Why Does America Have a Second Amendment?

New York Times columnist Bret Stephens says (again) it’s time to ditch the Second Amendment.

Mass shootings have become almost a regular occurrence in modern America.

Every few months, we watch the television reports in horror: a lone gunman descends on some location—a concert, school, church, or nightclub—and opens fire on a group of unarmed people. Continue reading

How Shirley Temple Responded to Sexual Harassment

Is much of the current dialogue on sexual differences between men and women patronizing toward females?

Shirley Temple was probably the greatest child star, not only of her generation, but of any generation. She was not just popular, she was phenomenally, outrageously popular. No one hadn’t heard of her. Of course, her popularity was at its height in the 1930s. But even for someone growing up in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, she was still—despite the fact that she gave up acting early in her life—familiar to everyone and her movies were still frequently aired on television (which, those of us with cultural memories know, was the only way one could see old movies). Continue reading

Dead People, Seeing Only What They Want to See

“I see dead people. Walking around like regular people. They don’t see each other. They only see what they want to see. They don’t know that they’re dead.” ~ Cole Sear: The Sixth Sense

People love the sentimentality of their beliefs, the traditions and tribalism and forms of a self-conception, the good feeling that they get from believing that they are better than and different from the great body of mankind. Religions do this Even atheists and political parties and schools of economics and philosophy do this, since theirs constitutes a belief as well. We can be wonderfully profane.

But when it comes to applying those higher principles of belief in their daily lives, most people are highly selective, and in general want nothing to do with them, except as it is convenient, and serves their purposes without sacrifice. Continue reading

When Injustice Takes Hold: Freedom – Liberty – Really???

In the Beginning

As I last asked, if an official swears to uphold the Constitution for the united States of America, your state’s constitution, and laws thereof, how the heck can they do so if they do not know the laws they must uphold?

I had a terrible thought that woke me after a couple of hours sleep. I have believed most of my life that America began because of people that wanted religious freedom and to escape the absolute rule of so-called “Royalty”. In reference to the latter, they wanted to be free of the “feudal system” of Europe.

In case one is not aware of the feudal system, it is such that the Royal family, the King and/or Queen, that is, own everything. The people – the peons – are but ‘tenants” upon the land. They are subject to whatever the ruler or rulers want of their production during the year or whenever. Continue reading

Smith: The Negation of Freedom

One’s liberty is the most precious thing next to life itself, and Americans must stop standing in silence, while presidents, past and present, and Congressmen erode and trample our Fourth Amendment Right, no matter their intentions, through Orwellian legislation that directly contravenes it. Everyone must vociferously and fiercely oppose and counter these so-called “leaders” and their illegal violations of the Constitution, by replacing all those, who recently voted for the FISA Reauthorization Act of 2017, because no one, even in the name of national security, has any right or authority to take our liberty. Continue reading

Dwyer: Protecting the Integrity of American Elections

In the aftermath of the “FISA Abuse” memo that the House Intelligence Committee released last Friday, several Washington, D.C., politicians and pundits were quick to assure us that the said memo had nothing to do with the “collusion with Russia” on-going investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.

That might be true assuming that the purpose of the Mueller’s probe was to crack down of any kind of “collusion with Russia” as if the said “collusion” was one of the greatest evils that threatens our national well-being. But even then, why would one a priori assert that the fact, indicated in the “FISA Abuse” memo, that Hillary Clinton campaign and DNC paid, via former British spy Christopher Steele and opposition research company, Fusion GPS, to the Russians for the “dirt” that would have potential of derailing Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, should not be scrutinized by Mr. Mueller and his prosecutors? Continue reading

SARTRE: FBI and DOJ Corruption Beget Justice Denied

The facts about the collusion among the Deep State operatives regarding their plan to eliminate the Donald Trump Presidency have been covered in detail. Connecting the linkage among career supporters of the establishment empire within the FBI, DOJ and the Intelligence Community confirms our Founding Father’s most profound fears. Reject the specious diversion that party politics determines the correct version of the narrative and adopt the reality that the actual truth has been demonstrated by the actions of the systemic criminals that hold senior positions within these agency bureaucracies. Continue reading

Republicans Pushing National Biometric ID Bill

The two major parties in Washington, D.C., have been playing “good cop, bad cop” with the American people for decades, and the charade is still working. The vast majority of voters seem totally oblivious to the fact that both parties are little more than puppets for the “man behind the curtain” (to borrow a line from “The Wizard Of Oz”). After all is said and done, both parties are destroying constitutional government and liberty in America. They merely approach their duplicity from different directions. But both parties are taking the country down the same slippery slope to serfdom.

