Do you believe?

There are times late at night and in the wee small hours of the morning, that I return to this song. It has great meaning to me. Whether you are a fan of country music or not – this video has to move you. We all had an ‘Old Man Wrigley’ in our life. Me? I have Granny. ~ J.B.

I raise my hands, bow my head
I’m finding more and more truth in the words written in red
They tell me that there’s more to life than just what i can see

The Bunny & the Snake

Once upon a time, in a nice little forest, there lived a blind little bunny and a blind little snake. One day, the bunny was hopping through the forest, and the snake was slithering through the forest, when the bunny tripped over the snake and fell down. This, of course, knocked the snake about quite a bit.

“Oh, my,” said the bunny, “I’m terribly sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’ve been blind since birth, so, I can’t see where I’m going. In fact, I don’t even know what I am.” Continue reading

Huge surge in kids poisoned by ADHD pills

Why aren’t celebrities talking about this instead of spouting off about gun control? We should be looking for REASONS our kids are so messed up.

The rate of kids being poisoned by ADHD medications – accidentally and intentionally – has soared since 2000 – with thousands of under-6s taking them accidentally as teens use them to get high. (Continue reading on Victory Over Cancer…)

Are we “Federal Children?

~ Foreword ~
While doing some searching on how we are TRACKED by the government (cell phones, etc.) I came across this item I wrote in 2002 that provides more info on how the government goal of TRACKING and controlling American citizens really got started. I had forgotten I had written this but in finding it today and reading it over I thought some on WGEN might like to review the history of how the *massa’s* devised ways to track us and how to use us as collateral for that national debt – mostly owed to China. When China calls in the debt we owe to them how many of us will then be placed in Chinese custody to do their bidding? ~ Jackie Juntti (Granny)

Are we “Federal Children,” owned by the Government?

Continue reading

Dwyer: Liberty Vs Liberalism

How many innocent children must die before the “Liberalism” is forever banned?

Let’s face it. Although the American nation is arguably the best nation on Earth, there are evil people among us. Some of them, perhaps, can overcome their evil and become good, eventually, but many will not. Based on disappointing experience of a decades-old Liberal experiment with unqualified tolerance and inclusion as a means with which to eradicate evil from our society, untreated evil will persist and may erode the foundations of our Constitutional Republic to the point that they are no longer sustainable or desirable. If we ever reach that point, the Republic will fall, and so will our living standards, individual liberties, and chances to pursuit the American dream. Continue reading

Smith: Illegal Aliens Are Self-Entitled Lawbreakers

White hot anger danced across my mind at the sight of a horde of illegal alien invaders crossing the U.S. southern border, between April 27th and April 29th, as several climbed the border fence holding the Honduran flag, reminiscent of so many other incidents at the border when so-called “immigrants” waved Mexican and Guatemalan flags. This was an anger, a patriotic resentment, intensified by the sight of Pueblo Sin Fronteras [People Without Borders], a communist front group, alongside U.S. and foreign media and U.S. lawyers and advocates, such as Heather Crone of ‘Show Up for Racial Justice’, who were paving the way for their crossing, as though these illegal aliens were entitled to enter America and the Americans themselves had no choice or say in the matter — a white hot anger that demands such “immigrants” be banned from America until Hell itself freezes over. Continue reading

Ross: Is This Too Much To Ask?

I find it pretty hypocritical that the majority of the people in this country claim to value honesty, then turn around and shun those who tell them the truth. I hate to stereotype people but I think there are 3 types of people living in this country. There are those who value the truth above all things; there are those who don’t care about the truth; and there are those who seek to silence the truth when it conflicts with their beliefs or agendas. The question is, which of those categories do you fall into?

I cannot count the times I have had to revise my opinions on a subject because I have encountered new information which contradicted my existing beliefs at the time. I also cannot count the times I’ve, figuratively that is, run into a brick wall when trying to change the minds of others with mountains of facts which contradict their positions on a variety of issues. Continue reading

Real Russian collusion the Dems and MSM ignore


~ Foreword ~
While Robert Mueller, Democrats and the “mainstream media” focus on President Trump’s, his family’s and his associates’ supposed collusion with Russia, they studiously ignore examples of actual collusion with Russia: not just the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and Clinton Family Foundation – but well documented cases involving cronies of Russian President Vladimir Putin financing and colluding with multiple US environmentalist organizations.

