if that hasn’t been repossessed too.

    What becomes apparent here, is that responses follow along ideological – or is it – IDIOT-logical lines? I’m not sure which – I never can remember.

  45. crysdaye

    I agree with Mark. How can we stop this bill from going into effect. How can we stop anything? I was in a group that was trying, and half of them went to jail. The government will take out the resisters. There’s no constitutional rights in reality. The politicians think everyone has money to take. If regulation like this freezes the market, and people stop selling… what this? How can you force a person to pay for what they have no money to pay for?

  46. Same Old

    The Government is providing up to thousands of dollars in (FREE) Energy and weatherization upgrades to home owners who otherwise couldn’t afford to do so, providing assistance to those who are having trouble meeting their monthly utility bills .. (Nationwide, unless your State Representative opted you out) http://www.eere.energy.gov/consumer/your_home United States Department of Energy. Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy . Many in our town have benefitted from this. Including mobile home owners.

  47. seriously?

    Wow. What a bunch of dumbasses. Like the guy who thinks ‘Slick Willie’ thought this up. Really? They just woke up during Bill’s term and said let’s do this? Idiot, that has been going on for oyears longer than that. During Republicans and Democrats terms in office. Stop listening and believing every thing that drug addeld Rush Limbaugh says. And Democrats, don’t think you are the shining white knights either. The same people you champion as being liberals and heros to the little guy take just as much corporate money to get elected and make just as woefully crappy decisions. Not a frakkin one of them has the balls to stand up and say enough. Oh wait, Ron Paul did. You all were just too freakin selfish, wanting your slice of the pie, to vote for someone that actually wanted to stop that crap.
    Put on your big girl panties and deal. This mess was created by all of you.


  48. The Publisher Post author

    FREE??? That’s what is wrong with so-called “Progressives,” or “Liberals” – they think that everything is “FREE”. Just who do you think is paying for this? NOTHING is free. Steal from those, who have worked their asses off, for everything they have, to “give” it to those, who have spent their lives on the dole.

    Personally, I am offended. I have been without work in my lifetime, and I have suffered – but I picked myself up and did something about it – not just run to Uncle Sugar for assistance.

    I will agree, that this is not the easiest economy for people to live in right now, but if you have a multitude of political administrations, who reward companies to move off shore – taking much needed jobs with them – we, as a nation lose. I for one, think that it’s time, that we as a nation, begin to fight back. Read history – NO nation has ever survived, what we are going through today. We are making the same mistakes as other failed Empires. Bring the jobs back (meaningful jobs), and send ALL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS home, and let them enter and assimilate in the proper form – and we have fewer people looking for FREE assistance….

    But thanks for your comments and participation in this discussion.

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  50. Pat Kelley

    Anyone out there ever heard of communism ???I saw what the socialists did in Yugoslavia and I see it here now in the good old USA. Freedom is not free !!!!!

  51. Cheryl

    I wonder if they’re going to require similar restrictions on the plants that belch pollutants into the air every day or on things like dump trucks and 18 wheelers, etc. If this passes as it stands, I think when my Mom passes, I’ll just have the house torn down & sell the lot so someone can build a new house. That’s got to be cheaper than retrofitting a home buit in the 40’s.

  52. Jim Green

    None of this surprises me. When this country is so intent on electing people with socialist backgrounds, union organizers and the like, we have to accept this from our leaders. I hope we can run them out of office in November. That is our only hope.

    Taking from the working people and giving to those who will not work, it will only work to strengthen the socialist hold on this country.

    We can only blame ourselves for electing the wrong people, but many times we do not have good alternatives.
    Vote for people who have a good background in common sense government, and a good track record.

  53. Martha

    Hmm.. Trillion dollar reserve before the Republican leadership took over in 2001 and now we are with a trillion dollar deficit. Tell me again, who has the right direction for our country?

  54. Edward Monroe

    OK folks lighten up. This only involves those that are selling or buying a home. I spent one year working for a large bank processing loan packets for FHA to get insured. This isn’t any different than having to have a septic tank inspection or a well inspection. This protects the buyer and seller both. It will be a safe guard for both parties and the cost will actually be passed onto the buyer. These will be home improvements which will get the seller a better chance to sell their home knowing it has these improvements.

    Sellers don’t always tell the truth and this helps protect the buyer. I know of one home owner that was told the furnice was fine. It wasn’t and she had to spent $2,000 plus out of her own pocket to fix somerthing that the original seller should have done.

    Get off calling evereything socialists. Pull your head out of your rear and think once in your life.

  55. Paul

    Its all about jobs stupid. We need to get our manufacturing back to this country. Put a high tarrif on goods coming in. It will start a trade war, but we can live through it better than others. We don’t need the Chinese.

  56. Doug

    Why are you worried about a house built in the 40s? The best thing to do is TEAR IT DOWN unless you think it may qualify fot National Monument status

  57. Richard Sava

    Hey Edward Monroe – why don’t you click on the link and go read the bill he is linking to. Section 202 Building Retrofit has NOTHING to do with septic tank inspections or well inspections. How about actually reading somehting before commenting on it. Get you head out of your rear and do some research.

