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Ross: Clinton vs. Trump (An Outsiders View)

hill-trumpIt is an unfortunate fact that one of the two above people are going to become the next president of these States united; someone’s going to be chosen by the electoral college and go on to occupy the Oval Office for at least 4 years, if not 8.

I once had a discussion with someone regarding this idea of voting for the lesser of two evils and how all it does is ensure the perpetuation of evil in government; just is a smaller degree. The person with whom I was conversing suggested a means of correcting this flaw in our system by including on the ballot a None of the Above choice. If None of the Above received more votes than did the candidates, the office for which they were running would remain unoccupied until a candidate was provided which the people had enough confidence in to cast their vote for. Continue reading

The REAL Americans! What Do They Believe?

old-dogTo be a real American, one must understand the history of the different kinds of governments, and insist on lawful protections for the people and their assets. That sentence is the epitome of freedom from tyranny, because history has documented how tyrannical most governments have been to their constituents.

Unless the children are raised up with this knowledge being the focus of their attention, sooner or later they will fall prey to demented desires and lean toward democracy because they want to make the world to suit them. Continue reading

Clinton Destroys Medicare

death-of-medicareHillary Clinton is taking a sledgehammer to Medicare. In a move calculated to fire up the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton pledges to open Medicare to people 55 to 64, and make a “public option” insurance plan for all ages. The 65-and-overs are already having a hard time finding a doctor willing to accept Medicare’s stingy payments. Clinton’s proposals will suddenly invite in millions more patients competing for the same doctors. Seniors, brace yourselves for long waits to see a doctor.

Medicare is stretched so thin to meet the needs of today’s seniors that expanding enrollment is like inviting the neighborhood for dinner when you don’t have enough to feed your own kids. Continue reading

GOP Platform Supports Transferring Western Public Lands To States

~ Forewords ~
The Feds shouldn’t own or control ANY LAND other than that set forth in the Constitution. As I understand things – Those first PILGRIMS left England for America in order to OWN THEIR OWN PROPERTY and not be subject to the King, Those we have allowed to sit in office have tossed that concept into the FEDERAL OWNERSHIP DUMPSTER, making America Citizens once again living on the King’s property… ~ Granny

farmersThe newly approved Republican platform expands the party’s support for turning over federal lands to the states ­ creating a new flashpoint in the presidential campaign.

The call for sweeping land transfers comes largely from Republicans in Oregon and other western states with huge tracts of federal forests and grasslands. They have long argued that the federal government is a poor land manager that puts too many restrictions on logging, ranching and mining. Continue reading

This Election Is NOT About a President – It Is About Saving a Nation Bound For HELL!

flag_distressWhat America is watching is the forces of evil administrations who desire a globalist society. From the Bush’s, the Clinton’s and their Foundation that is the mega donor to sustainable development agenda 21 to Heidi and Ted Cruz who have diligently worked under the Bush administration to push it forward.

Today, America is awake and through the brash tone of Donald J. Trump their eyes are wide open and they see everything. Those that love their country and believe it is home will never bow down to a global elite who want to disarm them of their constitution and their right to thrive in their own home towns! It is a shame to watch the tyranny of the progressive agenda and their goals of dismantling this great nation in order to turn it over to a world, global, international (whatever word they are now using) government to serve their own elitist agenda! Continue reading

REDUX: Soros-connected Vote-counting Firm Expands in U.S.

Soros is no ones friend. This Billionaire killed his own Jewish neighbors in Hungary in WWII. His name was Schwartz. ~ Ed.

lock-vote_sorosA Spanish vote-tabulation firm with ties to billionaire globalist George Soros is purchasing software to give it greater power over the voting in U.S. elections.

In a press release under a Barcelona and Tampa, Florida dateline, Scytl announced… Continue reading

TRUMPED! A Nation on the Brink of Ruin…..and How to Bring It Back


David Stockman

………First there were seventeen. At length, there was one. And now there is even a chance he may become President.

Donald Trump’s wildly improbable capture of the GOP nomination and rise toward the White House is surely the most significant upheaval in American politics since Ronald Reagan.

