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Monckton: Profiteers of Climate Doom

Ten killer questions that expose how wrong and ideologically driven they are.

Zemlja+se+topiA century or so from now, based on current trends, today’s concentration of carbon dioxide in the air will have doubled. How much warming will that cause? The official prediction, 1.5-4.5 degrees Celsius (2.7-8.1 degrees Fahrenheit) per doubling of CO2, is proving a substantial exaggeration.

Professor William Happer of Princeton, one of the world’s foremost physicists, says computer models of climate rely on the assumption that CO2’s direct warming effect is about a factor of two higher than what is actually happening in the real world. This is due to incorrect representations of the microphysical interactions of CO2 molecules with other infrared photons. Continue reading

Justice Department to Sue Ferguson Over Policing

Ferguson Burning: But let's not sue the perpetrators.

Ferguson Burning: But let’s not sue the perpetrators.

The Justice Department filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the city of Ferguson, Mo., seeking to force broad changes to the police department in the wake of the 2014 officer shooting of an unarmed 18-year-old.

The announcement comes a day after the city council voted to seek new terms to a negotiated settlement between the city and the federal government over reforms to police practices. A Justice Department probe of the Ferguson Police Department found systemic racial bias. (SOURCE: Wall Street Journal)

February 10, 2015: Terror On the Arizona Border

~ Foreword ~
woodward_no-eyesAs I awoke this morning, I received the following, which was sent to me by Author and Arizona Border Activist, Ed Ashurst. Ed had received this forwarded post from the widow of Arizona Rancher, Rob Krentz. It has been nearly six years since the murder of Krentz, and as we see – NOTHING has changed in America. It has only gotten worse. (J.B.) Continue reading

Send ’em to D.C.

old fart

Michael from Arizona?

I am over 60 and the Armed Forces thinks I’m too old to track down terrorists. You can’t be older than 42 to join the military. They’ve got the whole thing backwards.

Instead of sending 18-year olds off to fight, they ought to take us old guys. You shouldn’t be able to join a military unit until you’re at least 35.

For starters, researchers say 18-year-olds think about sex every ten seconds. Old guys only think about sex a couple of times a month, leaving us more than 280,000 additional seconds per day to concentrate on the enemy. Continue reading

Hillary Helps a Bank—and Then It Funnels Millions to the Clintons

The Wall Street Journal’s eyebrow-raising story of how the presidential candidate and her husband accepted cash from UBS without any regard for the appearance of impropriety that it created.

The Black Magic Woman

The Black Magic Woman

The Swiss bank UBS is one of the biggest, most powerful financial institutions in the world. As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton intervened to help it out with the IRS. And after that, the Swiss bank paid Bill Clinton $1.5 million for speaking gigs. The Wall Street Journal reported all that and more Thursday in an article that highlights huge conflicts of interest that the Clintons have created in the recent past.

The piece begins by detailing how Clinton helped the global bank. Continue reading

Hillary Advisers From Big Health, Big Pharma

Evita Clinton: And the money kept rolling in from every side. Hillary's pretty hands reached out and they reached wide.

Evita Clinton: And the money kept rolling in from every side. Hillary’s pretty hands reached out and they reached wide.

Hillary Clinton is campaigning as a guardian of President Barack Obama’s progressive policy accomplishments. In recent weeks, she has called the Affordable Care Act “one of the greatest accomplishments of President Obama, of the Democratic Party, and of our country,” and promised that she is “going to defend Dodd-Frank” and “defend President Obama for taking on Wall Street.”

Meanwhile, however, Clinton’s campaign has been relying on a team of strategists and fundraisers, many of whom spent much of the last seven years as consultants or lobbyists for business interests working to obstruct Obama’s agenda in those two areas. Continue reading

Marr: Life In The Internet Outhouse

a two-fer

a two-fer

There was a brief time, back in the early days of social media, when I had both a Facebook and a Linked-In account. This was long before the revelations of Edward Snowden. This was long before I came to view the Internet as a technology that – more often that not – is highly detrimental to intelligence, attention span, human interaction, basic courtesy and common sense. Continue reading

Stover: Welcome to the Complications of Gay Marriage

rainbow_skittlesWell, you said you wanted it, you fought for it, and now you’ve got it, what you called “marriage equality,” the right to marry someone of the same sex. Most of us didn’t want it; we define marriage as between a man and a woman, period. Anyway, gay marriage is now legal in America, so you now have the same complications as your heterosexual friends, and then some.

