Tiny Tim: “God Bless Us, One and All!”

pie_downApril 21, 2009 – Little Timmy Geithner really thinks he has the authority to spend other peoples money as he sees fit.  The fact that these thieves have been doing it for a long time does NOT make it right or Constitutional.

Americans really are so willingly ignorant of their RIGHTS it isn’t funny.  They have come to believe that government has money of it’s own.  They fail to understand that government hasn’t got one red cent or one brown one either.  Government has to TAKE (steal) what is the property of American citizens.

If we could get folks to think of all this money as what it really is – PROPERTY OF EACH INDIVIDUAL  – not the governments.  Each and every program – spending bill – debt note (IOU’s to foreigners) is the stolen property and liability of each individual as government has nothing to spend or borrow on except what belongs to John and Jane Citizen and their descendants for the next dozen generations.

So when you hear these politicians talk about a trillion here and a trillion there – it is YOUR property – your savings – your retirement – your home – your food – they are spending and placing as collateral for the DEBT the politicians are creating.  Even as they spend they are living off YOUR money which is what pays their too high salary and benefits.

If the population of America is roughly 300 million then all the debt being created is to be divided amongst the 300 million and that amount is a direct theft by the politicians from those 300 million.  It isn’t a *American DEBT* as so many have come to accept – ignoring it is an INDIVIDUAL DEBT.

Would those who accept the lie that government has the money they spend and put into debt be so like minded if they were to bring it down to their next door neighbor reaching into their purse/wallet/bank account and taking that money and using it as their own?  Would they let their neighbor charge up any amount they like on their credit cards?  How about mortgaging their property?  How about selling your children into slavery as bond servants?  That is exactly what government does and few speak out against it.

There was a disconnect many years ago with the American people and they came to think that all the government spending was with money that government had.  How did that happen?  How did people become so ignorant of where that money was actually from?  Could it have been when FDR began the redistribution of other peoples wealth?  Could it have been when welfare became a government program instead of a FAMILY or church obligation or responsibility?  Could it have been when government engaged in unconstitutional wars in foreign lands and told people they had to be *Patriotic*  – they had to *Fight over there so they wouldn’t have to fight here*?  Could it have been when government set out all those so called *safety nets* which in reality were and remain nothing more than SNARES?timmy_g

AKA campaigned on this kind of political BS and that is what elected him –  those folks who ‘thought’ they were going to get something for nothing.  They are now learning they are getting NOTHING  for  SOMETHING,  and that *something* is going right into the same pockets that it did under all the previous Liars who sat in the White House and Congress.  They got CHANGE alright –  a change of face in who lies to them and takes all they have.  Now they are HOPING for another CHANGE but the CHANGE that is coming this time is going to be far more disastrous than any we have seen before in America.  The Marxists chess pieces have all been put in place since FDR – one by one – silently and with great stealth – and now the great cage is ready to close the trap door and all within will be as captured as those wild pigs who got used to the fence and corn in Texas –  captured and ready for roasting.

When you look for the guilty party –  look in the mirror first.

Bye Bye Miss American Pie  –   you WERE the Shining Light on the Hill for a season –  now you are the ashes of another fallen dream – like Rome and the other great civilizations that fell from within.

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Jackie Juntti (Granny) is a daily reader and frequent contributor to the Federal Observer. In addition, she can usually be found between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. (ET) in the Chat Room of Perspectives on America, as a participant of the Editor/Publishers’ nightly broadcast on Liberty Radio Live.com. She can be reached for comment at idzrus@earthlink.net.

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