    Oh, and you example of the $2000 furnace (or perhaps it is furnice like you wrote) issue? Both the buyer and the mortgage writer has to take SOME responsibility here. The mortgage writer (oh that would be the company YOU worked for) for not requiring an inspection before writing the mortgage and the buyer for not requiring it of the seller (and to have the seller pay for it). Hard lesson learned but if you don’t know what you are doing and you don’t ask for help, well stupid should hurt.

    I have helped several friends make large purchases (like homes, etc) and passed on my knowledge like the person who helped me with my first home purchase did when i asked for help.

  58. Gary

    This is another way to drum up support for those who refuse to work and purchase for themselves their own homes. This will put a cap stone on who can buy and sell and make this government rich off the poor and keep them from getting the much needed education to rise above the poverty line! We as a people need to wake up and vote these lawyers out of office and take back our government to make it work for us instead of us working for it and giving them a free ride where they don’t need to abide by the same rules and regulations as everyone else in this once great Nation that men and women have fought and paid the price of their own lives for our freedom!!!

  59. Tim

    In edwards mind everything is OK if cost is passed on to the buyer. We should get our heads out of our rear ends? Elitist mentality…all libs have it. They love to spend your money. What event in your life caused you to feel good about taking other peoples money? Pathetic!!

  60. Marilyn

    “You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.”> ~~~~ Dr. Adrian Rogers, 1931

    So, what is this crock of bull we Americans are handed about not being able to sell our own property unless we use Fed guidelines? All in the name of global warming? Or is it the money grabbing Feds at it again? I guess some people have to feel important, like…bullies! I will have not part of it. All the politicians can climb back up in their trees for all I care.Every chance I get I am voting the whole lot out and a new batch in and this will go on for as long as I live. They can campaign until the cows come home and tell their lies and bad mouth the other party and they still get the heave-ho – Republicans and Democrats – doesn’t matter.

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  62. joe

    Don’t take this lightly we already pay too much in the way of TAXES. Those of you that think this is just a way to make sure the houes is up to date that is B.S. This is about getting rid of the middle class. Every country in the world
    is jealous of what we have. (Look up Buildaburgers) The elite hate Christians because
    WE believe GOD is first and then family. NOT Government.

  63. William Karbosky

    This is so far out it sounds like a fantacy but judging by the history of this congress I would not be surprised if this were true. Unfortunately, our only recourse is the ballot box and I’m not so sure that that isn’t rigged too. What is the solution? Only God knows. Somebody has a lot to gain by this legislation and I would be willing to bet that it is another scheme to take advantage of the honest citizens of the USA. This will surely destroy the economy that has not already been distroyed!

  64. Judy Brown

    I believe this is pure bunk, b.s., bull pucky, propaganda, tin foil hat stuff or nut job information. Come on people, think, why is someone putting this stuff out there!

  65. Rocky

    Judy Brown has her head up her butt…READ THE BILL it’s in there…it’s true and idiots like Judy Brown will be among those screaming the loudest when she has to cough up the money to pay for these unbelievably bad bills.
    Contact your Senator, especially if he/she is a democrat


  67. Doreen Bauer

    What steps do we need to take to make Washington hear us?
    Americans can no longer afford to keep their heads in the sand when it comes to polices that Washington has been adopting!
    We are so clueless as to the real ramifications of what is being done in Washington!
    The real kicker is, that politicians can adopt laws that they themselves are exempt from! If they need to be exempt from these laws, then why are we adopting them?
    All those people who voted for change are getting much more than they bargained for and we are going to pay a dear price for their foolish dreams of a Euphoric nation!
    God help us! Washington certainly does not have our best interest in mind!
    How can we fight back legally but LOUDLY!?

    I for one want this nation to be as great as it once was for my grandchildren!
    How about you?

  68. Robert Proctor

    The first thing we need to do is vote out every liberal in both houses of congress. The second is send every ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT and their children born here or not back to their home country. The third the country they came from should pay for sending them back and any fines imposed. There should be no such thing as anchor baby if they are here illegally. The meaning of the constitution where it says a person born in the United States is if that persons family are here legally. I married two foreign nationals both who had to pass a background check before given a visa and permitted to enter the United States.

  69. Chief

    pjki, Scopes is run by a couple that is very liberal. The Publisher, I agree with you! Why does not someone push a flat tax and eliminate the income tax? This would be equalization of taxes, everyone would pay the same and easy to monitor! Of course if you did this the legislators would have to pay as well, they don’t want this to happen!!! Less than 40% pay any income tax, so, everyone pay 10 to 15 percent of gross income and in 10 years we would have billions of surpluses in the budget. Is this too easy or would it eliminate bureacratic jobs? Surely I am not the only one that believes this would work.

  70. Rose Czarnecki

    This is one more way to get a strangle hold on American citizens. And to what good?
    The entire world would have to cut back on emissions that foul the air we breath. Is there an invisible shield over the United States that would keep our ‘clean air’ clean? The entire Global Warming idea is myth that has lined the pockets of some and it will drain the pockets of many. This IS SOCIALISM at it’s best/worse.

  71. Cheryl

    For all of you who voted for change. What do you expect from the Dems. This was the change you asked for when you voted for Obama. All he promised was change, now you got it.

