Words versus Actions: Stand Up or Shut Up

I had the privilege yesterday (10/20/18) of attending my third flagging/rally at the pedestal on which Silent Sam stood for one hundred and five years in McCorkle Plaza on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This particular event had been announced on FaceBook, calls of invitation had been made, and conversations held, and thirty or so people, most of them from North Carolina, had stated that they would be there. Five people showed up. Five. FIVE! And three of them were from out-of-state; my good friends Nancy Ann Rushton from South Carolina, Jason Lanier from Florida, and “Johnny Infidel” from Georgia. The only two North Carolinians present were myself and my friend Charles Shepherd. It was chilly and raining and uncomfortable, but we were there. Regardless of the weather, it was worth being there; we had some good conversation, forged some bonds, and some of us made some new real-world friends. Continue reading

…and now the end is near!

Tonight we offer you a spattering on headlines and links to what I now refer to as “the End” of America as we knew her – or THOUGHT that we knew her. I’ll see you at Sundown, for it comes fast now. ~ J.B.

Protesters Who Do Not Know What They Are Protesting Against
I myself encountered a woman who had protested against Trump in the big march in Washington after he was elected. I was curious to listen to her reasoning as to why she had traveled to Washington to protest against Trump. She said she did so because no man was going to tell her what to do with her body. When I asked what was it that Trump was going to do, she said outlaw abortion. When I said no president can do that since it was already decided by the Supreme Court. I said the only thing ANY politician can argue for or against is funding for government paid abortions. Her response was that I was a misinformed Trump supporter and wrong. I saw no point in continuing the conversation. You cannot teach someone anything who is incapable of actually listening objectively to anything no less understand the actual political system in which we live.… (Continue to full article)

The Corporatist War On Free Speech – Are We A Nation Of Sheep?

How the GOP has taken ownership of Obamacare
Republican leadership has failed. We need a libertarian revolution… (Continue to full article)

Some Unwelcome UN Guests
Well, the Soros-sponsored invasion of the southern united States has officially begun, with the United Nations giving a large helping hand.

This invasion was supposed to have been stopped at Mexico’s southern border. The Mexican police, or army or whatever, was there and they lobbed a little tear gas at the invaders and then basically got out of the way to let them pass… (Continue to full article)

Yuge! Police Haul Bus Loads Of People From The Caravan Back!
YEAH – well that was 24 hours ago and the Invader Army has grown and gotten more resourceful… (Continue to full article)

Where Does Your State Rank on Individual Tax Burden? A Look at All 50 States
Taxes are the price that regular people pay for government spending. Whether that spending goes to things and services that people want, like road repairs, schools, fire and police protection, trash pickup, public parks, or to things that people don’t really want, like sports stadiums or excessively lavish pension benefits for bureaucrats, the bill for all these things is ultimately paid through taxes… (Continue to full article)

The Dominatrix Party, AKA Party Of Man-Haters
In response, a journalist in attendance quipped that this is “what the Left sounds like.” He ought to have stated the obvious. Sure, there are a few male eunuchs among these girls gone wild. But this is predominantly what women of the left sound like… (Continue to full article)

Migrant caravan swells to 5,000 resumes advance toward US
The rumors are now that it has reached between 7,000 and 12,000 marchers. Bring in the Gunships to quell this “RABLE”!!!!!! They’ll soon turn back to where they once lived for it will be safer!!!… (Continue to full article)

Our Coming RIGGED Election
This is the real story that all the fake media, fake agency investigations and scapegoat “stories” help to minimize and/or cover-up… (Continue to full article)

Sartre: Love It or Leave It

A half century ago the infamous and timeworn trope coming from the supporters of the Viet Nam War was all over the airwaves. “Love It or Leave It” was the standard retort from the gung-ho believers to the anti-war activists, who filled the streets with civil disobedience. An entire era of youth came under suspicion, from fathers of that “Greatest Generation” for questioning the purpose and wisdom of American leaders and the military policy that drafted dissenting objectors into coercive service.

Now with the undying “War on Terror” as the trumped up cornerstone of government survival, the same old party line of jingoism rises again to smear any opposition of the all mighty war machine. Continue reading

Hey – Let’s Just Let ‘Em All In!

“There is overwhelming bipartisan support outside of Washington that we need to finally secure our borders, enforce our laws, and stop the problem of illegal immigration.” ~ Ted Cruz

“Quite simply, federal laws already on the books aimed at stopping the flow of illegal immigration must be enforced. Furthermore, states must be given the resources necessary to confront the problem, which includes strengthening the border patrol.” ~ Allen West

They are Coming…

The throng of Central American migrants advancing toward the U.S. border in southern Mexico has now swelled to a whopping 5,000 people as they defy the efforts of four governments to break them up.

Thousands of mostly Honduran migrants rose at dawn on Sunday from the shores of a river between Guatemala and Mexico and continued their trek northward, overwhelming Mexican government attempts to stop them at the border.

Their numbers swelled from 2,000 to about 5,000 overnight and at first light they set out walking toward the Mexican town of Tapachula, 10 abreast in a line stretching approximately a mile. (SOURCE)

In spite of President Trump’s crack down on illegal immigration, illegal aliens are pouring into our country in large numbers. For the months of March, April and May of 2018 over 50,000 illegal aliens have crossed our southern border each month, according to the U. S. Border Patrol. 50,000 illegal entries per month equals 600,000 illegal entries per year and you, a legal American, get to pay for each one of them, and pay through the nose.

