If You Can’t Trust the Government…

A poll came out just recently from Monmouth University in New Jersey. It showed that Americans are more aware of the Deep State and its evil machinations than the Deep State could wish for.

According to an article on Zero Hedge for March 19th: “Just over half of the public is either very worried (23%) or somewhat worried (30%) about the U.S. government monitoring their activities and invading their privacy. There are no significant partisan differences—.Fully 8-in-10 believe that the U.S. government currently monitors or spies on the activities of American citizens, including a majority (53%) who say this activity is widespread and another 29% who say such monitoring happens but is not widespread. Just 14% say this monitoring does not happen at all. There are no substantial partisan differences in these results.” Continue reading

The party’s over… It’s time to call it a day!

First Undocumented Immigrant ILLEGAL ALIEN Appointed to State Post in California

This against the federal law and a violation of Constitution. You have to be legal American to run for state or federal Office. California is slipping away into Abyss

Lizbeth Mateo is the first undocumented resident in California to be appointed to a statewide post

For the first time in California’s history, the state has appointed an undocumented resident to a statewide post, announcing the decision just a day after President Donald Trump attacked its immigration approach during a visit to San Diego.

The decision made by the Senate Rules Committee on Wednesday saw Lizbeth Mateo, a 33-year-old attorney and immigrant rights activist, appointed to serve on a committee that helps increase college access for students from low-income or underserved communities.

In announcing the decision, Senate President pro tempore Kevin de León appeared to recognize the move as an act of defiance in the face of the Trump administration’s current immigration crackdown. Continue reading

Are Free Speech and the First Amendment Under Attack?

(Is the grass green?)

The Remnant Newspaper; December 31, 2016

Free speech has always been under attack throughout history, and mostly the attackers have been those in power who wanted to make sure they stayed in power. Regardless of what those who promote censorship and speech restrictions say, this is not about the “public good.” It is usually about hiding the truth, and the censors are usually those who claim that the public, for their “own good” just doesn’t need to know about this scandal or that. Continue reading

Genocide: Kill the White Man of South Africa

The war is on right now against White South Africa, and the violence currently directed at whites by the black majority population and South Africa’s radical communist African National Congress (ANC) and Economic Freedom Fighters parties is at near genocide level. Open displays of racial hatred by South Africa’s leaders have fed a black and bloody tide of pent up rage, that has revoked Mandela’s pledge, if it was ever upheld; and, today in South Africa, white people are being ground into dust and forced to flee or prepare for civil war. Continue reading

America is Seeing Red!

“America is Seeing Red! But is it Seeing enough Red?”

The phrase “seeing Red” is known from the early 20th century and so is easily predated by the ancient sport of bull fighting, with the toreador’s use of a red cape to deceive the bull.

This color red has many associations – heat, heated emotions and violence, communism, a sign of warning, ripeness, and blood. Continue reading

California Democrats Ready to War Again to Keep Their Slaves

Liberal fascist Democrats are trying to portray Republicans as white supremacist Nazi bigots intent on destroying the race of “brown people” whom California Democrats are now championing against the American people. The Golden State is becoming a satellite of foreign powers by importing millions of illegals. Democrats, by giving them the right to vote, essentially make California sovereign over the federal government with the power to inflict its corrupt laws on the nation. The fools think they are America’s “economic engine” when they have become America’s toilet. Continue reading

Dwyer: Rationalizing Out The Dangers Of Invasion, Err, “IMMIGRATION

A patient walks into a doctor’s office with a 104 F fever, supposedly caused by bacterial infection. The doctor examines him and confirms that the patient has a bladder infection that is getting out of control.

Doctor And Patient, Painting; Doctor And Patient, Art Print for sale

I suppose you have contracted E. coli,” the doctor says. “Pretty common infectious disease. Millions of people in the U.S. are diagnosed with it each year.”

What medicine are you going to prescribe?“, the patient asks. “Can you give me an antibiotic with a good killing curve that could quickly clear my bladder infection before it spreads to my kidneys?Continue reading

Forget Gun Control: Bring Back Mental Hospitals

After another inexplicable act of violence in Parkland Florida claimed 17 lives, the usual chorus (and some of the not so usual chorus) is screaming for gun control. We don’t need gun control; we need nut control.

