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April 29, 2016: The Bathroom Chronicles ~ 102

I identify as a dog. Where is the nearest fire hydrant? Oh – I can get arrested for indecent exposure? Then why is it not equal treatment when a Perv goes into a women’s bathroom – and don’t kid yourself – they are stalking there. ~ J.B.

LGBT Group Calls for Unconstitutional Federal Ban of Single-Sex Bathrooms in ALL Public Schools!
Sex crimes revolving around men in women’s facilities are becoming commonplace as liberals continue to push their anti-traditional values campaign onto the rest of us, but this fact doesn’t seem to be slowing the liberal march towards cultural insanity… (Continue to full article)

04-28_barstoolPedophiles: The Next Protected Minority Group
When liberals began targeting the sexual attitudes of our population through mass media and junk science such as Alfred Kinsey’s perverted sex studies, suddenly the worst thing one could be was a prude, and the accusation was thrown around almost as liberally (no pun intended) as “homophobe” has been in recent years. In retrospect, we can see that both were part of the same stratagem of shaming ideological opponents into acquiescence… (Continue to full article)

Judge, calling Hastert ‘serial child molester,’ gives former House speaker year in prison
hastertHastert would have LOVED the open bathrooms of today but he isn’t the ONLY politician guilty of molesting young boys and girls. This is the result of electing LIARS to public office. When they LIE about one thing they will lie about others and LIARS are NOT TO BE TRUSTED IN ANYTHING… (Continue to full article)

150 Students WALK OUT of high school after transgender allowed to use girls locker room
Everything about this makes me cringe. This ‘transgender girl’’who calls himself ‘Lila Perry’ and was born as a boy and, frankly, still looks very much like one, was recently allowed to use the girls locker room after P.E., BUT.. (Continue to full article)

More than 700,000 pledge to boycott Target over transgender bathroom policy
“We aim to please – you aim too – please…” (Continue to full article)

the Manneken Pis

Smith: We Choose to Fight

tranny bathroomCouched in the concept of “rights” for deviants, queers, perverts and transgendered individuals, President Obama and the anti-American far left Progressives are using “bias laws” [bathroom laws], like the one passed in North Carolina and proposed in Tennessee and Georgia, in their immoral agenda to subvert the traditional American family, Christianity and the U.S. Constitution. If Obama and the courts and a few million supporters of the LGBT deviant minority are allowed continued success in granting non-existent “constitutional rights” through their own unreasoned moral distortions and prejudiced arguments, our unalienable God-given rights will soon be denied, and the State Leviathan will emerge as the final arbiter of U.S. law, granting and eradicating one’s rights upon a whim. Continue reading

Oozing Sleaze ~ Secretary Clinton Surges Onward and Upward

Hillary ClintonThe left-of-center main stream media — which believes that it is entitled to foist the next president of the United States on a gullible public — has been bullying Senator Sanders and his supporters to get out of the race and let Secretary Clinton’s “barrier” coalition of African-Americans, other non-whites, and radical feminists take the Democratic Party nomination. Continue reading

The Founding Fathers Weren’t Concerned With Inequality

Economic disparity is a problem that has grown along with the nation.

This undated engraving shows the scene on July 4, 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress in Philadelphia, Pa. The document, drafted by Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Philip Livingston and Roger Sherman, announces the separation of 13 North American British colonies from Great Britain. The formal signing by 56 members of Congress began on Aug. 2. (AP Photo)

This undated engraving shows the scene on July 4, 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress in Philadelphia, Pa. The document, drafted by Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Philip Livingston and Roger Sherman, announces the separation of 13 North American British colonies from Great Britain. The formal signing by 56 members of Congress began on Aug. 2. (AP Photo)

In January of 1944, in the midst of the terrifying days of World War II, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt unveiled a huge idea in his State of the Union address. The nation had fought its enemies to ensure its residents remained free, he said, but American citizens could not be truly free if they were constantly worrying about where their next meal was coming from or if they could afford a roof over their heads. “People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made,” he said. Continue reading

The Bathroom Chronicles: The Insanity of it All

huh?_pizzzzArizona Bill Forces Public Buildings to Install Urinals in all “Ladies” Restrooms
Alright Ladies, A few of you Asked For Equality…… so why you shouldn’t you bear the burden of your desires….. the sad part is you drag the rest the population with you… (Continue to full article)