  72. Barbara

    Someday, our descendants will be living under Chinese Communist rule and will be reading “The Rise and Fall of the American Empire” in history class. The book will highlight the corrupt government in Washington – how they sold us out to the Chinese in the early 21st Century, and how the apathy of the American people allowed it to happen. They do it to us one House Bill at a time…quietly, insidiously chipping away at our freedoms. Remember when America was a Christian country and we could pray in school ? Well, that was caused by ONE WOMAN ATHEIST….she was not even a member of Congress. So what do you think can be done by several dozen legislators who care only about their personal gain and do not listen to the cries of the people ? America is falling .VOTERS – WAKE UP !!!

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  74. Norman Baker

    This says it all
    You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.”> ~~~~ Dr. Adrian Rogers, 1931, Here how it works, you rob the middle class by taxes them into the poor house so eveyone is at the bottom.

  75. Woody

    By, By America, Hello the fall of Rome…. Do we sit back and do nothing or to we vote them out… It almost looks like that’s too late and you have to think about over throwing the government we now have…. Use to call Vegas, Sin City, now it’s Washington DC…. God helps us….

  76. Greg

    Until everybody can look EASILY upon the internet to check how ALL public officials vote, we will never know where our country is headed, because these sociopaths say one thing and do another. How do you think the motion picture industry exists, and how easily it is for actors to assimilate these offices? It is a “human hoax” ,skills in communication and hiding lies, feelings, etc.
    Sounds, lights, images manipulated to completely touch all your “buttons” at once, easing one into that cozy warm womb like feeling again. WAKE UP!!!! See through the facade and realize not one of these career criminals can give a rat’s a.. about anyone but themselves
    If TEABAGGERS could get a law passed that MAILED the monthly vote tally of elected officials to citizens, like it or not, imagine how much different these phonies would think

  77. Norman Baker

    Great Quote

    Too bad we don’t know who wrote it….
    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. It will be easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to an electorate willing to have such a man for their president.
    The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails us. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.

    The republic can survive a Barack Obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

    — Author Unknown

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  79. Joe

    I just look at the bill, and both section 202 and 204 state that “Nothing would require a homeowner to audit or retrofit their home to ensure that it meets building code requirements…” Am I reading something incorrectly?

  80. Curtis

    I hope all you idiots that voted for Democrats in the last election are happy now.. You have only seen a tiny example of the misery your members of Congress and this mouthpiece president are going to inflict upon you. You bashed Bush for creating national debt…… look at what your hero has already done this country in only one year..More debt than the total debt so far.. Maybe you people who so badly wanted some change should educate yourselves on the candidates before you vote next time. All the information was out there for this last election and you ignored it. Shameful ignorance is your reward and the demise of a once great nation if further proof of it.

  81. Tom Phinney

    Unlike most people, I did download HR2454 and read the claimed relevant sections (202, 204, 304) as well as others. In my opinion, all of the scare-mongering below is BULLSHIT. The act clearly drives state establishment of standards for new buildings and publicly-financed housing, including retrofit of publicly-financed housing and commercial buildings (e.g., state government buildings), but makes no such mandate that I can find for personally-owned homes. In my opinion, the government has a right to demand building code standards for any structure that it pays for. So what’s the problem here? It appears to be caused by people who extrapolate government mandates for government-financed structures as applying to privately-owned structures other than those whose rents are paid by public funds. This bill creates an energy efficiency rating system for such private structures, but (as far as I can tell) does not mandate any retrofit to such privately-owned structures (other than privately-owned public housing), although it does provide financial incentives for any private structure owners who wish to avail themselves of government financing for a portion of such retrofits.

    In reaching this conclusion, I also searched out all occurrences in the document of the word-stems “retrofit”, “residential” and a few others that I no longer recall, then read the surrounding text. None of these searches disclosed anything that even vaguely supported the conclusions written below.

  82. Deidra

    I also read HR 2454 and could not find anything about having to retrofit my home before selling it. The document seems to apply only to the industrial and utility sector.

  83. Diane

    The last clause in Section 204 reads as follows:
    (m) New Construction- This section shall apply only to construction beginning after the date of enactment of this Act.

  84. NOYB


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  86. pjkPA

    Trouble is… half of the people working in this country are getting a free ride.
    Government workers who have not been affected and are still getting ridiculous benefits and raises, time off etc… until they are affected .. nothing is going to change.

  87. SaucyWench

    Tom Phinny…..Maybe you need to learn to read in english first, and then go back and read this bill again. Because in plain ENGLISH it tell you right from the beginning that the retro-fitting of existing buildings will be 30 to 50 % of effeciency target for the national average percentage of improvement, depending upon the age of the dwelling or building.

    Then if you go to section 202 BUILDING RETROFIT PROGRAM: Part A: Definitions for this section and it individually lists about 8 of them. Number 7 is “RESIDENTIAL HOMES” Which shall include single family homes !!!!!!!!!