The best advice before you marry: see a lawyer. Continue reading

Fernandez: Cultivating Ignorance and Arrogance

“No nation is permitted to live in ignorance with impunity.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

civics for dummiesMillions of Americans remain puzzled by the legions of fellow citizens who would trade capitalism and exceptionalism for the siren song of “free” stuff proposed to varying degrees by Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and, to some extent, Donald Trump. They shouldn’t be. A pernicious combination of civic illiteracy, coupled with a growing sense of entitlement, especially among Millennials, is rapidly approaching critical mass. Continue reading

DeWeese: Private Property Ownership

The First American Right To Die Under Barack Obama’s Tyranny


Thomas A. DeWeese

“Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can…” John Lennon wrote these words for a fantasy song to glorify his understanding of the road to peace. John may not have understood the true origins of his thoughts, but we know it as Communism. Barack Obama knows that too and is determined to make sure you understand the consequences of “no possessions.” In government-speak it’s called the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule.” (AFFH) Once it becomes a reality you will be able to fully appreciate John’s statement – imagine no possessions.” For if AFFH is allowed to stand, the concept of private property is about to die in America. Continue reading

Dvorak: Drip drip drip, emails continue to flow from hrd22clintonemail.com

politifact_photos_hillaryemailLet’s hear a collective sigh of relief from all the tin hat conspiracy theorists working overtime on the aliens, the JFK assassination, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny – the Hillary Rodham Clinton’s email server is looking increasingly like a REAL conspiracy, not a theory.

So far, 22 emails have been completely withheld because the information is so “Top Secret,” that if redacted versions were disclosed they would trigger “exceptionally grave damage to the national security,” according to the State Department. Continue reading

Ross: Get Off The Damned Bus! (A Super Bowl Day Rant)

flaming busIf I came to your house and presented you with a list of rules by which you must live your life, then demanded that you pay me a portion of your income to allow me to force you into compliance you would probably do one of three things; either you would laugh in my face; slam the door on me; or you would simply kick my ass for even making such a foolhardy proposition. If I came back with two or three friends and we made the same suggestion as a group you would probably just kick our asses, or shoot us on the spot.

Why then is there such a willingness amongst the people of this country to blindly accept that whatever ‘government’ enacts is the law and that, as good conscientious Americans, they must obey? Why is it that people continue to support such evil when by almost every act it performs it proves detrimental to their freedom? Continue reading

Smith: Murdering an American Patriot

“You murder and covet and cannot obtain. You fight and war … Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is a sin.” ~ The Book of James

FINICUMOn a lonely stretch of U.S. Highway 395, Robert LaVoy Finicum, spokesman for the Bundy group occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, a grandfather, rancher and an American patriot, was murdered by federal authorities and Oregon State Troopers on January 26th, after repeated FBI assurances that he and his fellow protesters would be given safe passage to leave at anytime. The murder of LaVoy, who was peacefully protesting the incarceration of Dwight and Steven Hammonds and in defense of the U.S. Constitution and our sacred rights, ever mindful of the fact he was armed as was his right, spilled the kindred blood that flows in the veins of all American patriots. Continue reading

McConnell Sponsors Bill that Would Open Up Use of US Military Force to Obama Anywhere at His Discretion, both Foreign & Domestic

…from the current Bitch RINO.

Lil Bitch McConnell

Lil Bitch McConnell

It’s about to get real friends! In a stunning move at the end of January, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pushed through a bill that claims to “authorize the use of United States Armed Forces [AUMF] against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and its associated forces.” The problem is that the bill is not only unconstitutional (not a declaration of war), but is also open-ended, not restricting where those forces can be used. As usual, they are covering what they are doing by advancing the idea that it is an effort to defeat Islamic terrorists.

According to the bill, the Congress “Authorizes the President to use all necessary and appropriate force to defend U.S. national security against the threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), its associated forces, organizations, and persons, and any successor organizations.” Continue reading

Beaman: (Not so) Affordable Care

obamacare_weblogI read a thoroughly plausible explanation that Obama cut a deal with the insurance companies to get them on board with the entire effort.