The Homosexual Manifesto Is Just Satire! Silly Americans!
It has been a week of weeks concerning the assaults on the American people coming from this administration and their communist allies within and without. They are becoming more emboldened, ruthless and obvious as to who is responsible for the crimes committed against the American people, especially those involving the sodomite community… (Continue to full article)

UrinellaWaiting Period to Buy Viagra?
Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the…..WHOA! That song is not in sync. Carolina is NOT that ‘fine’, according to the LGBTQ organization that has declared that the people in those states, North and South, are backward and must become progressive in order to keep up with the times in a changing world… (Continue to full article)

Facebook freezes Wash. woman’s account over ‘bathroom bill’ post
Kristi Merritt posted a collection of photos of her dressed in different clothes — a Russell Wilson jersey, a pirate outfit, and a sombrero — comparing the outfits to being transgender. Her caption reads, “A man in women’s clothes does not make him a woman. Men should not get to be in our bathrooms or lockers!”… (Continue to full article)

Dad & Daughter Confront Target Over Bathroom BS, What His Daughter Said Is HILARIOUS
target_thumbWhen he found out about Target’s new ‘inclusive’ bathroom policy that allows men to use the women’s bathroom, he decided to confront them himself — and brought his daughter along with him. Take a look at how this played out… (Continue to full article)

A Rape Survivor Speaks Out About Transgender Bathrooms
Even if there aren’t hundreds of abusers rushing into locker rooms by the dozens, the question I keep asking myself is, “What if just one little girl gets hurt by this? Would that be enough to make people reconsider it?”… (Continue to full article)

Trump on Transgenders in Public Restrooms
startrek_bathroomTrump is, of course, absolutely right. In the 1960s, I lived on the near north side of Chicago, the State and Rush Street area, where all the nightlife happened. Even back then there was a particular club on Rush Street where you knew that inside were men dressed as women doing imitations of famous people. Chicago’s near north is where the action happened, and we didn’t pay much attention to the club… (Continue to full article)

Transgender teen wins Virginia school bathroom appeal
Gavin GrimmI find it quite fitting that this issue is about BATHROOMS (TOILETS). These demons creations want to return to the OUTHOUSE where the SMELL and sight of what they are made of comes thru loud & clear. To all you folks old enough to remember the Outhouse – remember looking down into the hole to see what was there?? It was a huge pile of EXCREMENT from everyone’s bowels. That is exactly what this Transgender *movement* is – a huge pile of EXCREMENT!!! It all needs to be FLUSHED away into the sewer… (Continue to full article)

Caitlyn Jenner protests transgender bathroom law in Houston
OMG – wait until you check out these dogs… And if you don’t like my opinionated comment – that is just too damned bad! (Continue to full article)

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The War That Destroyed the Declaration of Independence



One would be hard pressed to disagree with the fact the Declaration of Independence not only defines the beginnings of our country but could be called our founding charter. Thomas Jefferson most eloquently laid out the tenets of lawful separation from a tyrannical oppressor, but also the definition of the one thing which defines the difference between ownership by the people of their government or the ownership of the people by a government: the basic tenet of “consent of the governed.”

It is both an indictment and a conviction of the Public Fool System and the institutionalized ignorance of the vast majority of citizens in this country that a government which operates without their consent is not only tyrannical and oppressive but such a government renders the people political slaves to their government’s edicts, rulings, and laws. Believing an elected representative who does not strictly adhere to a sacred oath to the Constitution is a lawful “representative” of their vested interests is insanity perfectly defined. Any elected representative who votes or acts unconstitutionally is a criminal and should be treated as such. Continue reading

Ross: If I Were To Ask You Who Just Died

headstoneApril 21, 2016 the world is shocked when it hears the news that music superstar Prince has been found dead. Suddenly it is all over the news; speculation and rumors abounding with suggestions that he may have overdosed on painkillers.

Was Prince talented; no doubt about that, he was. Was he a great guitarist; again, no questions about it, he was. But people die every day and they don’t get a moment’s notice on TV unless they are a celebrity. Are we in for another love-fest such as the one that followed the death of Michael Jackson; where people pay tribute to his music, his life, and how he touched their lives?