Democrats are the out-front bad guys on domestic/social issues such as abortion, gay rights, and gun control. Unfortunately, these are about the only issues conservative Christians pay much attention to. So, to them, Democrats are big bad sinners and Republicans are spotless saints. But what Christians and most conservatives never seem to notice is that when it comes to the advancement of the Warfare State and the promotion of the Police State, Republicans are far and away the baddest of the bad. So, depending on what the “man behind the curtain” wants to push at the time, he knows he has both parties in his pocket to do his bidding. Continue reading

Smith: A Day of Reckoning

“Never can true reconcilement grow where wounds of deadly hate have pierced so deep.” ~ John Milton

Americans are currently living in some of the most interesting and dangerous times, that they may ever hope to never see again, especially once one views the machinations of the corrupt and criminally-minded high ranking government officials and intelligence and FBI agents, under the Obama administration, who weaponized the FBI and the Department of Justice. The entire system of FISA-702 surveillance and data collection was weaponized against Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and his subsequent presidency, in a manner that can only be described as illegal, unconstitutional and sedition, if not outright treason. Continue reading

When Injustice Takes Hold: Freedom – Liberty – Really???

~ Introduction ~

The Fourth of July – a celebration of the freedoms our forefathers fought and died for.

But – – one might ask just what freedoms are we celebrating?

In fact, we might ask just what freedoms do we have in this year of our Lord, 2018?

Even better, we might ask what freedoms are we supposed to have? Continue reading

Letter to Governor Brown

Warning: Contains language which may be found offensive. ~ Neal

Governor Brown,

I was born in this State in 1958, and aside from the 13 yrs I spent serving my country in the Air Force I have lived here all of my life. I want to tell you something: If I didn’t own a home I would pack up everything that was of any value to me, load it in my truck, and leave this State forever; for it has gone to hell. As it is half the time I’m torn between doing that and setting my home ablaze as I leave; that’s how much I despise living in the place anymore.

It’s not that the land itself does not still have its charms, it does. Rather, it is the extreme liberal idiocy that I encounter almost everywhere I go, and the idiotic policies coming out of Sacramento that I hate so much. Excuse me for the crude language, but what the fuck happened to you people; when did you stop representing America and American citizens and start representing the citizens of countries who have come to America illegally? Continue reading

First the Battle Flag, Then What Remains

The Attack of the Orcs

Occasionally I will read articles on the ostensibly conservative web site, Townhall.com. Indeed, my good friend Jack Kerwick has published some fine pieces there. Recently, Paul Gottfried forwarded on to me an essay written by a Neoconservative Republican operative, Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby, “The Confederate Flag is Anti-American,” and I wanted to make a few comments on it while my blood pressure is sky high. Continue reading

Senate Leaders Reach Deal to Reopen Government Today

Take Up Immigration in February

12.41 (EST) ~ The Senate is expected to vote to advance a bill that would reopen the federal government after a brief shutdown, lawmakers and aides said, as Democrats agreed to a short-term pause in their standoff with Republicans over immigration policy.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) said he had reached an agreement with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) to end the impasse. Mr. Schumer said he and Mr. McConnell have “come to an arrangement” in which Democrats would provide enough votes to advance legislation funding the government for three weeks, in exchange for an assurance that the Senate would consider immigration legislation in early February, if the issue has not already been resolved. ~ Wall Street Journal, January 22, 2018

Lifelong Dem Believes Party is FINISHED After Forcing Government Shutdown

Democrat pollster Pat Caddell thinks the Democrats are in big trouble.

DooDoo, Schemer and Pocohantass

They gotten themselves locked into a battle of illegals vs Americans, which is never a good place to be.

Democrats pushed the issue to its limits, when they shut down the government, cutting off military and American children’s healthcare. Caddell says the Democrat Party has been hijacked and they’ve lost control of their base. Continue reading

Barbara Jordan’s wisdom is needed in today’s immigration debate

© Thomas J. O’Halloran, U.S. News & World Report Magazine – U.S. Library of Congress, U.S. News & World Report Collection

The Trump administration declared Saturday (January 17) to be Barbara Jordan Day, the 22nd anniversary of the legendary former Texas congresswoman’s passing. Presidents often make such declarations to honor heroes from our country’s past. However, Jordan was no relic from a bygone era. She was a trailblazer on many issues, not the least of which was immigration policy. Our country would greatly benefit if more of the players in the current immigration debate shared her vision. Continue reading

Democrats Vote Against CHIP Funding Ahead of ‘Schumer Shutdown

Oh the Demo-gaggery gets even better… Even the children don’t matter!

Scott Olson / Getty

186 House Democrats voted against keeping the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) funded for the next six years as they opposed a stopgap spending measure in the House of Representatives Thursday that would keep the government open for the next four weeks. Continue reading

BREAKING: Senate Fails to End Government Shutdown, Plans Procedural Vote

Lawmakers failed Sunday to end the federal government shutdown, which will stretch into a third day Monday as negotiations over immigration continued to roil Capitol Hill.

The Senate was expected to hold a procedural vote at noon Monday on a measure that would keep the government funded through Feb. 8, but it wasn’t clear if it would have enough support to advance.

A group of centrist senators from both parties had huddled Sunday in an attempt to chart a way out of the stalemate, fearing that it would harden as the shutdown’s effects expanded once the workweek began, including potential furloughs for tens of thousands of federal employees. ~ Wall Street Journal, 10:28 p.m., EST Continue reading