    Next is SECTION 202 B Which states:
    (b) Establishment- The Administrator shall develop and implement, in consultation with the Secretary of Energy, standards for a national energy and environmental building retrofit policy for single-family and multifamily residences. The Administrator shall develop and implement, in consultation with the Secretary of Energy and the Director of Commercial High-Performance Green Buildings, standards for a national energy and environmental building retrofit policy for nonresidential buildings. The programs to implement the residential and nonresidential policies based on the standards developed under this section shall together be known as the Retrofit for Energy and Environmental Performance (REEP) program.

    Did you happen to notice the part where it stated retro-fit policy for single family and multifamily residences. (I’ll give you a hint, retro-fit is the 23 word in the first sentence).

    The moral of the story Tim is you have to read the whole thing. IN ENGLISH IN CONSERVATIVE NOT LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST LANGUAGE.

    This bill will screw us over like you can’t even imagine.

  88. cajintex

    Get a grip people!! This country has been run by the rich from the very start. They knew and saw what this country was going to be. They set it up this way. Doesn’t this coutnry resemble the country that our people fought to get out from under ?!?!?! Hello, how do you think that happened? All of the politicians are rich and greedy, and they will rob this country from the working class people. They have been doing it for years.

  89. Colleen Giacomazzi

    This country was founded and ran for many years with neighbor helping neighbor. It did NOT become great by government handouts. I still believe that we are a caring nation who will take care of each other without government intervention. It is time to stop “Big Brother”.

  90. Dennis

    In downloading PDF Version of HR2454 SEC 202 specifically addresses EXISTING SINGLE-FAMILY RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS! When I “googled” REEP (as referenced in SEC 202) I got more than 1 definition:
    1 – Residential Energy Efficiency Program (REEP)

    Since this is 2009 Federal Legislation, it appears that many States & cities are already implementing and to be a done deal. The Federal money pool is being tapped for low income recipients – with once again – our US Federal and illegal wage tax!

    2 – Rice Education Entrepreneurship Program (REEP)
    3 – Retrofit for Energy and Environmental Performance (REEP)

    I could not read SEC 304 as referenced in the email/blog warnings of HR2454 since PAGE 677 to PAGE 678 Jumps from SEC 301 to SEC 311 (which I copied/pasted here):

    17 SEC. 301. SHORT TITLE.
    18 This title, and sections 112, 116, 221, 222, 223, and
    19 401 of this Act, and the amendments made by this title
    20 and those sections, may be cited as the ‘‘Safe Climate
    21 Act’’.
    with BILLS
    HR 2454 PCS
    1 Subtitle A—Reducing Global
    2 Warming Pollution

  91. TODD


  92. pogo943

    I am neither Democrat nor Republican, neither socialist nor capitalist, however this bill addresses common sense. Europeans, especially Germans have had similar laws instituted on them and are enjoying safer and more energy efficient homes than the US citizens. Why do you people want to heat or cool not just your homes, but because of leaky homes the athmosphere as well? This bill if instituted right will save you money in the long run by saving you energy. We retrofitted a 1940 home in 2001 by administering stronger standards then this bill calls for (i.e. installing a 18 SEER rated air condition system and R-41 type insulation) and are paying 1/3rd in utility costs as compared to our neighbors. Americans are known all over the world as being energy hogs and for good reasons, this bill will address a much needed step in the right direction. If we don’t address the need to maximize our energy dependence than our children will not be able to afford to get their homes heated and cooled in the future. Wake up people, the government is the only savior in this case for improving our buildings by making them them more energy efficient.

  93. Yuri Pasha

    Well folks what you have there is coming true in Australia. The once was the greatest country in the world to live.

    I n state of Queensland Au. the new law is you must supply a sworn statement to say what things you have done to reduce carbon pollution, reduce power reduce anything with out it you cant sell.
    Why does Au allways have to follow USA lead.

    Well because our leaders traitors either party are arse lickers to the Gods in congress, Iam sure they are well paid when they leave parliment with highly paid jobs. in friendly
    companies they have helped along the way.

    Our local council has now enacted laws that if you dont vote in council elections, found watering your gardens on the wrong day, not having your dog chipped and registers which also leads to cancer, parking partly on the foot path in narrow streets,

    they can suspend your drivers licence, a local council allready 2300 people have lost their drivers licence.

    Now a new act by a local council if a developer wants to buy your home u just happend to live in for the last 40 years to build a block of apartments and you say no, They can go to council the developer and lodge a complaint,, They the council can then resume your home at their valuation kick you out and resell it to the developer for a profit.. As the local Mayor says when asked about this crime he thinks the women was being selfish
    by saying no and depriving others the chance to live close to the inner city
    t he fact that the house was built by the husband for her as a wedding gift of love and devotion does not enter into it

    Fact the Au govements have resume land off farmers in Au of over 1.5 million hectares over the last 15 years with no compansation on the basis that they need their farms to make into national parks. All that has happened is they are now over grown and a hugh fire hazard and is over run by wild dogs and pigs.

    All this land is now being used as collateral to borrow from over seas banks and China.

    In queesnalnd the Prime minister of Australia when he worked years ago for the Qld, goverment wrote up new laws that all land in this state and will happen in other states
    is owned by the qld, goverment even your own home that you have bought and paid of for with ripp of conditions set by the banks

    Look at the site www. brigalow corporation.com on Google and read the acts there.even the govener of qld is now not working for the queen by is a public servant of the state of Qld.