Yet the rise of Trump – and Bernie Sanders, too – vastly transcends ordinary politics. In fact, it reaches deep into a ruined national economy that has morphed into rank casino capitalism under the misguided policies and faithless rule of the Washington/Wall Street elites. Continue reading

Hillary’s Legacy of Death, Destruction, Terrorism, and Weakness

hillary_BSWhen faced with a serious problem an individual might place a call to a problem solver, an expert in the field, a consultant. The problem might be a serious health concern, a pending bankruptcy, or simply a car broken down alongside a highway. The rescuer arrives. He interacts with both the individual who called him and the problem patient, business, or vehicle. Finally the person in need asks…. What will he ask? Will it be the first question or the next question?

Can you? That is the first question. Will you? How much will it cost me? What stands in the way for you to help me? Those are next questions. Sometimes the first question can be unspoken, not asked. Continue reading

To Health With You!

DIRTY DEEDS: Leaked emails reveal how Clinton conspired with DNC to destroy Bernie Sanders, the only anti-Monsanto candidate
bernie_SThere was only one candidate for president who openly talked about labeling GMOs and dismantling powerful banks and corporations. That candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, was targeted for character assassination and reputation destruction by none other than the democratic establishment puppetmasters, new leaked emails show… (Continue to full article)

OUTRAGE as pharma-corrupted Google censors Alzheimer’s prevention summit, claiming disease is not ‘preventable’
We are living in an age of massive censorship, collusion and criminality by the internet’s top gatekeepers. Google, Facebook and Twitter are all deeply corrupt, compromised organizations, and they systematically censor everything they don’t want you to see. Now, Google has been caught shutting down the Adwords advertising campaign for an empowering online summit that teaches people how to prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia… (Continue to full article)

Robert Kennedy, Jr. is right about vaccines: A medically induced ‘holocaust’ is now upon us
At a recent screening of the powerful new documentary film Trace Amounts, which exposes the scientific connection between mercury in vaccines and autism, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. warned an audience of supportive viewers that vaccines are essentially poison vials causing a “holocaust” in our country… (Continue to full article)

Fluoride is destroying your brain
fluorideFluoride is in just about everything. It’s frequently added to the water supply, so it’s probably in your drinking water. It’s in most conventional oral health products such as toothpaste and mouthwash. It is nearly impossible to avoid, even in spite of growing concern over the negative affects associated with fluoride… … (Continue to full article)

‘Removed’: A Photographer Captures the Isolation Effect of Cellphones
Eric Pickersgill’s eerie photo series serves as a reminder to put your devices away… (Continue to full article)

Essential Oils and Brain Injuries: What You Are Not Being Told!
When essential oils increase oxygen in the brain, the pineal and pituitary glands also benefit greatly. The extra oxygen promotes better memory and emotional releases… (Continue to full article)

Important reasons why Roundup should be banned forever
ban-roundup-250It has long been touted as a harmless chemical that has greatly expanded the world’s crop yields, but the fact is that Roundup herbicide, which is manufactured by Monsanto, is a very deadly compound that persists on and in the food crops we consume… (Continue to full article)

Top 10 natural supplements and herbs that can fight the toxicities emitted by chemtrails
chemtrailsIn June 2015, geochemist and nuclear chemist Dr. Marvin Herndon, PhD. published an article about chemtrail effects in India entitled “Aluminum poisoning of humanity and Earth’s biota through clandestine geo engineering.” For a scientist to use the word “clandestine” was unusual. And while aluminum is found naturally in our environment, regular forced consumption of aluminum particulates, is linked with an increase in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease… (Continue to full article)

The extra curse of the Angelina gene
jolieWomen who have their ovaries removed to slash the risk of cancer ‘have a greater risk of dementia’. The operation, which triggers early menopause, results in a reduction in memory and thinking skills, scientists have found. Experts fear this may eventually lead to early-onset dementia for many women, and may even lead to Alzheimer’s… (Continue to full article)

Beets are the perfect detoxifying, brain boosting side dish

Beets are extremely distinctive vegetables. Their bright, red color, slight sweetness and soft, buttery texture either makes people fall in love with them, or turn the other way. Of course, if people knew how incredibly nutrient-rich beets were, perhaps more people would diligently try to include these precious root vegetables in their diet even if they didn’t like them… (Continue to full article)

Are cheap groceries making you FAT?
Government funds for processed foods, livestock and soft drinks are increasing risk of heart disease, study claims… (Continue to full article)

How Much Coffee Should I Drink Daily?
pouring_coffee_2I love coffee, I love tea
I love the java jive and it loves me
Coffee and tea and the java and me
A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup (boy!)