Did you know that the CDC, (Centers for Disease Control), reported that 2.5 million people died in the United States last year? Continue reading

Smith: Hillary Clinton for Prison

hillary in orange is the new blackBeyond sad and heartbreaking, many millions of patriotic Americans watch in dismay and anger, as millions of other citizens of our nation cast votes to make Hillary Clinton the next U.S. President, even though she is the consummate Machiavellian liar and takes to anti-American agendas, corruption and treason like a bear to a honey pot. But FBI scrutiny intensified in March, and according to statements made by U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, former U.S. Attorney Joseph DiGenova and former U.S. Attorney General Michel Mukasey, Hillary’s lies have paved the path towards a criminal prosecution. And, the surfacing truth concerning many of Clinton’s past and present activities suggests Hillary must be given a prison cell, rather than handed the most powerful position in the world. Continue reading

A Nation Needs Powerful, Wealthy, Ambitious Men

making americaOur last two articles, “An ‘Establishment’ Always Evolves Into An All-Powerful Oligarchy” and “Men In Dark Suits, Blue Smoke and Backroom Deals“, ripped the hide off of powerful, wealthy, ambitious men and for good reason. Still, having done so, it must be abundantly obvious to anyone with half an intellect that the huddled masses and the poor don’t build anything. So if it wasn’t for those same powerful, wealthy, ambitious men, steel wouldn’t have been made, skyscrapers, bridges, locomotives and ships would have not been built, oil would not have been refined into gasoline, fuel oil, paints, resins and nylon stockings, and a largely untamed land would have not been tamed. And if it weren’t for the bold financiers who took the huge risks to fund those ventures, none of it would have been possible. Continue reading

A Recasting of Our Currency to Promote a ‘New’ History

obama_fingerPatrick J. Buchanan is an historian. In his piece, “Dishonoring General Jackson”, Buchanan conjures up facts. That is what historians do. Regarding the recent proposal to put new faces on our currency, and noticing a very certain attitude,

“..this is affirmative action raised to fanaticism, a celebration of President Obama’s views and values, and a recasting of our currency..”
Continue reading

April 23, 2015: The Great Gun Grab

Chelsea Clinton promises her mom’s Supreme Court will gut the 2nd Amendment
chelseaHillary can’t wait to appoint someone else (to the Supreme Court) who will eliminate your rights. As Chelsea Clinton is all too happy to admit; her mom has plans for Heller… In other words, “With Scalia dead, we can finally destroy your 2nd Amendment protections the way we’ve always wanted to, and we’re pretty excited about that.” (Continue to full article)

Clinton Panders to Party’s Base, Praises Connecticut Gun Ban as a National Model
U.S. Senator and Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks at the 2007 "Take Back America" conference in WashingtonClinton – growing increasingly frayed over the stubborn persistence of her opponent in the Democratic Party primary – took to Connecticut this week to push her gun control message to what she hoped would be willing ears. No surprise, she combined her dual instincts for bad policy and pandering by embracing a 140-page gun control law the state passed in 2013 as a model for national legislation. Her comments echoed those of Barack Obama, who at the time also pushed for similar federal action, claiming, “Connecticut has shown the way . . .” (Continue to full article)

Rep. Tom Emmer Introduces Firearm Due Process Protection Act
justiceOn Tuesday, Representative Tom Emmer (R-MN) introduced H.R. 4980, the Firearm Due Process Protection Act. This legislation is meant to ensure that eligible firearms purchasers are not arbitrarily denied their right to obtain firearms. The Act would afford those who are denied a firearm purchase by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) an effective and expeditious means of correcting any misinformation that would erroneously cause such a result… (Continue to full article)

Hillary Blames Guns, Not Criminals
hillary_what mthe eff do you want from meDespite a litany of rebukes from news outlets and organizations that normally provide her with a steady stream of fawning coverage, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton refuses to abandon her misleading statements blaming Vermont’s gun laws for New York’s crime problems. Moreover, her continued defense of the deceptive talking point has provided a disturbing glimpse into the depths of her distorted views on firearms… (Continue to full article)

Professor: “How can I say I don’t want to support students who are gun enthusiasts…”
student_gunsMore evidence that America’s institutions of higher education have given up any pretense of providing a bastion for the free exchange of ideas came this week in the form of a commentary published in the Chronicle of Higher Education. The piece, authored by an anonymous college professor, explains the author’s reluctance to write a recommendation for a former student after promising to do so. The student’s sin? She exercises her Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms… (Continue to full article)