    So how can the govener dismiss the goverment for fraud and treason when their wages are paid for by the said Qld goverment. SHOCK HORRER

    EVEN the title deeds no longer have the queens crown on it. They can take it when ever they choose for whatever reason,, This is no longer Australia the Lucky country

    The local premier of the state is selling off everything she can lay her hands on and will i dare day go to Asian buyers, the overhead power lines, the docks, the state forrests, the railway rolling stock even the railway lines, the power stations, the water rights the dams, everything the road tolls,

    Ther Qld goverment has set up a new payment system useing who else but IBM the wonderful company that did business with the gestapo in WW2, and now working in with Veri cHIP TO HAVE ALL us PEOPLE CHIPPED, FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION OF COURSE, OH WHERE WAS I .

    The public hospital systems new pay system is a complete stuff up thanks to IBM and wait for it over 3-4000 workers at thye states hospitals including docters have not had any pay in up to now 9-10 weeks. We use to laugh about Russians not being paid for months well we have it here, some has 1 cent put into their accounts, some have lost their cars repossessed, evicted out of their homes bad credit rateings due to non payment

    All the premier says will be sorted out have a little bit o f patience as she jetted off First class over seas . yes folks many east europeans are seeing what reminds them happened in 1956 and 1963, and are selling up and heading back.

    the premier s great great great great garndfather was Captain Bligh of the Munity of the Bounty if he acted like this bitch no wonder they threw him over board,I man thousands protested they did not want flouride in the water supply in europe has been banned as unafe for many years she still over rode the wishes of the people and had it put in except it is 10 times the level that is condsidered safe

    These people forget that it was the people who put them in there but i hope someone in goverment will enjoy their 30 pieces of silver

    wer have 250,000 people in Au sleeping on the streets at night and due to gutless decisions by federal goverment we have the masses illegal decending on Au in old boats, so many that some have to be put up at motels at A$500 a night for the family and $500 a week spending money to go and waste on at supermarkets chips and coke and shit

    charity begins at home

    So many chinese now buying up property and at auction they will bid A$100,000 more just to keep australians from buying and causing prices to skyrocket up so much that aussies cant afford to buy in that area only chinese , i wonder how we would go doing that in China.

    all our big industries are finished if they arent they are bought by overseas companys that pay their tax off shore all nic e and legal in a low tax zone. leaving the workers to carrey the burden

    is this a form of Communism , you bet cha

    many are disgusted by this federal govermenbts actions and state and local councils all are treasonable,,a trail by jury is now in australia not allways given laws changed.

    it is a sad world we live in the greed of a few that helps make the misery of millions

    1. Uncle Fuzzy

      Stop paying taxes. We’re all funding the bastards, so they can take away our rights, our homes and possibly our lives. Get to know your neighbors and trade with them directly. #%&$ Walmart and all the giant box stores, we’re selling ourselves out by shopping in these places. Buy you food locally support a farmer. Pay him cash or trade. Leave out the middle man. They’re raping us all.



  95. Alma Babuder

    This is outrageous! I am on fixed income, try to live within a budget and now this!! What will any of us have to leave ourselves or our family. This is taxation without representation as far as I am concerned.

    We need to vote these clowns out of office.

  96. Richard Rhea

    I am against this and I think it is the most awful thing I have ever heard of. This must be stopped
    our government has gone to far. The middle class will not be able to live, while all the those in the upper area of life have fine dinner, work parties, trips that are not needed and they are paid money that is to much and it is even in our schools, The superindents, DDP, Finance Dierectorsand the beat goes on are paid all this big money and the rest work under the load and are not paid what they should be.
    There has to be a place to stop the all the crap, all thos ball players, gold players and we are dong it , we ever pay HollyWood and the teach our young gereration to drug, drinik, smoke, have all kinds of sex, dog fights, and it goes on and we pay them to teach this mess to our young where will all all this stop.

  97. Richard Rhea

    This is awful, something has to be done to stop all of this. They are still trying to steal from us. Can/t we vote against that bill?

  98. Gerald L Gray

    G.L. Gray Jacxksonville, NC
    Between waxman, frank, palosie reid and hussien obama (small letters on purpose) This country is going to HELL in a hand basket!
    There is NOTHING sacred that the dems win’t try to demonize!
    I am completely disgusted with our so called reprsentatives injh DC and most state houses and counties and cities. The mayor of nyc (?BUMBERG) is a shinning example of a complete and total waste of skin!

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  101. Tim Robbins

    How is it that WE The PEOPLE total over 400 million people who are also voters are controled by 540 Not Wits It is time for the people to get the power and get rid of all of the Money Grubers in DC If this Bill is passed they won’t have to worry abou recovery the Real Estate Markets will just die.

    I am sorry to Say there is No Justice But if everyone went to the Polls and did not select anyone maybe they would get the message

  102. Robert Casale

    The Obama regime has not pushed this to go through the Senate as yet. Obama admiits Cap and Trade will be the heaviest tax ever given to American Citizens.
    One of the ways you socialize a country is to bankrupt it, through all types of entitlement programs as well as over tax the people.
    This makes the people obligated and subservient to the government who runs everthing and controls everything.
    You know it didn’t work in Russia, North Korea, Cuba, Greece etc. but it depends what your agenda is. If you want a socialist state it is cap and trade, if you want a capitalistic democracy then vote against all Democrats now and into 2012.