I love java, sweet and hot
Whoops mr. moto, I’m a coffee pot
Shoot the pot and I’ll pour me a shot
A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup

~ Coffee, believe it or not, may have more positive health benefits than you might think… (Continue to full article)

Watch ‘Clinton Cash’ Online

WATCH The Full Documentary About How Bill And Hillary Built Up A Net Worth Of $150 Million

Viewers can now watch Clinton Cash online (below) and see the controversial documentary that uncovers how Bill and Hillary Clinton built up a net worth of more than $150 million and established a foundation that takes in $2 billion in donations since leaving the White House in 2001.

The film was adapted from the New York Times bestseller Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich, written by Peter Schweizer. It follows the sources of the Clintons’ wealth and the seemingly intertwined and shadowy connections between her work as secretary of State and the donations taken in by the foundation.

Clinton Cash has already had a big impact on the political landscape. Continue reading

Bob Dole Makes the Case for Trump

Sen. Robert Dole (Rtd.)

Sen. Robert Dole (Rtd.)

The media made much of who came and who didn’t come to last week’s GOP convention in Cleveland. Pundits also made much over presidential contenders who signed “the pledge,” but refused to endorse Donald Trump. There was, however, one former Republican Presidential nominee and GOP elder statesman who was there and said “Trump’s going to make a great president.” His name is Bob Dole and he continues to teach us all what character, duty, and being an American is all about. Continue reading

When Is A Duck A Duck? “Obama: It was You.”

If you walk like a duck & quack like a duck; Have feathers like a duck; Eat like a duck & lay eggs like a duck; There is a very high probability that You are a duck!

obama_de_duckMike Gallagher, the 8th most recognized talk radio personality, in the U.S., he is heard by over 2.25 million listeners weekly. He compiled & wrote the following essay entitled, “Obama: It was You.” Continue reading

Hillary Clinton is in Deep Trouble – “Hordes of Wall Street Executives” Descend Upon Philly

Neither one is able

Neither one is able

Political pundits throughout the land are tripping over each other to compose the latest bland, uninsightful screed proclaiming the death of the Republican Party. This makes sense, because the primary purpose of a political pundit is to state the obvious years after it’s already become established fact to everyone actually paying attention.

Yes, of course, Trump winning the GOP nomination marks the end of the party as we know it. After all, some neocons are already publicly and actively throwing their support behind Hillary. While this undoubtably represents a major turning point in U.S. political history, many pundits have yet to appreciate that the exact same thing is happening within the Democratic Party. It’s just not completely obvious yet. Continue reading

Kaine: an Anti-Abortion Supporter of Abortion!

abortion_largeIt is tiresome beyond belief to hear so-called anti-abortion politicians defend their stance on the subject of Right to Life. Tim Kaine is just the latest. He argues that he is personally opposed to abortion, but does not think it his right to tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her body.

Really! If he is sincere, then we should be seeing a repeal of all laws that tell women that… Continue reading

Hillary’s $1,200.00 jacket needs cleaning

Hillary's jacketI’ve noticed that Hillary has been wearing this one particular jacket (the $1,200.00+ Armani jacket) a lot lately.

I thought of how it is much like the Black jacket that the North Korean leader wears so far as style.

Then, this morning I saw another report on her and she was wearing that same jacket again and it hit me that her LAUNDRY must be too busy laundering all those FOREIGN DONATIONS and emails so they can’t be cleaning her jacket right now.

Maybe she could get Fauxapontis to wash it for her… ~ Granny

The Australian Grocery Chain

Make sure the grocery buyer in your household reads this.

Dick Smith

Dick Smith

There should be more leading Australians like Dick; he gets to the bottom of important issues, and anything that amounts to selling out Australia is very important.

You may be aware that “Dick Smith” chain franchise stores are being pressured by the Islamic Council of Australia to gain ‘Halal Certification‘. Otherwise they will be proscribed and banned from Muslim custom.

This is their response: Continue reading

Veterans Affairs Has Been Declaring Thousands Of Veterans Dead To Avoid Giving Them Any Aid Or Benefits

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has accidentally deemed thousands of veterans dead and canceled their benefits over the last five years, according to recent department data that revealed the problem was much bigger than previously thought.

deadThe VA made the mistake more than 4,000 times within the last half-decade due to employee errors and inaccurate cross-checking of information by the department’s computers, among other issues. The VA modified its procedures to tackle the problem, but it is not yet known if the new system works. Continue reading

There Will Be No Second American Revolution: The Futility of An Armed Revolt

“A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty.” ~ James Madison

America is a ticking time bomb.