Right after the U. S. Government’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) decided to end family separation at the southern border due to irrational Democratic pressure and U. S. District court decisions, the word traveled like a wildfire to Central and South America. On September 13, 2018, DHS reported a huge spike in the number of families crossing into the U. S. seeking asylum. Of course, we have to take them all in under U. S. law. Continue reading

John McCain: The (Final) Score

The original title of what you are about to read was, John McCain: The Score. We have chosen to slightly alter said title, as it is the last post that we plan on posting regarding this vile individual. ~ JB

Now that a week has passed since Sen. John Sidney McCain III was given a truly presidential sendoff in Washington, it is not in poor form to try and amend the gushing record presented by the media and the bipartisan establishment. The plaudits and perorations are well known, including Meghan McCain’s amazing claim that America’s war in Vietnam was a noble fight “for the life and liberty of other peoples in other lands”; but now, audi alteram partem. Continue reading

Hanson: Epitaph for a Dying Culture

This Hanson masterpiece needs to be studied, read aloud to your children, and disseminated to everywhere throughout our country – JW

The Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and their endless sequelae have ended up as an epitaph for a spent culture for which its remedies are felt to be worse than its diseases. Think 338 B.C., A.D. 476, 1453, or 1939[i].

The coordinated effort to destroy Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court required the systematic refutation of the entire notion of Western jurisprudence by senators and much of the American legal establishment. Continue reading

Ross: Our Goose Is Cooked

With increasing frequency I am finding it harder to sit behind this keyboard and scribble out these articles for people to read. It is not that there is a lack of things for me to write about; it is rather that I am coming to realize that whatever I say is not going to change the way people think.

I sometimes wonder if there is some kind of mass psychosis going on in America with this division between Republicans and Democrats; and anyone who attempts to shine a light on the truth is attacked and denounced by both sides for disrupting the status quo. I have also been wondering what it is about me, and people like me, that sets us apart so that we are not affected by this psychosis. Continue reading

What has passed has passed…

…and what a ‘gas’ it has been!

No, we are not referencing a Heine leak here…

Ok – I either have your attention, or you were offended by our opening remark and have already bailed out.

So – I have taken a rather long hiatus from posting on our family of websites, but it has all been for good reason – well – a reason anyway – and frankly – it wasn’t so good after-all – but it was needed – and my battles are not over…

What follows below are a series of columns more than worthy of posting – and most, if not all I have been sitting on for a number of weeks or longer – but EACH of them goes to the heart of what ails America. There will be two more to follow later on Thursday, but each is time-consuming to prepare – but worthy of the efforts.

I have not been so lucky with my recent fishing expedition, but as it is in life – we will persevere until Victory.

I’ll See You at Sundown…

Benson: Cultural Marxist Mentality on Display

Well, it seems as if Bill Clinton’s better (or more vindictive) half is calling for less civility in politics. Is anyone even surprised? When was she ever civil to her adversaries? She labeled those who dared to vote against her vaunted presidency as “deplorables.” And in very typical cultural Marxist style, she continues to accuse them of what she and her socialist Democrat friends routinely do. It’s alright for her but not for her adversaries.

“Madame President” has been quoted as saying “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about.” So what does she spend her time trying to do to her adversaries but the exact thing she is accusing them of? But after all, isn’t she entitled to do that to us? If she isn’t, well, she should be. And aren’t her adversaries then entitled to return the favor? Oh no–no way. The game doesn’t work that way. Continue reading

America’s Diminishing IQ

Wherever one goes on social media or any other public forum, one of the main thrusts of conversation is the apparent mental deterioration of the American public. Today’s Americans are not only more ignorant than previous generations, but as illustrated by our violent politics and social chaos, we appear to have lost the ability to function as civilized people. Much is explained by our deplorable educational system, but the loss of the ability of many people of all ages to rationally think and act cannot be explained away simply by bad schools or toxic entertainment. Even the most credulous are beginning to believe that there is some underlying reason for the collapse of the American intellect, something that is more basic than bad teachers, schools and curricula—and they’re right. (Read more at Dr. Kelley’s Victory Over Cancer)

The Death of the West

…a Trend that Can Still Be Reversed?

Are we now living through the beginning stages of the death of the West? Or at least the West that we once knew, love, and cherished? That gave rise to the greatest period of prosperity and freedom that this world has ever seen, or are simply going through a dramatic shift in the zeitgeist that will inevitable correct itself?

It is unknown as of yet, what the dire ramifications of this extremely unstable period of time we now live in, are going to be. The old rules of politics and civility have been broken, and in large part, we can thank both the radical left and the far right for doing so. Continue reading

Draining the Swamp & Why the New York Times is Trying to Overthrow Trump

There has never been any president who has been so attacked and hated by the media in the history of the nation. Now the New York Times has done a piece claiming that Trump was handed over $400 million from his parents and he is neither a self-made man nor did his parents pay taxes on handing him that money. All of this hatred is clearly designed to protect the corruption in government. They just hate him and the people who voted for him because they wanted the DRAIN THE SWAMP. Continue reading