    1. crowley chick

      You still believe anything Snopes says? Tthey are a shill for Obama and a farce. A husband and wife team that sit in their living room deciding what the answer should be. they never follow up and see if a story is actually true or not. I think you must be the only one in America who even looks at their site anymore.

      1. disabler

        It’s really too bad that you can’t think for yourself. snopes.com has been around since way before Obama was elected by the poeple of the Untied State (unlike the previous president).

    2. donna

      this is not false. this site is just to sugar coat the the bill to make everyone think it is a good ideal and would be good for the country/economy. this is bull &%*&%%!!!!!!! you and people like you are more ignorant than you seem if you believe this wont happen!

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    1. donna

      this is just another tatic toward a communist country!!!! america, yes, we are headed in that direction with this so called leader!

  104. Joyce Hernandez

    If there is anything we can do, HOW DO WE GO ABOUT DOING IT?

    obama and his cronies are doing their best to ruin America! obama is a deceiver. Little did the people know when they chanted his YES I CAN, he meant YES I CAN ruin America and make is a sociallist/communist country.

    This latest tax is taxation without representation! obama ignores our Constitution. he is not a patriotic American.

    The radical muslims want to destroy America. Well…..?

  105. karen

    No one wants to really believe that this is going on right under our noses. the people need to take over the government again and get rid of all the politicians trying to destroy the united states as we have known it. Our freedom is slowing deteriating and about to be gone forever unless we do something about it. If you cann’t count on our own senators and governors then we need to let them know that if they expect to stay in their position in the government they better start listening to the people. Maybe if we got rid of all the extras they seem to think they need we would be out of debt in time without raising taxes. When they are replaced then they must go get a job and make a living for themselves, not expecting us to continue to cover their wages. They also need to start living on the same social security and medical care as the rest of us.

  106. Michele

    Yes I do f-ing understanding, but realistically what in sam hell can we do about it. All I see or hear is a bunch of bitching about these things and no way in hell to fight it. Even the idiots that were voted in”I didn’t vote for” can’t go away without a majority vote, and if the majority of America consists of idiots,need I say more?

    1. Jana

      Well, there is something we can all do: First, we Must continually harrass our representatives with emails & phone calls. We Must attend their townhall mtgs. Next, and this is really significant: get on your ballat to become a Precinct Delegate!!! A PD is low in the hierarchy of politics; However, they have a LOT of power. Mr. O used them all throughout the country in neighborhoods, & pulled the rug out from under Hillary, I mean Billary. The surprising thing is, half of the PD’s across the country sit empty!!!! I am on my ballot, I’ve made can’t miss ’em flyers, and hope I win a seat. Next, if I win one of 3 seats, I attend my first PD mtg. If the other 2 don’t show up, I auto become the PD Captain – another rung up the political ladder to influence who gets on the ballot in elections. I hope to win, & then I’m going to do my darndest to make sure candidates are properly vetted (must have a real birth certificate, must have real experience, etc.). & then, if that candidate doesn’t serve the people, we vote him/her out! Hope this info helps.

  107. Tom

    I’ve reviewed these postings about how the “Cap & Trade” bill will affect housing … and find it extremely hard to believe that our political leaders could be so DAMN DUMB !!!! The housing industry is in the worst “Depression” in history !!! How could they be dumb enough to try to enact such restrictions in selling a home??? What’s even worse is that you will not hear of this from the “main street media”. That’s how they are getting by with such BS federal regulations.

  108. Don Rota

    Did you read the bill?

    This stuff in Cap & Trad bill applies to public and assisted living housing or for assessing newly manufactured homes.


    – – – – – – – – –

    See: SEC. 202. BUILDING RETROFIT PROGRAM. Item (d) (2):
    (d) Federal Administration-
    (2) CONSULTATION AND COORDINATION- The Administrator and the Secretary of Energy shall consult with and coordinate with the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in carrying out the REEP program with regard to retrofitting of public housing and assisted housing. As a result of such consultation, the Administrator shall establish standards to ensure that retrofits of public housing and assisted housing funded pursuant to this section are cost-effective, including opportunities to address the potential co-performance of repair and replacement needs that may be supported with other forms of Federal assistance. Owners of public housing or assisted housing receiving funding through the REEP program shall agree to continue to provide affordable housing consistent with the provisions of the authorizing legislation governing each program for an additional period commensurate with the funding received, as determined in accordance with guidelines established by the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

    – – – – – – – – –

    Can you show documentation for where you got these numbers?: “The Congressional Budget Office (supposedly non-partisan) estimates that in just a few years the average cost to every family of four will be $6,800 per year. ”

    Show me the data that is backing up your argument. No data = you lost your argument.


    1. disabler

      Thanks for a voice of reason, Don. It is painfully obvious that all of these lemmings haven’t bothered to actually read HR 2454. They only latch onto any propaganda thrown out by the right wing…. every Republican to whom I’ve asked the question “Why do you vote the straight Reuplican party ticket?” Answer – because that’s what I’ve always done.