It all started with government deciding that health care was too important to leave to the people and marketplace, so it developed licensing. This followed another governmental paternalism project in education. That government enforcement became the vehicle for the inculcation of socialistic, communistic and atheistic (often allies, anyway) principles and later the New World Order.

If you argue that education and health care are too important to be left to the people, then what about other endeavors that are also crucial, and maybe even more so, to human survival? Continue reading

Gaddy: Why We Will Never Be Truly Free

~ Forewords ~
What follows below has to do with the attitude expressed by Ewart and many others like him that is preventing all of us from being free.

Years ago I wrote an article I called “comfortable patriotism.” Must have struck some nerves somewhere. Couple of websites refused to publish it and two days later had a black suburban in my yard with Feds wanting to know why I’m anti-government. I explained I was not anti-government, I was anti-corrupt government. Jeff published the article. At the time I did not know him and he did not know me.

Guess it’s time to revisit that subject.

Cliven mounted up for memorial horseback ride.

Cliven mounted up for memorial horseback ride.

Thousands yesterday at LaVoy Finicum’s funeral in the small town of Kanab, Utah. Hundreds openly carrying firearms. Service was being broadcast by live feeds until Feds jammed transmissions. Shawna Cox was there with ankle bracelet. Cliven Bundy led the memorial horseback ride after the service. LaVoy’s wife was the epitome of class. LaVoy’s mother and father sat to the left of the casket. Several of his daughters expressed their outrage just off church grounds after the service.

Some in this country see the light at the end of the tunnel we are in is the on rushing freight train of tyranny and oppression. ~ Mike Gaddy

“When it comes to being a true supporter of individual Freedom and Liberty, one cannot be just a little bit pregnant, you either is or you ain’t.”
Continue reading

Lewis: The Supreme Court rules…

supremecourtThe following commentary his provided by the great Ed Lewis in response to a recent column by Kelleigh Nelson at News With Views (See link below). Heed the lesson. The Professor has spoken – wisely. (Ed.)

Such a ruling is a gigantic falsehood by the so-called Supreme Court. In other words, it is complete BS, including the idea that a bunch of US justices can violate the law with impunity themselves.

First, there is this, the definition of fraud: Continue reading

Ross: If I’m Truly Complicated…

(This Must Boggle Your Mind)

ROSS_cvr_v1_webSometimes an idea gets a hold of me and I can’t let it go until I’ve completely exhausted it. I had thought that I’d done that with my last commentary but the embers were still burning in my brain and must have flared up during the night while I slept; because this morning I woke up with a full-fledged whirlwind going on inside my head. It took me a couple cups of coffee and a bit of thinking to organize these thoughts into some semblance of coherency, but I finally came up what you are about to read. Although this is irrelevant to the point I’m about to make; I just thought I’d explain how sometimes these rants of mine come together.

A good many people seem to be of the belief that I am personally attacking them when I write my articles or say certain things in public discussions; I’m not. What I am doing is attacking the things you believe; therefore the things I say are not personal attacks, rather attacks upon the lies and rhetoric you have chosen to accept as truths. Continue reading

Dwyer: Iowa Election Manipulation

iowa fraudIf you lived in Soviet Union and tried to run for the Supreme Soviet (an elective body with powers similar to those of the U.S. Congress) with a political program different from the one advertised by the Soviet ruling clique, you would have everybody against you: the establishment, the press (and its propaganda), the political organizations, and for obvious reasons. But suppose you managed to politically survive until elections, and all your name ended up on the ballot. Obviously, you would lose, badly, on election day. But it would take extreme naiveté to conclude that the citizens of the Soviet Union rejected you and your program. The Soviet “elections” system was controlled by the ruling clique to assure the continuity of their monopoly on power. Continue reading

The Futility Of The Oregon Armed Standoff

Includes supplemental Video: “Who was LaVoy Finicum?”

FINICUMAs advocates for the American rural landowner, (NARLO) we have great empathy for what landowners are having to endure at the hands of a heavy-handed government, the environmentalists that have infiltrated every nick and cranny of government and the Indians that are finding creative ways to seek revenge against the White Man with sympathetic courts, high-paid lawyers and ancient Indian treaties. The fact that the anger is rising in the landowners of the American West is as predictable as the Sun rising in the East. Continue reading

Family, Second Witness Say LaVoy Finicum Was “Murdered

Arizona rancher LaVoy Finicum was “murdered” by law enforcement agents, says the Finicum family, in the obituary posted to the mortuary chapel website announcing his funeral arrangements, which are scheduled for Friday, February 5.