All that remains to be seen is who – or what – will set fire to the fuse.

cropped-patriot_hdr_02.jpgWe are poised at what seems to be the pinnacle of a manufactured breakdown, with police shooting unarmed citizens, snipers shooting police, global and domestic violence rising, and a political showdown between two presidential candidates equally matched in unpopularity. Continue reading

Do you lock your doors at night?

fenceDo you lock your doors at night? If you answered yes to this question, then tell me why? Do you lock them in order to keep out those you don’t know or those who might intend you harm? Do you lock them so strangers cannot enter your house at anytime of day or night? Do locked doors give you a feeling of security? Do you feel locking your doors will keep you and your family safe? Continue reading

Find A Mirror: (Do You See A Patriot, or Do You See A Sheep?)

man-in-the-mirror_miniWith the 2016 presidential election just around the corner, and the field being narrowed down to two candidates; the billionaire bigmouth and the pathological liar, the people of America are once again faced with the choice of either a Republican candidate who doesn’t understand the Constitution, or a Democrat candidate who doesn’t care about the Constitution. Yet the people of this country will vote for these candidates by the millions; thinking that their choice is the best choice for America.

It is obvious, at least for anyone who has been paying attention, that neither of the two presumptive nominees have made any statements about adhering to the limited powers granted government by the Constitution, nor to the powers granted the office which they seek. It is also obvious by the way the people of this country are falling into place behind their party’s presumptive candidate that the people of this country don’t care what the Constitution says either. Continue reading

Black Pastors Leader: Obama Has ‘Fostered a Lawless Society’

The leader of a coalition of black pastors says the political rhetoric of President Barack Obama and his administration has caused division in America and has “fostered a lawless society.”

Rev. William OwensRev. William Owens, President of the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) tells Breitbart News the ambush attack of police officers in Baton Rouge “should not happen in America.”

“Obama and his administration have caused division in our nation and have fostered a lawless society,” he asserts.

“The divide that we are witnessing didn’t just start,” he explains. “We have a president who has divided us as a nation with his political rhetoric. In America, gays are divided against straight people, rich against poor, women against men, blacks against whites, black lives matter against police – which our president promotes.”
Continue reading

California To Indoctrinate 7-Year-Old School Children With New ‘LGBT’ Curriculum

Done under cover of all the global turmoil distractions

fruit-of-loomOn Thursday, July 14, the California Board of Education adopted a framework for a new “LGBT” social studies curriculum that will have national ramifications since textbooks will be written to comply.

Starting in second grade, students must be taught about diverse family types in a positive way and must accept having families with children deprived of a married mother and father is a good thing. In fourth grade they must learnabout the redefinition of marriage and therefore must accept that marriage has nothing to do with children and families; it is merely a lifestyle choice for adults. By high school the focus is on the right to create one’s own sexual identity and how people have been doing that throughout history. So far the curriculum sticks to lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender lifestyles. Continue reading

The Implications of Uncontrolled Rage

charlie_daniels_2013The recent killing of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge were not the result of some demented person getting out of bed one morning and deciding to gun down a couple of cops.

The Dallas shooting was choreographed, orchestrated and carried out in a fashion reminiscent of a military sniper operation, with the shooter picking his vantage point in advance, able to carefully lay out his line of fire for maximum damage. Continue reading

Don’t Expect Obama to tell the Truth because Black LIES Matter

Black_Lies_MatterSTOP asking Obama to condemn police shootings because he will not. His lips will make words about “it’s not right,” but his heart is with the cop killers and this is evident by his actions. Every time he speaks about cops being killed he promotes the reason they were killed as justified by implying that the black lies that police are racists and murdering black men is true, and he will never admit the lies that black criminals tell. Continue reading

Hultberg: An Honest Monetary System

Money_gold_bars_HD_wallpaper1.jpgAll legitimate economists today accept the fact that central bank expansion of the money supply at a faster rate than the economy’s production of goods and services results in price inflation, i.e., stealing of the people’s wealth. If not checked, it brings about the destruction of a nation’s currency. In light of this, we need to ask ourselves what type of money can a society possibly have when its government officials and federal bankers can simply print that money at will? Continue reading