  109. linda handy

    As we continue down this road of destruction led by the likes of Barack OBama and the queen of plastic surgery and superficiality, Nancy Pelosi, I am becoming more and more appauled at how the majority of people sit ideally by and watch the destruction that these sociopathic twosome yield. When will the American people stand up and fight for our democracy, or beloved country. Let’s take America back from the traitors, the infidels and have a real live Tea Party.

    I am not in favor of the Cap and Trade Bill that includes forcing home owners to have a license for their property. Cap and Trade Bill of 09 – 10 is just one symptom of the plan of Obama and Pelosi to destroy the United States that our Constitution and independence stands for. This bill is great proof that Obama and Pelosi will not rest until they have completed creating the greatest depression the world has ever known. Run from the Democrates and their socialism..

    I pray that the public is smart enough at this point to realize that we can no longer allow a man like Obama, who hates America and hates the white man (though his uncelebrated family of origin is in fact white) continue to reign supreme. It is clear that his evil desires for the United States of America stem solely from his perception of the beliefs of his abandoning, absent, radical Islamic biological father and level 10 Muselim step father. Only a man without an ego structure, abandoned and left by both his parents, could ascribe to such hate of the U.S., the white, and the middle class. His lack of conscience runs deep. Oh yes, and then comes Pelosi, who learned all she knows about politics from her mafia affiliated father.

    God Bless America and our fore fathers and the Freedom we once stood for. Pray that the Republicans come home soon.

    1. disabler

      Linda, after reading your inacurate rant, I believe that you are a hateful person & I feel sorry for you. When you & your kind get their “way” this country will literally burn. You are a truly scary person.
      I pray that “the public” is much smarter than you. All Republicans conveniently “forget” that the previous 8 year Republican reign lead us to this mess. Rome was not built in a day.

      1. Erik


        I find it funny that a liberal will always use hateful as a commentary with something they disagree with but will not use any examples of where somebody like Linda is wrong.

        How can you blame the previous 8 years on Bush when the Democrates forced lenders to lend money to people who could not pay it back? Why is it that Obama isn’t doing anything to Freddie and Fanny?? Why do they get a pass when they are more corrupt than any Wall Street Exec??

        Rome was not built in a day, but really, is Rome an example you want to use? I feel sorry for you, you call people hateful and scary and whats really scary is your ignorance.

    2. Erik


      Obama’s family of origin is mixed, aside form that I agree with you. As for Republican’s, they need to get back to being little “r” Republican’s. Check out Mike Church for why I say this. http://www.mikechurch.com/

      As for you Liberals who love entitlements and huge Government, check out Mike’s website and get an understanding of how this country was founded. It was not founded to give people something for nothing, it was not designed to give the Federal Government power over our lives, that’s what they were fighting AGAINST!

      If you love Socialism so much move to places where they have it rampant, oh wait, those countries are in deeper financial trouble than we ever will be. But hey, continue to expect others to pay for YOU so you can sit there fat and happy.

  110. Robert A Hirschmann

    Last year I decided to write a humorous article on how to fix the world economy. It was just in jest but the sad fact is that it is really coming true. I can’t believe that the American people are that stupid.

    Saturday, September 12, 2009

    How To Fix The World Economy
    This is easy. All you have to do is give the billionaires a few more gazillion dollars or so and tell them to spend it and that will stimulate the economy. Of course you will have to increase the taxes on the poor unwashed masses a few thousand percent to pay for it but you have to take the good with the bad. That way we can get rid of a whole class of people. We would only have the rich and the poor. No more middle class. Wouldn’t that be great? And when we help the poor to die out by taking away food stamps, social security, health care and welfare we will only have one class. Everybody would be rich! Now isn’t that the Utopia that everybody is shooting for? Of course it is!

    Now I want everybody to write a letter to their congressmen to draft up a bill and let’s get this plan moving. Come on, START WRITING!!! Of course there will be a few dissenters as there always is when somebody comes up with a good idea. Well, that’s the way it goes sometimes. You just can’t please everyone. Hey! I don’t see anyone writing out there. Come on, get off your duff an start scribbling. It would be un American to not want to get this world running smoothly again. After all, isn’t that what we were put on this earth for? Our congress will listen to everybody that backs this movement because they are used to giving to the rich. They do it all the time.

    This article comes from the warped mind of Bob Hirschmann. There is no one else to blame for it. If you would like to hear more of my opinions and strange humor please send a comment to this address. rahlvnv@gmail.com Thank you.

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    1. Erik

      Scott W,

      Seriously, sending people to the very people who wrote that tripe is your response? They assume you bought a house in 1979 for 39k and want to sell it for 500k talk about bad examples! The truth is if your house does not meet THEIR conditions for energy YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SELL THE HOUSE UNTIL IT DOES. YOU WILL pay whatever it takes until it does!

      Since when can the Federal Government dictate ANYTHING to the States like this? Read the Constitution poeple! The Federal Government pissed on this document and the States allowed it, SOME States are starting to fight back and it’s about damn time too.