With the first one constructed in 1773, our country has a history of building and maintaining mental hospitals. In 1955, the United States had more than 100 mental hospitals with a population of over 560,000 people. Continue reading

Immigration and California

Let’s discuss the current debacle taking place in California. Progressive socialists like Jerry Brown, Xavier Becerra, 2020 Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris, the mayor of Oakland Libby Schaff and others are turning the state into a third world hellhole for two reasons. One is the accumulation of more progressive votes in order to keep them in power. This is being accomplished by giving these illegal aliens benefits that are meant for American Citizens. The other is a complete disregard of our laws to prove to President Trump that can do what they want and he is powerless to stop them. These socialists are the Deep State on a state level. Continue reading

What kind of a World do we want our Grandkids to Live in?

Everything that means anything is local.

Many people think national news is what makes all of our futures. This is wrong. Where we live defines how we live. What our neighbors believe and what our children are being taught defines what we are and what we will become. In other words, what kind of a world do we want our children and grandchildren to live in.? Continue reading

The Effects of Video Game Violence

“The video games, the movies, the Internet stuff, it’s so violent. I look at some of the things he’s watching, and I say, ‘How is that possible?'” Those were President Donald Trump’s thoughts regarding the content his son, 11-year-old Barron, has access to through video games and other entertainment. Last Thursday, Trump held his first meeting with video game executives to discuss what the White House called “violent video-game exposure and the correlation to aggression and desensitization in children” as part of a national response to the Parkland, Florida, school shooting and “gun violence.” Continue reading

If You Consider This Seditious – Then YOU Are Part of the Problem

“If this be treason, make the most of it.” ~ Patrick Henry

In 1765 the King of England decided that the Colonies needed to help pay a portion of the debt that the Crown had incurred defending them in the French and Indian war, so Parliament instituted a tax on printed goods; The Stamp Act. It was his right to tax them for this, and any other reason. After all, they were HIS Colonies, they were HIS subjects, and he could tax them for whatever reason tickled his fancy.

On the other side, the Colonists felt these taxes were unjust, and they reacted, sometimes violently in opposition to them. One of the things they did do, which proved quite effective, was to boycott all English goods sold in the Colonies. This caused British merchants to put pressure on Parliament to repeal the Stamp Act so that the Colonists would once again begin purchasing their goods. So, in 1766 an act was passed in Parliament repealing the Stamp Act, and it was given the royal approval on March 18 where it became official; the Stamp Act was no more. Continue reading

The Heart of the Problem

It matters not what the problems of the nation are – illegal immigration, gun (read, “people“) control, employment, abortion, health, education, welfare or anyone of a hundred or a thousand different issues – the problems will NEVER be resolved by those who we have been repeatedly sending over back to Washington, D.C. – some of them for many decades. Continue reading

Trump the Radical ~ Spitting On The Founders

Let me be as clear as I can be. I don’t give a good damn how many Americans have died in recent shootings, when their lives are placed next to the liberty of millions of Americans, for generations to come. President Trump and Democrat and Republican senior senators, those who beamed at the prospect of exerting greater gun control during their February 28th meeting, seemed to forget that so many more lives have been saved by the right to self-defense, as they attacked the Second Amendment, due process under the law and individual liberty; and regardless of any new illegitimate and unconstitutional “law” they may implement, through coercion or “might makes right” action, they will still be wrong and spitting in the faces of the Founders and the American people. Continue reading

Baldwin: Trump Opens Door For Gun Confiscation In America

Sagacious gun owners have always known that the ultimate goal of gun control extremists such as Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, et al., has always been gun confiscation. The plan is not to “control” the private ownership of firearms; it is to PROHIBIT the private ownership of firearms. Enacting ever-encroaching gun control laws is simply an incremental means to the ultimate end of gun confiscation and prohibition.

Donald Trump was elected on the promise of protecting the Second Amendment (among other things). Instead, he has become the poster boy for one of the most egregious gun control machinations of all: gun confiscation. Continue reading

Ross: I’ve Had My Fill of Stupidity

There is this saying that I see from time to time which says, “You can’t fix stupid; not even with duct tape and a hammer.” It’s meant to be humorous, but if you want my honest opinion, there is a lot of truth to that statement. A couple nights ago someone at work asked me why I waste so much time studying and discussing history and politics. I think it was due to their belief that it is a ‘waste’ of time to study these subjects that led me to reply with, “To compensate for your ignorance.” Continue reading