You’se Come A Long Way Baby!

“Give me control of the nations money, and I care not who makes the laws.” – Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild, Godfather of the Rothschild Banking Cartel of Europe.

biesada_2012January 12, 2009 – The United States Congress, and the Goldman Sachs Gang, just scored the biggest heist in history. A $750 Billion dollar heist. Wow, that’s the biggest score I can remember since the Purolator Security Company heist in Chicago, back in 1974.

You’ve come a long way baby!

The Purolator job only netted about 4.2 million, chump change to Henry Paulson and the Bush desperados, but upon further investigation there seems to be a common thread linking these bank robbery schemes back to the banksters and politicians.

The Purolator theft wasn’t as elaborate scheme as Paulson’s banking bail out scam, the culprits weren’t insider elitists, they were common burglars from my old neighborhood.

Pasquale Marzano was a criminal mastermind. He missed his calling, he should have been a United States Congressman. Patsy shared the same vehement passion for redistributing wealth.

Marzano, like members of Congress, stay up all night studying ways with an intense desire, to find ways to steal other peoples property.

Patsy was one of the Chicago outfits electronics experts. When the FBI caught up with him they discovered a comprehensive electronics library in the den of his home. He had a reputation for circumventing any type of alarm system.

Once a Chicago suburban bank boasted about their new security vault. They claimed the door was impregnable, featuring the most hi tech heat, sound, and motion sensors known to man. So it was al ledged that Patsy and his crew decided to rob this bank as a challenge to this banksters boast.

The culprits got away clean after emptying out the vault, they took the vault door. They had the temerity to take the 700 lb. door along with them and rub it in their face so the FBI and the security company wouldn’t be able to figure out how they circumvented the system.

The Purolator Armored Car Security Company was the largest cash heist in modern history up until the banking bail out scheme.

Purolator picked up the receipts from all of the local race tracks so there was plenty of small bills that couldn’t be traced.

Marzano, with his vast knowledge of electronics didn’t use any on this score. He did it the old fashioned way just like Hank Paulson, and Congress, he created an illusion then walked away with other peoples money.

Marzano’s cousin, Ralph Marrera, obtained a low paying security job at Purolator as a night watchman. The building was rigged with a silent alarm, which sounded at another security company down the street.

Marrera’s assignment was to trip the alarm at 8 PM every Saturday night until the other security company would think that the Purolator alarm system had a short in the system, and malfunctioned every Saturday night at 8 oclock.

On the Saturday evening of the robbery at 8:01 PM, three men walked into the garage through the overhead door way which Ralph opened up, while a look out remained outside. The thieves took everything they could carry and walked away clean with 4.2 million dollars according to the word on the street.

Like taking candy from a baby, Henry Paulson would chirp with glee.

Contrary to what you might hear, the FBI really didn’t do a lot of detective work to solve this case. One of the crooks, Peter Gushi, was a loud mouth drunk and he did a lot of talking in the bars while on a binge. The FBI got wind of him and squeezed his testicles to make him sing.

Next, they got Ralph Marrera and shot him up with sodium pentothal. Ralphie told them that he buried the money in his grandmother’s basement, they thought he was joking so they shot him up again, rendering him a vegetable, paralyzing him.

The word on the street was that the ‘G’ recovered about 2 million dollars from granny’s basement. They claimed that gang member, securities manager, Luigi Di Fonzi sent two million dollars down to the Grand Cayman Islands for investment.

Patsy Marzano, his nephew Billy, Peter Gushi, and James maniatis were convicted of the Purolator company robbery. Ralph Marrera never stood trial, the FBI sentenced him to life in a wheel chair as a paraplegic.

The interesting thing here is, Bankster security manager, Luigi DiFonzo, got acquitted and walked free to prey on society. He got involved with a couple of other fraudulent banking schemes before he died in 2002.

A long time ago, court reformer and criminal sleuth, Sherman Skolnick admonished me about the link between banksters and judges.

Sherman, whose Committee To Clean Up The Courts, touched off a series of bribery scandals from 1983 to 1993 which sent 20 judges and 40 attorneys to prison. Sherman told me to pay attention to judges and lawyers. he claimed that most judges become bankers or most bankers become judges so they can circumvent the law and bend the rules to benefit the banksters.

Skolnick ought to know – he had former Illinois Governor Otto Kerner sent to prison after Kerner became a Federal Appeals Court Judge.

Federal Appeals Court Judge, Otto Kerner, the highest level sitting judge in United States history went to prison over a banking scheme which involved his old pal, Theodore Isaacs, former Illinois Director of the Department of Revenue who owned a bank right across the street from the High courts Chicago offices.

Sherman’s investigation of the Purolator Security Company robbery nets different results from the original, official government version.

Skolnick contends that $25 million dollars was missing and that massive FBI corruption took place in the Marzano case.

Using the counting machines of the reputed mobster linked Amalgamated Bank and Trust of Chicago, top FBI officials arranged to falsely label the rip off as just 2 million dollars which the Bureau with then United States Attorney Jim Thompson, recovered from Marrera’s grandmothers basement.

The 23 million dollar difference reportedly financed the political ambitions of Big Jim Thompson who went on to become governor of Illinois for 14 years.

Thompson, Skolnick claims, is a Rockefeller stooge. Sherman contended that the Rockefellers’s are cheapskates, so they financed Big Jim’s career with stolen money.

Now, I can’t dispute Sherman’s claims because he passed away last year taking much information to the grave.

One thing is for certain; crime does pay for select people, and we have a government engaged in criminal activity acting as a criminal enterprise.

These public servants act no differently than Ralph Marrera did when he served as a plant watchman, at the Purolator company. They are in it for greed, not to protect the interest of the people. There is no banking crisis, it’s a man made scheme to rip off the people without wearing a mask.

Now, what are you going to do about it?

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5 thoughts on “You’se Come A Long Way Baby!

  1. Lauren

    ralph marerra is my cousin. and he isn’t paralyzed.. just thought you’d like to get your facts straight. he walks with a cane, but other than that.. he isn’t paralyzed.

    1. Dave

      Hey Lauren,

      I was at the vault the Monday after the heist to fix it. It was genius and I never forgot it to this day. I hope your cousin is doing well!


  2. Rick

    Lauren, you were either too young, or too dumb to remember, but your cousin sat in a wheel chair during the course of the trial which he was exempted because of his physical and mental condition.
    Years later he was tried and convicted given a lienient sentence.
    Many people thought that he was faking his condition to beat the trial but the law of averages caught up to him and he was brought to justice.
    Let me ask you, did your cousin walk with a cane before the robbery or was it the result of the governments use of medication to get his testimony. Also, how fast can he run a 100 yard dash?

  3. Donna Procaccio

    I met Ralph Marrea when I married his partner in crime Joseph Procaccio. Joseph’s mother Catherine Marreara Procaccio is the sister of Ralph’s brother. A crime she disowned her nephew over. Why can Catherine not look at the picture of the get away driver and not recognize her son. His friends recogonize him. Yes they hid the money in the grandmothers basement.
    But why did Ralph’s wife/girlfriend bring cash money in the thousands to Joseph for “rental of a garage”. Yes Ralph out of loyality for his cousin took the rap. Joseph to this day still a saint in everyone’s eyes was just as guilty.
    Look at the pictures of the unidentified man. It is Joseph Procaccio. No I never seen Ralph Marrera in a wheel chair with a cane yes but no wheel chair.


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