      The Federal Government needs to be put back in its place, SOON! Cap ‘n Trade is designed to make people rich, it is NOT designed to do anything else and as usual it will hurt American jobs and companies will go over seas to do business.

      Thanks Dem’s anything else you want to screw up? Oh the Reps aren’t any better! I’ll end with this note –

      The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money. Margaret Thatcher

  113. Mike S.

    Folks, whether you are on the right or on the left…whichever side which is currently talking and spewing out weighted down and stretched and skewed information, the current issues that are all being discussed can be corrected and controlled one way and one way only….PUT TERM LIMITS ON ALL OF THESE IDIOTS….BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE. The Strom Thurmonds and Robert Byrds…..how much good did they do for our country? These guys couldn’t put their own underwear on the last several years they sat in their chairs and voted on thousand page legislation with regularity. But they were not the most dangerous even though maybe the scariest. The more dangerous ones are the millionaire fat cats that sit like kings getting under the table favors of every kind from every PACT known to man, and a few we probably don’t know. They quickly forget they are representing anyone anywhere except their on personal interests. And we see examples of it every day.

    Wake up America…….we put term limits on all of these posts, and these leeches will not forget who they are working for. Let’s face it, it takes years and years to formulate all the shady dealings that our trusted elected officials are constantly involved in…we take that facet away from them and maybe, just maybe, we may get some representation.

    God bless America….bring on term limits!!!!

  114. Michael Hurst

    Unbelievable. You suckers actually fall for this baloney. This is a hoax, and you are all falling all over yourselves to rant and rave about it. Go to http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=h111-2454
    and read the actual bill. There is nothing in the bill that says anything like what is being said here. Go to Sec. 202 and you’ll see nothing like what these yokels are saying is in there. Or do a text search on “label” and you won’t find anything talking about a label being like a licence (labels are like “energy star” labels.

    If you can’t get up the time or energy to actually read the bill, check out the analysis on snopes.com

    It is a HOAX people, designed to stir up opposition to the bill, by creating a red herring. Sure seems to have worked on most of you.

    1. Are you Serious?

      @ Michael Hurst
      I went to the website you posted the link to. Read section 202, 203 and 204. It’s all there. Every word of it. Apparently you did not take the time to read those sections in your own link.

    2. Freewill

      Section 204 – Building Energy Performance Labeling Program begins on page 376, but focus your attention on subpart (h)(3) The Means of Implementation Section starting on page 386. In particular, see page 389 at the end of this section subpart ….(8)entitled Prevention of Disruption of Sales Transactions. Read it carefully and note that it only restricts the State from requiring the audit and labeling AFTER the Contract is executed and before the sale is completed. The door is still wide open for the State to require the audit and labeling, as is mandated by the Federal government in the previous pages, BEFORE the Contract can be executed.

      The ORIGINAL versions of this bill actually DID require an Owner to pay for and obtain the label, before the sale could be made. But it has since been amended under pressure from the NAR. Unfortunately, their pressure was applied in such a way as to protect REALTORS from losing Contracts and sales, but does NOTHING to protect the seller from the additional burdens and costs associated with this provision. Even if some States don’t end up requiring the upgrades that many fear to meet some minimum level of efficiency required to obtain a “label”, the effect on the seller will still be onerous as a substandard “label” or “rating” will certainly affect the value of his/her property.

    3. Anti-sheeple

      Hoax?! Yeah, Mike. And hijackers actually flew jumbo jets into two of the largest structures on earth…causing them to fall straight to the earth in an unimpeded freefall. That after several people reported being blown out of the basement and having walked over piles of dead bodies in a lobby 100 floors below. (That was a black flag op’) Believe what you wish. This has New World Order written all over it. This is not a site for sheep. Go back to your masters all you sheep.

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  120. ceagle

    I take exception to your Editor’s note dated 04-09-10. You are just like most
    of the Washington politicians who never take responsibility for what they have said.
    It is your duty, your responsibility, to stay on top of and update everything you post, even if it is over a 9 year period. Just like most politicians, you think the
    public is stupid and thick headed. It is you sir that is stupid and thick headed if you don’t understand the ethics of being responsible for everything you post. You are an arrogant elitist. I hope most people, as I have, realize your site is nothing but a rag of unreliable information. You should run for a political office. You certainly fit the bill; irresponsible, arrogant, unreliable, elitist.

    1. The Publisher Post author

      I don’t think the public is thick headed – just arrogant individuals like you. I would think that you would attack the New York Times for all the errors they have published over their history, but no – only web-sites, whose sole purpose is to make people look outside of the box, which they have been locked in for most of their lives, due to the propaganda being spit out by the controlled media.

      So what you have just admitted to all, is that you have been brainwashed by that same media – and I’ll bet that you even support the Socialist direction of the current administration. (Don’t worry, I didn’t support the previous administration either). Just for fun, why don’t you stop editing what you read – and read every comment left on this column, as I believe that you’ll read both pro and con, as relates to the column.

      In it’s original form, the Bill stated EXACTLY what this column states…

      And I’ll bet that you buy into ObamaCare as well!

  121. Marvis Malott

    He has 6 months to elect COBRA coverage….his employer is required by law to send him the paperwork….References :


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