New York City: One Law for the Rich, Another for the Average
fearSomewhere, Big Tim Sullivan might be laughing. Over 100 years after the enactment of New York City’s handgun licensing law (commonly referred to as the Sullivan Act), the measure is still working as the political boss intended. That is to say, it is ensuring that New Yorkers who are well-connected, either by status or more nefarious channels, are able to arm themselves with handguns, while average residents remain at the mercy of the criminal element… (Continue to full article)

Hypocrisy on Firearms Enforcement? Congressman Beyer, Heal Thyself!
atf_logo_s160x160On April 11, U.S. Rep. Donald S. Beyer, Jr. (D-VA) rolled out his so-called ATF Enforcement Act, H.R. 4905 in an opinion piece in the Washington Post. Beyer claimed hypocrisy on the part of NRA and other pro-gun advocates who claim existing laws are not being adequately enforced. “We should call their bluff,” he wrote. Those are big words coming from the author of a bill he claims would “remove obstacles in [ATF’s] path, while also removing provisions in the law that… (Continue to full article)

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The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans

Nearly half of Americans would have trouble finding $400 to pay for an emergency. I’m one of them.

food-holeSince 2013, the federal reserve board has conducted a survey to “monitor the financial and economic status of American consumers.” Most of the data in the latest survey, frankly, are less than earth-shattering: 49 percent of part-time workers would prefer to work more hours at their current wage; 29 percent of Americans expect to earn a higher income in the coming year; 43 percent of homeowners who have owned their home for at least a year believe its value has increased. But the answer to one question was astonishing. The Fed asked respondents how they would pay for a $400 emergency. The answer: 47 percent of respondents said that either they would cover the expense by borrowing or selling something, or they would not be able to come up with the $400 at all. Four hundred dollars! Who knew?

Well, I knew. I knew because I am in that 47 percent. (Continue to full article)

Hultberg: Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace

weaknessWhat are the sources of the interminable wars throughout the world today? Why are militant Muslims terrorizing Europe and America? What has caused the turmoil in Ukraine? Is Vladimir Putin desirous of reigniting the Cold War? Does he represent a dangerous threat to the West as his predecessors in the Kremlin did? What role do our own politicians and intellectuals play in this increasing eagerness for war? Continue reading

Smith: Another Christian Genocide

“Silence in the face of evil is evil itself. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

mr_smithChristians are the primary focus of the Islamic State murderers in Iraq and Syria, who are also committing heinous acts against the Yazidis and other Muslims. Entire Christian communities are being eradicated through the most abhorrent and abominably evil acts imaginable. The Christian population of Aleppo, Syria, once numbering half a million, is now reduced to approximately 35,000. Virtually every last Christian has fled Mosul, Iraq, after being given “the choice” to convert to Islam or die. Christians qualify in many more significant ways to receive refugee status than any other people, and America and other predominantly Christian nations must provide them with immediate protection and sanctuary, or watch Christianity in the Middle East disappear.  Continue reading

Sex-Change Surgery HALTED at Johns Hopkins Hospital!

iggyAccording to Public Advocate Eugene Delgaudio, a lawyer whose specialty is family issues, a new American College of Pediatricians study is providing stark evidence that so-called “gender ideology” (a person’s decision to identify as a male or female) is very harmful.

So dangerous, infact, that they called upon educators and legislators to take action: “The American College of Pediatricians urges educators and legislators to reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal, a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex. Facts­not ideology­determine reality.”
Continue reading

Ross: Don’t Be A Tool

ROSS_cvr_v1_webIn modern vernacular, [language], there are a lot of words that have one commonly accepted meaning, but then mean something entirely different when used in a different context. Take for instance the word tool. In the commonly accepted meaning, tool means something like a screwdriver, hammer, pliers, or wrench. However, used in a different context a tool is one who lacks the mental capacity to know he is being used.

Don’t be a tool.