Those groups have a long history of attacking America’s energy production, pipeline, agricultural and other vital economic and security sectors. The financial and other support they have received in recent years from Russia makes it much easier for them to engage in these anti-USA activities. Continue reading

Ewart: When Do Too Many Laws Equal Slavery?

Let’s just say that you are somewhat trapped in a fairly large hole. The sides, well over 50 feet high, are too steep to climb out but you have semi-freedom to move around and attend to your daily needs. Your skill is widget making and you are given the raw materials to make your widgets. In return for the widgets, your captor throws food and water into the hole every day, so you won’t starve, or die of thirst. However, as part of the fee for living and producing widgets, your captors reduce your food and water by just a little bit, each day, for taxes. Continue reading

Why Vietnam vets hate Hanoi Jane Fonda…

Sorry – my ass!

I was young and was watching TV in the mid to late 70’s and Jane Fonda came on the TV and my dad happen to walk by in the living room and I heard the words “Traitorous fucking Bitch ” as my dad continued to the bedroom. I was very young but smart enough not to ask my dad what all that was about. My Dad did 2 tours in Vietnam and lost friends over there and he was really bitter about how things turned out after the “Peace with Honor”. I finally asked my Dad in the early 80’s right after Jane Fonda “workout Craze”, when I heard him muttering something really ugly ..something about burning in hell with the devil’s pitchfork jammed up her…….Well you get the picture. I asked him and he took a deep breath and explained what the deal was. He knew that I knew a lot of history so I knew a lot of background and would grasp the particulars of what he said. Since then, I and many people my age have said the same thing, talk about generational hate. ~ Mr. Garabaldi Continue reading

33 Years Ago: Frank Zappa Made Congress Look Like Fools With A Mind-Blowing Speech

In 1985, Frank Zappa Proved That He Was A Verbal And Intellectual Force To Be Reckoned With!

Few things in life are certain. Death, taxes, messing with Frank Zappa’s music is a one way ticket to being shamed and exposed on national television, especially if you’re on a panel with other senate members. You know, the usual stuff!

But all joking aside, Frank Zappa was not just known for being one of the most influential and innovative rock musicians of the last 50 years, but also being one of the smartest and sharpest human beings on planet damn earth. Continue reading

…the value of a single human being

…and so what makes our current form of government any different than that being addressed in this amazing film from 1961. There was never an actor before nor since like Spencer Tracy. Yes – the lines were merely dialog written by an individual – but Tracy could deliver those lines from the heart – and make you BELIEVE what he was saying.

I once used this “script” to close a six-hour broadcast series I had done entitled “FascUNism: Judgement on Washington“, written by Stephen Norling – the Knifeman. It still fits today… Continue reading

USS Arizona: December 7, 1941

~ Foreword ~
There are times when a visitor to the site lands on something that has been around for awhile. The following is such a column, and was visited in the early hours of this day of republication, but it has far greater meaning than just the title of the column. Originally published on the Federal Observer – the time has come to bring it back to the forefront of the page for your consideration. It matters not who America’s Presidents have been before, or since that “Day in Infamy” just over six years before my birth, nor does it matter who resides in the White House on this day – the games never seem to end. It matters not who wins or who loses in congressional nor presidential elections – it is ‘We the People‘ who continue to lose.

Thanks for reminding us all Granny. ~ Editor

As I read the few posts reminding us of what December 7, 1941 was I am struck by a few things.  One is that on Dec. 7, 1941 we knew it was the Japanese who were bombing our men.  I am one of those who do not believe it was a *sneak* attack but one that was well known by the White House.

I do not believe it was Al Qaeda that was behind the Sept. 11, 2001 attack in New York City.  I believe, after reading many reports and opinions, that it was another of the ENEMY WITHIN operations to keep the American people in a state of FEAR of others and to make sure they do not investigate the real enemy that resides within this OCCUPATION FORCE that controls what we call our American government. Continue reading