Robert LaVoy Finicum

Robert LaVoy Finicum, R.I.P.

“Robert LaVoy Finicum was born on January 27, 1961 in Kanab, UT and was murdered the day before his 55th birthday on January 26, 2016,” the obituary states. “LaVoy was born to David and Nelda Finicum and had six siblings, Sherre, Guy, Jody, Jill, Misty, and Tadi. LaVoy was married to Dorthea Jeanette Finicum on February 18, 1994 and together they have eleven children, Thara, Belle, Tell, Tawny, Arianna, Brittney, Mitch, Thomas, Challice, Danielle, and Tean. Combined they have 19 grandchildren with three more on the way.”

The obituary goes on to detail some of his personal history: schooling, ranching, involvement in LDS church activities. After receiving LaVoy Finicum’s body, the family had it examined by an independent examiner, a close family friend told The New American. However, they have not yet released any details of that examination. Continue reading

Gaddy: What’s in a Word

Governments have created laws to oppress the rights of the people they were tasked to protect.

lawbooksPossibly the most misunderstood, misapplied, misrepresented word in the English language is the simple three letter word spelled, l-a-w. What or who is the law? How is it to be defined? Who is charged with its application as relates to the citizens of this country? Who is to decide what the law is and what the law is not? Is the law only the tool of the righteous or can it be used for the purposes of abject tyranny? Continue reading

Congress quietly moves NAFTA superhighway corridors forward in FAST Act

No borders – just highways for the elite and their prisoners.

Remember Dr. Zhivago???

no open bordersTucked into the 1,300-page federal highway bill, ‘Fixing America’s Surface Transportation’ Act, or FAST Act, that passed at the end of 2015, Congress quietly advanced several corridors of the NAFTA superhighway system, like Interstate-11. The interstate will connect Phoenix to Las Vegas and will ultimately run from Nogales, Arizona to northeast Washington State, establishing key trade corridors from Mexico to Canada.

The FAST Act is the first long-term highway bill to pass in over a decade, but it failed to enact any major reforms, failed to shore-up the funding shortfall in the federal highway program, and keeps most federal programs, like the NAFTA superhighways, euphemistically called high priority corridors, on auto-pilot for the next 5 years quietly eluding public scrutiny, while advancing the establishment’s global trade agenda. Continue reading

Is Privatization of Western Lands the Answer to the Face-Off with the Feds?

Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

It appears that the Oregon standoff may soon come to an end after the killing of one of the leaders and the arrest of others, including Ammon Bundy, who has called for the remaining holdouts to leave the wildlife refuge. But regardless of what happens regarding this tragic episode, there is no doubt that the controversial continuation of federal control of western land is still unsettled and will likely lead to future face-offs. Continue reading

Baldwin: Big Oil, European Immigration, And Abortion-On-Demand

What’s Really Going On With Oil?

OilsWellTITLETo the globalists pulling the strings of the Western axis (aka New World Order), it’s all about BIG OIL. The petrodollar is the god of the globalists who control the big banks, big oil companies, and big governments of the Western axis. And the axle of the axis is the Sunni Muslim nation of Saudi Arabia.

And it appears that regime change is coming soon to Saudi Arabia. And, by all accounts, the new king is anything but stable. Folks, this portends rough waters ahead.

BIG OIL is taking advantage of the global oil glut (and thus low oil prices) to run U.S. “cowboys” (independent, mid-sized oil companies in the shale business) out of business. The U.S., Israel, Great Britain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, etc., have been using terrorist groups such as ISIS and al Nusra to attack Shiite Muslim nations for the express purpose of giving Western axis-controlled Saudi Arabia as much monopoly over the Middle East oil market as possible. In short, the NWO wants to eliminate the oil competition in Iran. Continue reading

Finney: Systems Education Defined

AppleMany Americans are coming out in opposition to Common Core. I applaud that. But I have to wonder how many understand that Common Core is nothing more than the move from state standards to the standardization of exit outcomes, nationwide?

In every state, the exit outcomes, as measured by the assessment, runs the show. Everything that occurs, in the classroom, is aligned to the exit outcomes. Continue reading