Of all the creatures on God’s Earth, man alone has the capacity to think, to question, to ponder, to extrapolate, and to advance himself as a species. Think of all the amazing things that man has done; technological advancements that have taken him to the Moon, musical masterpieces which can stir up emotions you never thought you had, and scientific breakthroughs which have extended our lifespan well beyond those of our ancestors; all because man has the capacity to think. Continue reading


NOTE: you’re probably not interested in used farm equipment, but you might enjoy this ad taken from CRAIG’S LIST.

manure spreaderFifty-year old manure spreader. Not sure of brand. Said to have been produced in Kenya. Used for a few years in Indonesia before being smuggled into the US via Hawaii.

Of questionable pedigree. Does not appear to have ever been worked hard. Apparently, it was pampered by various owners over the years. It doesn’t work very often, but when it does it can sling shit for amazing distances. I really don’t want it hanging around getting in the way.

I would prefer a foreign buyer to relocate the manure spreader out of the country. I would be willing to trade it for a nicely framed copy of the United States Constitution.

Location: Currently being stored in a big white house on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.

Men In Dark Suits, Blue Smoke and Backroom Deals

NOTE: The following article was designed to be Part 2 to our last article entitled “An ‘Establishment’ Always Evolves Into An All-Powerful Oligarchy.”

smoky_roomI had a dream the other night. I dreamt that, as a well-known writer, (I said it was a dream) I was invited to one of the secret meetings of the Bilderberg Group, (or Bilderberg Club as they are sometimes called)

In my rather vivid dream, as I was about to take my seat at the conference table where the future of the world was to be discussed, a very official looking fellow with white gloves came up to me and shoved an envelope in my hand. I started to open the envelope as I sat down.  As I unfolded the paper, the heading at the top, in big bold, gold letters, read: “The Bilderberg Club“. The letter started out… Continue reading

FULL List of Paychecks Hillary Collected From Wall Street

Out of the 92, only about 5 or 6 are less than $225,000.00

U.S. Senator and Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) speaks at the 2007 "Take Back America" conference in Washington, June 20, 2007. REUTERS/Jim Young (UNITED STATES) - RTR1QZ2H

Any of these listed your favorite companies? Must have some really good stuff to tell the audience. Wonder what it was? Good for her. She is a money making machine.

The media’s going nuts that Hillary Clinton took three big paychecks for three speeches at Goldman Sachs. At $225,000 a pop – that’s pretty good scratch – but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

She’s been very, very busy, raking in millions in a three-year stretch since she left her post as the Secretary of State. Continue reading

Obama’s Amnesties head to Supreme Court Monday

Much on the line for politicians & American workers ahead of Monday’s Supreme Court hearing on Obama amnesties

noamnesty_banner_02Oral arguments before the Supreme Court in the case filed by Texas and 25 other states against Pres. Obama’s second executive amnesty will take place on Monday. The Court’s ruling, which likely won’t come until late June, could have an enormous impact on the race for the White House, Congressional action for the rest of the session, and millions of American workers who would face increased labor competition from millions of illegal aliens receiving work permits if the President’s actions are upheld. Continue reading

Finley: Yet Another Hillary Big Lie

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton waves as she arrives to speak at an Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority luncheon in West Columbia, S.C., Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Upwards of ninety percent of the American electorate finds Secretary Hillary Clinton untrustworthy and what she said at a recent roundtable on equal pay in New York — in advance of the Democratic primary in New York on April 19, 2016 — shows exactly why. She has been widely reported as saying: “Some say there isn’t a gender pay gap.” … “That is just wrong. The typical woman working full time in 2014 was paid 79 percent of what men were paid.” Continue reading

An ‘Establishment’ Always Evolves Into An All-powerful Oligarchy

“When Sulla died in the year 676, the oligarchy, which he had restored, ruled with absolute sway over the Roman state; but, as it had been established by force, it still needed force to maintain its ground against its numerous secret and open foes.” ~ Theodor Mommsen, Rome Historian 1817 to 1903

trump vs establishmentIt must be made clear from the start that we do not endorse or take sides in the current Republican Presidential race for the White House. We have been less than enchanted with the whole lot of the original 17 candidates who raised their heads above the water to seek the highest office in the land. Nevertheless, we hold a particular loathing of “The Establishment” in either party and fear them more than any one candidate. That “The Establishment” would do everything in its power to derail the will of the people is beyond contempt but quite representative of what politics in America has become today and maybe always was. Continue reading